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Fill these out to the best of your ability! Notify a mod when you're done and you should be accepted!


KINGDOM AGE: (how long has your kingdom been a kingdom, when was it formed, will add a current date soon)

KINGDOM RULER: (does not need to be your character. name and brief description, name, age, disposition towards people etc)

KINGDOM LOCATION: (where your kingdom is roughly, any neighbouring kindoms, the general landscape, if it is farmland, hills, mountains, deserts, oceans etc. later in place it on a map, along with capital position)

KINGDOM CAPITAL: (brief description of the capital city and where it is in the kingdom, appearance, defences, population number, age of capital (how long has it been a capital) etc)

KINGDOM HISTORY: (briefly tell of the history of your kingdom, any major events, wars, alliances, trade agreements, when and how it was formed, whether there were any major cities or a different capital and if they are gone now etc)

KINGDOM INFORMATION: (anything else you feel you may need to add. such as, do they have any particular religion, what currency do they use)

The following are ideas we're trying so don't worry if you don't know how to fill them in.

KINGDOM POPULATION: (Population number (think about this, as you will need to be able to support this number of people) Number is not required, though it could be nice. Other information about the population. what sets them out from the population of other kingdoms, general appearance and if they speak their own language)

KINGDOM COAT OF ARMS: (a flag, banner or coat of arms for your kingdom to be represented by)



KINGDOM MILITARY: (Size and strength! How big is it, and if it is mainly magic based, technologically strong, or strength in warriors)
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Ill admit, Ive taken the liberty of making this the oldest, and my mages are strongest, but hey, I need perks since Im the creator.

KINGDOM NAME: The Dark Empire (A collection of six small kingdoms, joint in their worship of the Night God)

KINGDOM AGE: The exact age is unknown, as the Dark Citadel, the beginning of the Dark Empire, has always been there as far as human and elven history is recorded.

KINGDOM RULER: The Empire is ruled by the Priesthood, who are guided by their Night God Cheesu.

KINGDOM LOCATION: The six kingdoms are spread through the continent, supporting a variety of landscapes, though the people do tend towards farming to support themselves. Unsure of any neighbouring kingdoms or major landmarks.

KINGDOM CAPITAL: The capital of the Dark Empire is the Dark Citadel, a place that has been in the world for an unknown amount of time. The Citadel is built of a strange purple stone which can be found nowhere outside of the Dark Empire, as it is said to be a gift from the Night God himself. The city is full of tall towers and is surrounded by a tall, impenetrable wall. There are two gates, North and South, constantly manned by groups of sorcerers, each gate needing groups of five sorcerers to open and close them. At the centre of the Citadel is the Spire, the tallest tower on the continent, reaching up into the clouds. At the base of the Spire is the Temple, a place of worship where Priests are trained. A large section of the city is walled off, for the University, where the greatest sorcerers come to learn and train their magical skills. A three mile radius around the Citadel is in constant night, meaning food needs to be imported.

KINGDOM HISTORY: The base of the whole of the Dark Empire, the Dark Citadel, is the seat of the Night God Cheesu. It has always been there, as far as the people of the continent are concerned. Five elves came to the Citadel one day, the gates opening for them. They searched the Citadel, and found it empty. Eventually, the made their way to the Spire, their eyes drawn to it, where it is said the Night God visited them. Soon after, they formed the Priesthood, leaving the Citadel to bring others. The Citadel filled with elves, the religion spread and years later the Five left, spreading across the continent, where they gained the worship of the people and built temples of the same purple stone as the Citadel. Around these temples grew prospering cities, which became capitals of the five other kingdoms which make up the Empire. As humans became more present in the continent, they too began joining the Empire, mixing with the elves. The Five, never ageing, found the Citadel many thousands of years ago, and still rule the five kingdoms.

KINGDOM INFORMATION: Though most people do worship the Night God, the Empire is tolerant of other religions and allows them their places in their cities. They use coins called Crescents, simple coins made of gold, silver and bronze, decorated only with a crescent on one side. The Empire speaks Common. Almost all people in the Empire are able to use magic, and are more attuned to it than people of other nations, making them more powerful. This is thought to be a gift from the Night God.

KINGDOM POPULATION: There are only a few million people throughout the six kingdoms that make up the empire. Though at one point the main population was made up of elves, there are now a lot of humans. The Citadel's population is made up of mainly Dark Elves, as they enjoy the fact the Citadel is bathed in eternal night.
The people of the Empire tend to be paler, with darker hair than people from other kingdoms. Other than that, there aren't too many differences. Most people speak Common.


