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Approved Characters

Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
Alice or the nice mods will post up approved characters ^-^
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: purplepearl

Name: Alice Akatsuki
Role: Vampire Princess
Age: 17
Sex: Female duh :P
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: childish, playful, energetic
Pet (optional): Clarisse

Weapon: sword with runes that glow
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): dark magic
Family: Akatsuki
Bio: Alice was born a vampire but she can walk in the daylight. She is very playful and energetic unlike most vampires. Alice plays around alot and hardly ever hates anyone.
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: Mizukemumu

Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality:Kinda,smart, nice, can be mean, fun loving
Pet (optional):his pet dog
Weapon:Guns that can shift into a sword
Skills (magic, archery, etc.):Dark magic and light
Bio:Alex grew up on the streets alone with no on to take care of him. he walks alone no one well be nice to him they all think hes a piece of trash intill he find out his powers and then people dont hate him they like him
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: Zinerd

Apperance (can use picture as reference):

Personality:Smart,Serious,Prickrely for details, but always loyal
Pet(optional):A cat
Weapon:Two handed batleaxe and a rifle
Skills (magic, archery, etc.):Earth magic and survival skills
Family:of the Dras'Nor clan
Bio:A former captain of Dor Tanith Imperal Troops, He left after his company was nearly wiped out. Never to let it down, he goes place to place looking for redemption
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 5/1/10
Created by: Silent_Sky

Name: Miakis
Race: Elf
Age: 18
Sex: F
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: mysterious, silent, shy, but a sadist
Pet (optional): none
Weapon: bow and arrow, dagger, wires, and nagamaki
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): summoning, healing, controls spirits and animals and can create illusion
Family: unknown
Bio: She quite mysterious. No knows her past and why she always spend in time at the lake in solitude only talking with the restless spirits. She tends to make a lot of enemies when she not intended to.

Character put on reserve for an ok excuse.
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: Youichi-kun

Name: Alastor
Role: Vampire King
Age: (looks 20 but very old)
Sex: Male
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: Laid back, likes to toy with an opponent when fighting
Pet (optional): Carries around with him an extra coffin, its a mystery whats inside
Weapon: Katanas
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Phasing through objects, melding into the shadows, shapeshifting, Death Magic
Family: Gotta be Akatsuki I guess
Bio: Alastor comes from a long line of vampires that have been bred specifically. They are what humans would call nobles. He doesn't view himself as such and usually takes a human form and is laid back. None except his parents have ever known what his vampire form looks like and though he dislikes the way he was forced to live he doesn't condemn his parents because if it werent for them he wouldnt have gotten where he is, while like other vampires he likes blood he usually drinks tea. If you want to find him he is most likely under a sakura tree sleeping There are also other mysteries about his past that he doesn't reveal except to people he feels close to
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: FairyMusketeer

Name: Akazukin (Red Riding Hood. I got bored DX)
Role: Mother Earth (LOL, my username)
Age: Looks 13, actually over 100
Sex: Female
Appearance (can use picture as reference):
Personality: Kind and caring, and hates seeing people suffer. In the unlikly even that she shall snap, Akazukin turns very silent but her rage is clearly evident.
Pet (optional): An oversized butterfly called Tsubasa (Wing)
Weapon: A large oak staff with a red crystal on top.
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Has a wide range or spells conceding nature at her fingers, but knows a few fire spells too.
Family: Err... Iono.
Bio: Akazukin was an ordinary Fairy of simple origins. She loved to help the previous Mother Earth in any way she could, and she gained her favour. Before Mother Earth faded away, she told everyone that Akazukin would be the next ruler and everyone agreed.
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: SensuallyYours

Name: Tsukiyomi Arianne
Role: Vampire Queen
Age: 562 looks 20
Sex: Female
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: Kind, caring, loving, understanding, fair, calm, friendly
Pet (optional): an eagle
Weapon: Sword but prefers bow and arrow
Skills (magic, archery, etc.):Can use elemental magic
Family: Akastsuki
Bio: Arianne, aka Aria or Ari to her loved ones, is very kind and loving. She loves music and literature. She can be often seen outside reading in the shade. She also loves flowers. She is very understanding and fair, she'll listen to both sides of a story before judging. She is calm in all situations even when she's in danger.
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: -Daisya-

Name: Styxx
Race: Vampire
Age: looks 18 but Actual Age Unknown
Sex: Male
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: Childish, Sadist
Pet (optional): Minami And Minoru

