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Subway/Public Transportation Stories
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F / cuddled to Lelouc...
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
saw a man drooling while sleeping . eww , haha it was funny.
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Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
I saw a bum sing his xtasy trip stories to random people on the bus, it was actually really cool oddly enough. I find the 'weird' people on the bus/subway are actually really unique and interesting and I am sure I'm not the only one with that point of view.
Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/11/10
So I wake up at around 7:00 am.
Shower, brush, eat.
Get dressed, ready for my job interview downtown.
But my car wouldn't start.
So then I decided to take the bus to the subway, and then subway it to the place.
Things were going pretty smoothly until about three quarters of the ride.
This BIG FUCKING ALIEN WORM went and started to eat up the subway.
I went and dashed to the opposite side of the carriage.
The worm had almost eaten its way there.
Then from out of nowhere, this black guy went and shot the worm with a small silver derringer.

And that concludes my story of the day.
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Posted 10/11/10 , edited 10/11/10

GheyDeer wrote:

Then from out of nowhere, this black guy went and shot the worm with a small silver derringer.

And that concludes my story of the day.

lol no way. The galaxy defenders don't let you remember. >.<

Uhm... I was taking a subway once to go and meet up with a friend of a friend who went to Columbia University in NY. Well, the subway was pretty empty at the time, other than my girlfriend and my other pal - there was only a bum. This bum was no ordinary bum. He was the quintessential bum. The poster-boy for bum-hood. I don't pay any attention to him, or his shopping cart filled with anything he could find.. until I noticed the most revolting stench I had ever smelled in my life had begun to engulf the entire subway car. We weren't all that close to him.. it was amazing how strong his odor was.

How do folks like that bear the smell themselves, I wonder. Gross.
Posted 10/11/10 , edited 10/11/10
the first time i went on the bus i saw this man, he was wearing a hat that says police...he kept looking at me in the corner of his eye, and sometimes tilt his head over to look at me...i was scared
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Posted 10/20/10 , edited 10/20/10
Posted 11/30/10 , edited 11/30/10
I HATE public transport.

- spewed on a bus
- stinking hobo sat next to me, and he was fat so was crushing me against the window. Sweaty fat fuck! UGH! >_<
- Pervert touched my ass and said "Excuse me love" to get passed on the train. Yeah coulda touched my shoulders mate...or here's a better solution, don't fucking touch me at all!
- Bunch of chavs at the back of the bus being loud, I wanted to stab them all with their own pocket knives.
- Tit playing music full blast on his phone, Why? WHY do we have to hear it? Get some headphones!
- Crazy old transvestite called Brenda (formerly Brendan) is ALWAYS on the Uni/School route bus, she/he can get another bus but she/he just loves the kids...

I just hate it all together which is why I drive a beautiful pink Ford to Uni...
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Posted 12/1/10 , edited 12/1/10
Some experiences I had driving a college campus shuttle bus recent times (2007-2009):
-Students so busy texting they walk right in front of any moving vehicle without looking,
-when I drove Night Route which included the bar scene downtown I took 2 frat guys downtown. Along the way we shot the shit about how lively Thursday nights can get. I dropped them off in front of 1 bar and suggested they might get lucky if they went to a certain tavern. On the last lap for the night (1:45 am) there were 20 people in varying degrees of serendipity at the last city pickup point. These 2 frat guys had picked up 18 girls, 8 were sorority sisters and damn cute, 10 lived in campus dorms. Along the way 2 of the sorority girls did a pole dance in the back of the bus at the request of the 2 guys. A lot of flirting, cell phone picture taking was had by all these students. The sorority gals got off 2 stops later with the 2 guys at the campus parking garage. The fun ended with the bus ride: the gals went 1 way after rejecting to 2 guys. the 2 guys staggered off to greekdom. The remaining 10 girls still on the bus did verbal character assassinations describing the actions of the 8 sorority girls who were no longer on the bus all the way to their campus dorm drop-off...meow!
-1 rider during 7 minute loop ride: gal on her cell phone explaining to a gal friend reasons she is dumping her boyfriend. Story revolved around boyfriend trying to be a campus drug distribution kingpin so he pay off his exotic $77K sports car in 6 mos. time. Was she truthful or was cell call a hoax?
-2 lone female riders on bus to campus who were very attractive and very well-endowed talking about how much easier it was NOW to snare boyfriends than when they were in high school together. I happened to look up in the mirror to look back at them after that revelation was uttered whereupon they asked me if I was eavesdropping on their conversation???

Tour bus story 1986
-had a group of ppl charter a bus from StLouis, MO to Las Vegas, NV. Company assigned 2 drivers to bus so we could drive straight through and stay legal on our log books. Everyone who chartered bus was related to each other. On the late at night drop down from the dam to downtown Las Vegas you get the feeling you are in an airplane descending to a well-lit airport. The people seated in the first 5 rows were shouting, singing, clapping, dancing in the aisles eagerly anticipating the allure the slots of Vegas exuded. In spite of all this jubilation going on next to me while I'm steering/driving the charter bus ever closer to Nirvana I couldn't help but hear a lone somber voice 3 rows back saying "This is a horrible place." "This is a sinful place." "We're going to be turned into pillars of salt." "Sodom and Gomorrah reside here." " We must repent and change our sinful ways". You know, all I could think of was "wtf, why the hell are you even on this bus in the first place if that's the way you feel about Las Vegas?" This man was stoned from the time he boarded in St.Louis, all the way across the west. Now, you're sobering up?

Tour bus story 1986-1
-rode Greyhound free to deadhead to next charter pickup point or home. Before deregulation Greyhound ran on MK&O reciprocity rights across parts of Texas and all of Oklahoma so as a MK&O driver I could ride free but only on a standby status (if seats aren't all taken by paying passengers). 3 of us MK&O drivers were going home. Greyhound terminal in StLouis was packed with travelers headed west in our direction. Senior driver of extra trip bus didn't want to haul regular passengers west so he helped newbie driver of first bus load everyone that could possibly be jam packed into that bus. When this bus departed I noticed riders were standing in the aisles all the way up to the white line near the driver's seat. That bus was packed! While we were on-board the 2nd bus waiting for the non-existent extra passengers to appear some barefoot kid stoned out of his mind got on and proceeded to a seat in the back. Kid looked like he rolled out of some dumpster, smelled that way too. He had no ticket nor recall where the heck he was in relation to real world but did want to go to Mecca. We escorted him off he bus politely and pointed in the direction of the Mississippi River, which was flowing southerly about 7 blocks away. Don't know if he ever found Mecca....or if he knew how to swim. Oh, well.
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