KINGDOM STRENGTHS: The strongest mages, most attuned to magic live in the Empire, making it's biggest strength magic. Their biggest strength is the power of their defence.

KINGDOM WEAKNESSES: The people of the Empire are trusting and non violent, meaning they won't attack other kingdoms.

KINGDOM MILITARY: Most of the population know how to use magic, meaning the every person in the Empire is a potential member of the military. Almost completely magic based, though some sorcerers do learn to fight close quarter, as do all Priests.
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KINGDOM NAME: Great Vathrulhein Empire

KINGDOM AGE : About 2,500 Years old (After the fall of ancient Vorathian Civilization)

KINGDOM RULER: The Supreme Emperor (Also have other titles such as " The Rasphardanium", "Lord of the Two Lands" & "Supreme Overlord of all Vathrulhein")~ Current monarch; Emperor Varinthiael the 1st

KINGDOM TYPE : Federative Empire (a large nation with a collective of countries, dominions, colonies and territories under the imperial rule)

GOVERNMENT TYPE : Imperial Monarchy (Although the emperor is obtaining absolute power, the monarchy is balancing it's power through the two court councils; Council of the Imperial Heralds and Council of Aldamers.)

RELIGION : Pantheonism (the empire also accepts any other faiths including the faith of the Dark Empire)

CURRENCY USED : Vathrulhein gold & silver Ethirs (Usage of coinage currency),Gemstones (used as secondary currency but yet more precious than gold & silver) & Mana Crystals (abundant resource mined from magical reservoirs throughout the empire.)

KINGDOM LOCATION: Vathrulhein empire streches across the mainland continent of Vorathia in the Kingdoms realm. The main homeland where the empire existed is located in the northern lands of Vorathian Continent (or also known as Vorathia). The empire also share it's neighbor, Kingdom of the Shadows in the western continent, The Kingdom of the Dead in the South West and the New Vorathia, another land which called the "New Vorathia', a collection of many archipelagoes owned by the empire in the far northeast.

KINGDOM CAPITAL: Varvandium or it's full name the Imperial Capital City of Varvandium. A large city derives from the name of their forefather, Varvandine the Conqueror.


KINGDOM INFORMATION: The kingdom's principle development is based on two things, might and magic. With both might and magic, an eternal empire will be fullfilled. The Rasphardaniate not only focused on both of these two technologies, civil, agriculture, engineering, commerce and even mining technologies from the dwarven tribes made the empire grew prosper and wealthy.

KINGDOM POPULATION: About 20 million people. Race : Multiracial; Humans (the majority), Elves (commonly the Eltharin and the Syltharin tribes), Beast-men (hybrids of half humans and mythical creature blood lines), Dwarves and Halflings (minority).


KINGDOM STRENGTHS: Great Vathrulhein Empire of course have two things in their grasp; invincible military might and powerful magic users across the country makes the empire outstanding to oppose any obstacles from outside and inside their nation. As also they are keeping their learning of new tecnologies widespread.

KINGDOM WEAKNESSES: Only one weakness that the empire hardly control...the empire itself. The more vast territories of the empire make it harder to administrate. Furthermore, the imperial government accepted various tribes and coutries as vassals or protectorates. The jewel of Vathrulhein empire, the New Vorathia is also in on a brink of separation from it's dominion.

MILITARY STRENGTH : To make specific data how high is the military strength of Great Vathrulhein Empire is the number of units; During the age of 12th Rasphardanium, military strength is about 2,045,000 troops. During Varian's reign the number increase to 4,469,000 troops. The technologies used is balanced, by using military might with advanced weapons and the using of battle magic.
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KINGDOM AGE: Only a few hundred years old.

KINGDOM RULER: Roland King, King of Glenroia. He has been on the throne for fifty years already, his wife died three years ago. He has one son. He is an honest, friendly man, though he spoils his son. His hair is snow white, and he has a short and neat beard. He is currently sick, and it is thought his health will not improve. His people love him.

KINGDOM LOCATION: Shares a border with a kingdom whose people are said to be the undead, though nobody has yet confirmed whether this is true. People are too scared to check themselves, and there were no prior trade agreements with the kingdom. The capital, Glenroy, is close to this border. The land is gentle and fertile, providing well for the people.

KINGDOM CAPITAL: Glenroy, once just the estate of a wealthy man, it has grown over the years into a great, if small, kingdom. The city still grows, but at the beginning it was split into four quarters, which still stand today though the sizes and population has swollen. The city is made of common enough stone, and the wall around the city isn't well maintained as there has been no need to keep such a defence and the city still grows, so the people see no need building a perfect wall just to tear it down again. There are thousands of people in Glenroy.

