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Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/17/10
Please Give Ideas For The Next Case.

I did this only so pplz with great ideas can tell us/me what we should do. After i have picked one i will allow all of you guys to vote if i should use it. Dont be bad sportsmenship mmkay?
• No Spamming
• No Stealing Others Ideas
• Make sure your idea isnt already stated
• Keep a positive attitude
• If you do give a idea plz submit at least one random photo to thos group. (I dont care what it is as long as its appropriate)
• Have fun with it
• For the picture payment. Please keep approiate pics plz. Which means nothing with sci-fi (anything relative to this group is fine -blood, hanging pplz, etc-) anything dealing with sexual parts of both genders, and you know the rest.
• When creating your idea plz submit pics and part of your story about it. Plz also include characters (I will find a lawyer and a prosecuter for you case)
• If you dont feel right submitting your idea here on the forums, you can PM me it

Heres the registration form. -Must be Filled-

Your Idea/Story (Put in Spoiler):
Payment: (Yes/No):
Have you read the First post?:

Hopefully we will get lots of ideas for the nxt case. Good Luck!

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