My Prince..
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You walked outside, seeing Belphegor sitting at his usual spot on top of the old play set, his crown gleaming in the moonlight.
"Weirdo stalker prince." you said and smirked
He grinned his usual wide grin and licked the lollipop in his hand. "I just wanted to see my princess, ushishishi~" You climbed up onto the play set and took his lollipop, popping it into your mouth "mine!"
"Its not very nice to steal a princes things"
"Well I'm not a very nice person" you said, sitting next to him. His smile was a bit wider than usual. Gokudera hated his smile, but you didn't see anything bad about it. Actually, you loved his pearly white maniac smile. You ran your fingers through his hair, revealing one of his bright blue eyes.
"My princey prince looks very handsome this evening" you said and smiled.
"My princess always looks beautiful, red hair the color of blood ushishishi~"
You took the lollipop out of you mouth and gave Bel a small kiss on the cheek. He replied by wrapping his arms around you and pressing his lips onto yours. You bit his bottom lip and a bit of blood came from his lip. You began licking the small cut. Like Bel, you had a passion for blood.
"My wonderfully sexy prince~" you said, holding him tight. "I love you" he whispered into your ear.
You tugged on his belt playfully. "Can we go to the bedroom?"
He grinned. "Of course, naughty princess. ushishishi~"
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'You' is never an acceptable pronoun when writing a piece of literature. That, is, unless, you wish the speaker to have a more colloquial, but this is only used when using colloquial expressions, like 'you nevah woulda guess'. Instead, use 'he', the masculine and gender neutral pronoun.
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orangeflute, that was... sarcastic? "You" is an acceptable pronoun if that's how the writer chooses to construct their story. Colloquial is not a noun (to have a more colloquial?) nor is it a relevant supporting point, and "he" is gender neutral? Plus, the story is directed towards female readers..
Sorry if this comes across aggressive.
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OP nuked.

Feel free to reupload or recreate.

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