KINGDOM HISTORY: A wealthy man from another land came and built a mansion, his servant's working the surrounding area. Soon, more people began gathering, a city being built. As the family gained power and wealth, they claimed the land as their own, other settlements and cities forming under the Lord's banner, pronouncing him king. Though they declined the chance to become part of the Dark Empire, Glenroia still trades with the Empire, taking on their language and currency and keeping on friendly terms with them. They declined only because they wished to remain independent.

KINGDOM INFORMATION: The kingdom of Glenroia is very wealthy, making a lot of money on trade with other kingdoms. There are no major religions, the people believing that everyone should be free to choose their own. As they trade a lot with the Dark Empire, they have taken on their currency and language.

KINGDOM POPULATION: There are around fifty to sixty thousand people in Glenroia, spread throughout the kingdom. They are a mixed group of people, accepting anyone into their communities and cities. The main population consists of humans though. Common is the mostly used language.

KINGDOM COAT OF ARMS: A silver griffin on a green background.

KINGDOM STRENGTHS: Glenroia takes pride in the fact that they keep a legion of trained knights in the capital city at all times. All knights are fully trained and ready for action. They have a lot of resources at their disposal.

KINGDOM WEAKNESSES: The kingdom is small, with no official allies, so nobody to call upon in the even of invasion.

KINGDOM MILITARY: In total, the full military of Glenroia consists of twenty thousand soldiers, five thousand of them being the Knights. They have no official units of sorcerers, and they don't invest too heavily in technology.
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KINGDOM NAME: Great Empire of Solren

KINGDOM RULER: Sayron, Phoenix Lord is 47 years of age and has dark chestnut hair with matching eyes.

KINGDOM LOCATION: The Solren Empire is located beside a chain of mountains called the Spine of Karoth'mör and spreads through Fengard Forest, one of the largest forests in the world. The top of Sun Spire Castle peaks through the middle of the forest and is visible to all of Solren's kingdoms. In the far distance, the Dark Empire can be just slightly be seen and is one of the kingdoms that the king is pondering whether or not to ally with since he does not want to convert to the religion of Cheesu.

KINGDOM CAPITAL: The Sun Spire, a large city located beside a vast lake, harbors a wide and magnificent castle where the king resides. It is made out of a marble-white stone that never deters found deep under the lakes of the Spire.

KINGDOM HISTORY: During the time when Dralaskor, now remembered as Old Solren, had a multiracial empire and fell into an age of despair due to a rebellion from the humans, the king at that time prayed to the gods and offered to give up everything he had to save his empire. All the gods shunned him believing that he had no hope, except one: Balthazar, the God of the Sun. He came down from the heavens and made the king an offer: he could relinquish his soul in exchange for another who would be destined to bring peace to Dralaskor or refuse and let the empire fall to its end. The king, being his loyal self, accepted the god's offer. One day later, a phoenix flew through the devastated queen's window bearing an egg which grew into a teenage boy who drove the humans out of Dralaskor with great success. The phoenix stayed with the boy and became his best companion.

When the boy found out what had happened in order for his birth, he immediately changed the names of his empire in honor of the Sun God and constructed the Sun Spire which was said to have a direct connection to Balthazar.

Years past and the humans finally decided to make amends for their rebellious actions in the past. The boy, now an adult, accepted their apology and agreed to allow the humans to inhabit the outer rim of Solren if they were able to protect it. They agreed and the Great Empire of Solren has been at peace ever since.

When the king past away, leaving the throne for his heir, so did his phoenix but right before that, the phoenix laid an egg which grew into another mystical firebird whom gave friendship to the new king. This process carried on through generation to generation and is most likely to continue forever.

KINGDOM INFORMATION: The main force of the Empire is magic. Many elves regularly venture to the Sun Spire to learn how to command the art of sorcery at its grand libraries and training grounds. The human population is skilled in advanced war tactics and swordsmanship though since there aren't as many humans as elves, Sayron must concentrate on training elves in combat and battle strategy as well.

The empire's kingdoms are relatively close to each other though a select few are more spread out with diverse lands in between. There are over thousands of kingdoms in ranging sizes.

KINGDOM CURRENCY: -To be determined-

KINGDOM POPULATION: More than 25 million people. The majority of the population of elven though there are humans that occupy the kingdoms on the outer rim of the empire.


KINGDOM STRENGTHS: A vast amount of sorcerers, battle mages, knights and fortified defenses.

KINGDOM WEAKNESSES: Not much extreme technological advancement so the empire would be less effective against modern civilizations. Also, since the empire is so vast, there isn't as much government control over the outer areas of Solren.

