||Uraboku Anime|| What are you thoughts about the First Episode?
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So I was wondering about what you though about the First Episode, for those who have watched it. And if you are looking forward to watch it if you haven't yet. I will say the Music, and art are very beautiful. It is very true that the anime pictures that are on magazines, are not as good though. The characters look a bit weird shape, but I will admit that after watching the first episode it made me see this Anime as a whole different thing. The very first episode actually made me want to know what will happen next. I have read the first 6 volumes that are out so far in Japanese, and I will admit I really love the story line as well as art. The big question many are still having is, is this Yaoi? The answer to that is, it's not really Yaoi...Yaoi but its Shounen-ai without question.

Please don't bother to reply, if you are just going to say I hate Yaoi, I hate this, and that. This is a Topic for those who actual enjoy this anime only, or want to actually see it.

If you like this Anime, as much as I do Please feel free to Join the ||Uraboki Group||
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Is it like based on the BL part or is it more on a different subject? (Like is there kissing scenes or anything)
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