Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/17/10
when quoting someone, use spoilers

when making a stand, dont make them so where they can stop time/ make riffs in space/time (its been done...)


describe your character the best you can, you can use a pic (not of a pre-existing stand) if needed

there can be stands with similar abilities and look (like a guitar that deafens people or a bass that blinds people)

a stand can be anything, be it a gun, a toothpick, or a ocean liner

please put sexual remarks in a spoiler, you will have only one warning after this

drug use may occur, but please dont be crazy and descriptive about it, nobody wants to see it

your character may be an animal or human or vampire or neko, not a microscopic organism

there will be limits on the vampires and nekos, i will only allow a certain amount of them

im only allowing nekos for the sake of other people... nekos have NOTHING to do with the anime/manga...

you may use the look of the actual anime characters, but not thier name or stand

dont be a dick

-for those who dont know, when your stands hurt, you are hurt, in the same spot as it was hit unless otherwise stated in your stand info. Granted by moderators only-

vampires are weak to hamon/ripple energy

stands cannot be taken away from their users

stands can have similar abilities as the one in the manga/anime but not the same,

all stands must be approved first

please choose your stand names from bands songs and albums

stand names come from bands, songs, albums
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