[REQUEST] W.A.L.Lpaper§
Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/24/10
heyy !! request for wallpapers here :D


- HQ pix if you want a decent, good looking wallpaper!
- 2 Wallpaper requests at a time!
- Pay by uploading 3 pictures here
- Dont rush mods!
- No mod requesting!
- Say Thank you after you're request is done =P
- Visit avii taker again & again & again & again !!! LOL !!! hahah jk jk =P


Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/21/10

Size: 1200 x 1100 wud be ideal
Text: Hwang MiHee, Cute And Sexii, Pretty And Hott
Effects: anythin i suppose that suits, a fades nice, glow but not tooo much
Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10

umm..only the first pic in HQ....but if u want i can select pix of Hwang MiHee for u and put it all one the first pic
Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10

okayy~~but select cute AND pretty ones~~ can i have atleast 3 other pics, please~~

Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10

haha sure sure :3 il select 3
Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10

tell me when its done
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