Uraboku is Angel Sanctuary?
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Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/18/10
I was watching Uraboku 1 today and it hit me half way through that the setting of this anime is very similar to Kaori Yuki's Angel Sanctuary.

For those who don't know. Angel Sanctuary was a manga that fell under the mainstream radar. In my opinion the art direction for Angel Sanctuary was of some of the best I've ever seen illustrated. "The manga was adapted as a three-episode OVA by Bandai Visual and Hal Film Maker; it was intended to be an introduction to the manga rather than a stand alone anime."(wiki)

The setting for AS was similar in the reincarnation aspect. There are two Angel Lords of heaven that sit under god and Adam Kadamon in the rank of power. They were both twins, but of the opposite sex. Alexiel was the sister, the Organic angel. Rosiel was the brother, the In-Organic angel. The reason for the titles are because Alexiel was born with the body while Rosiel was left with a lump of flesh. He later on got a body of his own.

(A side note, Angel Sanctuary portrayed Heaven as more evil than Hell)

One of the most powerful angels in heaven, Alexiel was loved by many, including Uriel and Lucifer. Disgusted by the corrupt practices of heaven, Alexiel rebelled against God. As punishment for her treason, Alexiel's soul is doomed to be endlessly reincarnated into miserable lives. Her current incarnation is Setsuna Mudo. (wiki)

So she basically is reincarnated constantly as a human, to die every time in an extremely brutal way. As AS starts, the story is about her current reincarnation into a male humans body (sound familiar?).

The difference here is that her death is always carried out by the same person who has to watch over her. In Uraboku this character (Luka Crosszeria) doesn't seem to be out to kill her (yet anyways) but he still almost follows the exact same character design as Sakuya Kira.

The third connection I saw was with Kanata. His mindset with the scene about the book was similar to Rosiel's insanity in AS where he wanted to reshape the world with his sister. Coincidentally the book is titled "The key to Raziel".

Then the last thing I noticed was the two people he ran into at the bus stop. Early in the AS story, Alexiel's reincarnation is tailed by two demons she had saved from Angels. They, however, were trying to force Alexiel to remember her past by throwing her into life threatening situations.

All of the links are from a dedication page.

While obviously not exactly the same it does seem to be influenced by Kaori Yuki. This has me praying that this series turns out really good.

P.S. Something I always found funny about Angel Sanctuary...
The ultimate villain of the story, YHWH, presumed to be God, is actually a being from another universe. He is a megalomaniac with no real physical form, who created the current universe in order to test an equation that he had fashioned.
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Posted 6/2/10 , edited 6/3/10
uraboku reminds me more of vampire night. but i love angel sanctuary i've read the manga like 5 times! but i wish they would have made the anime longer
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