5th generation Starters
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/18/10
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Hey people...! I think much about new generation and i think - the new starters - what are they could be ? we only knew about they, that fire type has ability blaze, grass- overgrow, and water type torrent. But what they look like? How bout second type? and how about "common normal type easy to catch" like ratatta, sentret, zigzagoon, bidoof... and ??? i think, that all pokemon is done...
I wish, that grass type was have second type flying and be quick and have high attack... it could be ....mmm.. some kind of bird.... and fire type... um... second type could be...poison and have high defense or sp.def..... it colud be soem kind of dirty, furious animal.... and water type... second type- ice... half frozen monster, who lives in unbelieveable cold areas with masive sp atk...... and those normal type could be again some kind of rodent... how about guinea pig?
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Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/18/10
i see whats your favorite pokemon?
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from these? grass bird
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