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Fill in as much information as you can! You don't need a kingdom to have a character, and your character doesn't have to be the ruler! Tell a mod when you're done and it will be accepted ASAP!




RACE: (human etc if its a new race, add information in the information thread

PROFESSION: (what you do, if anything)

APPEARANCE: (if you have a picture, add any info the picture doesn't have, such as height etc)

KINGDOM: (which kingdom you belong to, if you don't belong to one you're a nomad)

PERSONALITY: (brief description of what your character is like)

HISTORY: (brief description of major events in the character's past)

INFORMATION: (any other information you want to share)


PICTURE: (not required, but adds colour)
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Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/25/10

NAME: Torath Morkan

AGE: 296 (appearing as 28)

RACE: Elven

PROFESSION: Arcane Magic and Swordsmanship

APPEARANCE: 6"1 / Blond Hair / Blue Eyes


PERSONALITY: Caring, Head-strong, Decisive, Mature, Open-minded, Adept

INFORMATION: Torath Morkan is an elven wizard. He has charming blond hair with matching blue eyes. He always wears his armor or a suit made of mageweave for easier movement. Since his parents died when he was an adolescence, he knows the ways of a survivor. As a weapon, Torath usually uses Hand Magic but if unable to for any reason he is also very skilled with his Dragon Glaives which feel immensely light only for him. Although his true age is far older than his appearance, his mind is able to stay as young as his body portrays, also meaning that he can be very generous and caring but dangerous and violent at the same time. He had studied at the Libraries of Solren for some time but excelling much faster than his peers, he decided to venture out into the world to discover and unveil other talents.

STRENGTHS: Hand Magic, Swordsmanship, Alchemy

WEAKNESSES: Coping with absolutely daft people



Mageweave Suit
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USERNAME: mastercheesu

NAME: Ambrose Sparx

AGE: 27, appears to be around 20

RACE: Human, possibly immortal

PROFESSION: Sorcerer, Spy

APPEARANCE: 6 foot tall, slender, pale skin, silvery blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes.


PERSONALITY: A little vain, charming and friendly though sometimes he becomes solitary, preferring to be alone to think.

HISTORY: Was sent to the Grand University at a young age, and has no recollection of his parents, knowing only the dark halls and dusty libraries of the university. Over the years, it became evident that he was a fairly strong sorcerer, with a unique gift which brought a lot of questions. Feeling restless remaining in the Citadel, Ambrose decided to leave and seek his fortune elsewhere, returning to his old home when called out of a sense of duty, but no longer considering himself part of the Empire.

INFORMATION: Ambrose is able to change his physical appearance, though there are limits. When adding height or weight to his body, he needs a source of flesh, and using animals only lasts temporarily, meaning he needs to do things sometimes he isn't proud of. But, because of this skill, he makes a good spy. As he is able to change his physical age, it is not known if he is a true immortal or not, or even if he will live longer than a normal human. Only time will tell. When taking in the flesh of others, he absorbs some of their memories, and his dreams are haunted by flashes of the pasts which aren't his.

STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Strengths, able to change his physical appearance, and is a fully trained sorcerer. His magical skill lie mainly in illusions and other minor skills to aid in the spy business. Weaknesses, vain and easily distracted, even though he does possess power, he isn't explode a whole city powerful, more of a modest strength. He has no money sense, wasting any he makes.

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Posted 4/18/10 , edited 10/11/10
USERNAME: Hirata88

NAME: Arilleus Varian @ Varian

AGE: 127 (age 22 in human years)

RACE: Immortal (Once a human who gained the Knowledge of Immortality)

PROFESSION: High Sorcerer, Knight Lord, Supreme Emperor

KINGDOM: Great Vathrulhein Empire

PERSONALITY: A mature person yet thought himself of beign childish; even though he sometimes get serious from time to time. And when he's get serious about his country and his poeple, he'll never hesitate to make a desicion or decree just as to frighten to his subjects. Even though he's an emperor, he never constant in relationship with the subjects because of his goodwill and benovolent rule.


Character Skill
Leadership : High
War : Moderate
Intelligent : High
Magic : Special
Politics : High
Charisma : Normal

Personal Skill
Sword : Normal
Spear / Staff : Special
Pike / Halberdier : Special
Bow : Normal
Mounting or Riding : Normal
Artifact Devices : Special
Civil Tech : Normal
Engineering Tech : High
Siege Tech : High
Naval Tech : Normal
Magic Researching : Special

STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: His strength is on his benovelent rule, just like his grandfather did. He also special in magic even though he's a head knight. His weakness is that he is very emotional and often keeps tha within his heart. he once got lost his mind by trying to slaughter all civilian in the capital just because of the death of his beloved second brother.


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Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
(Going to sound horrible but I have a plan xD Involves undead xD)

USERNAME: sparecheesu

NAME: Stefan King, Prince of Glenroia

AGE: 23

RACE: Human


APPEARANCE: Tall and handsome with short brown hair and green eyes. He is 6' 3'' and has an athletic build.

KINGDOM: Glenroia

PERSONALITY: Vain, self centred and spoilt. He believes he is an excellent swordsman, peerless tactician and highly intelligent. He is very wrong, on all three counts.

HISTORY: His mother died when he was young and his father spent the rest of Stefan's life spoiling him and having people pretend he was brilliant, leaving Stefan with a high opinion of himself and his capabilities.

INFORMATION: There isn't much else to say that hasn't already been said. He's vain and thinks he is a god among men, and is very wrong. He is barely tolerated by people and his training partners, and then it's only because of the ridiculous amount of money his father pays them. Now his father is dying, the day when he will rule the kingdom is drawing closer.

STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Strengths, handsome with lots of money and impeccable fashion sense. Weaknesses, utterly useless and incompetent.

PICTURE: Couldn't find one pompous enough
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