KINGDOM MILITARY: The empire's army is mostly based on advanced magic but they do have a smaller force of highly trained warriors and knights. The whole army is a little over 5 million with 300,000 always handy at the Sun Spire's command.
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KINGDOM NAME: Uldum (pronounced: Ul-doom), officially known as The Unholy Kingdom of Uldum or simply The Kingdom of Undead
KINGDOM RULER: The Archlich, Rend Drathir
KINGDOM AGE: Uldum was formed somewhere around the year of 100. AG and by the time Rend got power and turned Uldum into undead kingdom is around the year os 1059. AG
KINGDOM LOCATION: Uldum occupies the south-western part of the plateau. It is represented by a blazing hot expanse of rolling sand dunes under a cloudless sky. However, the southern region is more mountainous, with large cavern networks - some extending deep beneath the surface. A vast realm, Uldum holds many secrets. The land is mostly made of desert, and below the ground are gigantic tunnel networks. They remain largely unexplored, for few have the fortitude to venture into such a harsh landscape.
KINGDOM CAPITAL: Capital city is near the south-west coast of Kingdom of the Undead. It is dubbed “The Black Temple” by its inhabitants and it is raised somewhere south between two, largest mountains in the kingdom, Gaum and Maum. From a panoramic view the capital it looks like a series of steps leading to a series of walls, and platforms surrounding a ziggurat/pyramid that is The Black Temple. It is of epic proportions and it even expands underground. On top of the each mountain are stationed huge watchtowers with good foundations that expand to the core of the mountain, from which guards can see enemies closing in for attack, miles away.
There is also an extension of the crypts and dungeons beneath The Black Temple. Rend’s zombie slaves dredged out complex catacombs and caverns. The place is dark, smells of corpses and has an evil feel. Spiders, oozes and other subterranean creatures occupy the distant passages.


Religion: Even as most people think they have been abandoned by their faith, so have the undead people of Uldum abandoned the faiths of their living days. Very few still adhere to their old faiths, mostly because of the pressure of “The Cult of the Cursed” ones and the teachings of “The Shattered Black Hand”. Many no longer cling to any religion, placing their faith in their king, Rend, and their dark magic. Most, however, have embraced new faiths of their own creation. There is no official religion for people of Uldum.
They have no official language either. Most of the population speaks Common.

Mostly undead humans, numbers of them are estimated to roughly 50 millions. Perhaps the only living beings in The Kingdom of The Dead are Raid's order of Acolytes (also known as "the Damned Ones" or "The Cursed"), human beings and some elves (there were reports of other mystical creatures too), who fled from their kingdoms or were banished because of the use of dark arts and necromancy. They've given themselves over to the power of the Lych King. These bitter, fanatical men and women will stop at nothing to promote the Lych King’s will and maintain the dominance of House of the Dead. They view their own deaths and the possibility of becoming undead as the ultimate rewards for service to the Lych King.

~ Uldum's banner under Rend's rule
- Uldum's army consists of next:
Liches: Chilling mist billows from their skeletal figures. Their bodies float in a cloud of mist, and black robes flow from their evil forms. Lliches are evil, cunning and loyal to the Lych King and Rend. They serve as generals of armies and as advisors to other powerful members of the Kingdom of the Undead. Many of Uldum’s former king’s council that decided to join Rend’s side were turned into liches. Alot of them act as generals on the battlefield.
Necromancers: Though they retained their Humanity after making a pact with death, Necromancers became the most terrifying agents of the Uldum and organized their own order within the kingdom – The Shattered Black Hand. These dark, insidious men were once thought to be aspiring geniuses by the Magocracy of Dark Empire and other empires alike. However, their insatiable lust to delve into the secrets of the dark arts drove them to forsake their very souls. Rend Drathir, the Archlich, trough the power of Lych King, granted these malevolent sorcerers true power over the dead in exchange for their loyalty and obedience. The shadowy Necromancers have the power to command various types of Undead and even spread the foul undead plague as well.
Rest of the army is consisted of mainly shock troops such as ghouls, skeletons, zombies, flesh giants, bone golems etc. In other words the monstrous members of the Uldum’s Undead Army, though they make up most of the Uldum’s army they are not particularly intelligent, having been created from the leftover pieces of foes and friends alike. They are, however, very loyal and almost fanatically devoted to whatever task is appointed to them, which makes them perfect soldiers. In other words they are easily controlled by powerful necromancers and liches. However, these creatures are not truly individuals, having little will of their own other than that given to them on creation or through the current descriptions given in their orders.
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