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Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10

1.) Please be polite to other students and staff.
2.) No running in the halls or dorms.
3.) No fighting on campus.
4.) No smoking, weapons, alcohol, or any other illegal substance may be brought to school.
5.) Please keep cursing to a minimum.
6.) Listen to teachers and staff at all times.

1.) School uniform must be worn on campus. Casual dress is on Fridays and before/after school ONLY. (Although simple modifications to uniform are accepted;; see teacher or other staff for guidance.)
2.) Students are to keep their dorms clean and will be disciplined if they are not.
3.) Students are in charge of their own belongings.

Any student found guilty of not following by school rules will be punished. Punishments range from detention to suspension to extra chores etc. Please, follow the rules and have a wonderful year.

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