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Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/18/10
This feature is not opened yet

What is this All About?:

► "Token Collections" introduces a way to earn rewards by doing all different kinds of things. For example, you get a unique token for inviting your buddies, and you get another different token for supporting the group, and so on. By doing all this, we hope to increase the fun here as well as activeness.

♦ To discover what kind of tokens you can earn, look around the whole group for any little notices (in spoilers) that inform you of one. "The Token List" page also has the full list of them.
In addition to earning "regular" tokens, there are also random (sometimes stupid/pointless)) ones that you can earn for fun ~

This event will be ongoing throughout the whole time this group is alive. Everyone who has shown some kind of activeness will most likely receive one or more tokens. Even if you don't give a crap about all this, your still might earn tokens without even knowing it.

If you're still confused about something, feel free to ask questions.

How do I join?
As soon as you listed your characters in the starting forum, you are automatically registered.

Keeping Track of Tokens:

Links to help keep track:
Check out All the Tokens you have earned so far Here
List of All Available Tokens
♦ please check from time to time for any updates

Updating Tokens:

-the token list & member's collection list will be updated every few days
- new tokens may come out
How will the mods know whether we earned a token?
- We will observe every single forum, comment, page, etc. to check for anybody who earned anything. It will be a pain in the @$$ but we can manage ^^.
**Edit: Therefore we need mods! ;D
- To make our lives easier & your tokens updated faster, you can either post what you did with proof on this forum OR private message MidnightAngel10 or Sync_the_Tempest
I'm missing a token that I should've earned. Where should I report this?
You tell us on this forum saying what token and where the proof is OR private message MidnightAngel10 or AnyaReii about it. Be patient though ~ only report if it's taking like more than a week or so. We can't update the list like every single day xD

If you obtained....

5 Tokens: A welcome banner with a randomly selected anime character & your username on it

7 Tokens: Change your status name from "Member" to "Active Member"

9 Tokens: get a unique group-made avatar with your username on it ~

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