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Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/30/10
Introduce Yourself

Say anything about yourself ~ your name, info about yourself, why you joined, etc.

As for me...
I'm Vivian ^^ nicknames are Anya or Sync. I'm asian. I like anime and manga like almost everyone else here. I work with photoshop a lot & I am a mod in several avi making groups. I also love to go to the groups Anime Character and Spirit Creations, two that my friend made. And my hobbies are drawing, playing video/computer games, and listening to lots of music ~! (that's all i feel like saying xD)

Around the time I made this group, I recently got into a lot of asian dramas. So then eventually, I felt like making a group about them! But then I narrowed the topic to guys as you can see xD. To sum it all up, I made this group thinking about guys from dramas . But I guess they can from anywhere else too...?
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Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/20/10
Hello my name is Ingrid and i'm from nicnames are angel, dragon and Ingu..I have been on love of Aasia for quie some time and i really like to have a friends from there
Posted 4/29/10 , edited 4/30/10
Hi guys i'm called Ayako! ^^ im half japanese and half korean believe it or not >_> and i absolutely love dramas and anime! ..and yes i joined this group cuz i like guys lol xP
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