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Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/17/10
A grand library stands beside the White Tower, a place where scholars come to learn and record the histories of their nations. All are welcome to view the records, and all are welcome to add to them.

Record major events of your kingdom here. When new things happen, edit your posts to add them. In this post will be recorded briefly the major events of the group. Feel free to be as long winded as you want in your own histories.
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Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10
Alliance between Dark Empire and Great Vathrulhein Empire

An envoy visited the Dark Empire as the representative of Great Vathrulhein Empire are proposed an alliance between them. For as exchange, the priests of Dark Empire are freely to make their pilgrimage and built their temples honored their ruler-god Cheesu within Great Vathrulhein Empire. They can also send their missionaries within the empire under safety of the Rasphardaniate.

Dark Empire


Great Vathrulhein Empire
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