Weapon: Swords and Daggers and of course claws
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Shapeshifting sword fighting
Family: Unknown
Bio: Styxx's history is not well know Parents Vanished Leaving him Behind when he was 12. He finds making friends hard and only has Minoru and Minami as companions. He can be very childish but most of the time likes being left alone. He Kills only for food. He dousent like killing people but he does enjoy watching others kill.
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: SilLyGiRl567

Name: Naomi (gose by Death)
Role:Ruler of the Underground
Age: Seems like a 16 year old it over 150 years old.
Sex: Female

Personality: Evil and cruel. Very mean and only nice on certain days. A bloody person.
Pet: A vampire/demon wolf named Killer
Weapon: A long sword that can catch lost souls.
Skills: Torture and speed
Family: Dead (she killed them)
Bio: She grew up mean. Was ignored by her family so she killed them. She became meaner and meaner as she grew. Her only freind was a girl named Milly (died) and her wolf. Not so much caring but very evil.
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: NoZakiArU

Name:Musashi Yonichi
Role:Chief of werewolves
Age:Appears 18, Real age unknown
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: kindhearted,good leader, shy around girls
Pet (optional):
Hawk ( Eve)
Weapon:Master Archery Bow
Skills (magic, archery, etc.):
Master Archery
Master hand to hand combat
Werewolf form ( Enhanced Hearing,Smelling,etc.)
Bio:Son of the last chief of werewolves, Musashi was a troublemaker growing up, but eventually became a good leader, he does not reveal his past to alot of people, but mainly because many people dont ask, he has a crush on the vampire princess
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Created by: Chibi-Wolfe

Name: Nathyrra Zora
Role: Queen of Elves
Age: 1773 but she appears to be around 24
Sex: Female
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: She is one often deep in thought revealing her true emotions to view. Having risen to power fairly early in her life she retains her connection to the forest around her by diving often into it's depths where she is able to be silent. Unlike many elves she does not fear war and accepts certain acts as needed to protect her home though she has a strong respect for life and as a result often remains neutral.
Pet (optional): An extraordinarily large Timber Wolf
Weapon: A bow who she's infamously called Artemis, A short sword attached to her Thigh and a Long pole with a blade in the shape of a crescent moon
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Her skill lies in her agility and ability to speak with animals. One in particular, a sleek black jaguar, never strays to far from the touch of her mind.
Family: She considers her kin and wild animals her family
Bio: Her line is a pure one though those of it tend to be short lived due to their royal status. The constant war of the world secured her early rise to queen at the age of 258. Since then she has tried to rule fairly and has been able to manage negotiations and even battles with the grace of an elf and the cunning of one of her beloved cats. Though her aim is to protect the people through neutrality she realized early on that this would not be completely possible and was trained in war arts by both her father and mother. She attempts to pass these skills down through her line.
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/20/10
Created by: -PrinceSora-

Name: Sora
Role: Fallen angel
Age: Unknown - Immortal
Sex: Male
Appearance (can use picture as reference): *picture*
Personality: Normally quiet, solitary and shy, but dreams of finding a true romance. Has a dark side and is not afraid to unleash it upon his enemies, but soon afterwards regrets his actions. Loving, faithful, honest, just & kind, but like I mentioned...has a dark side. He is quite tolerant, but don't piss me off or I will obliterate you. ^-^
Pet (optional): Unknown, but sometimes is speculated to be talking to a small creature named Ai.
Weapon: N/A
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Telepathy, alchemy, self healing...
Family: N/A
Bio: Little is known about him. All that is known is that he has recently openly entered the realm of the mortal, after being exiled from Heaven for brutally slaughtering another angel...
There are yet many mysteries to be uncovered...
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/20/10
Created by: anne_nicole

Name: Hikari
Role: Ruler of the Heavens
Age: Seems like a 16 year old it over 100
Sex: Female

Personality: Kindhearted,Caring,Loving,Friendly,Cheerful,very helpful,kinda childish and hates seeing fights or bloodshed.Though when it comes the real need to fight she will do it.
Pet: Name: Ryuu -a white dragon that can transform to an armored knight. hikari sometimes use him as a messenger of some sort or rather he's the one that goes to the other world for hikari.

Weapon: two heavenly swords one sword has a chain on it and she can combine both end of the handle of the sword that kinda turns to a spear that has blades on both sides.

Skills: she can use white magics really well,alchemy,summoning,she has both agility and surprisingly huge strength that conflicts on how she looks so weak.
Family: all disappeared and was announced or thought by everyone that they maybe dead. it is still unknown whether their still alive or not.
Bio: As the only survivor from the royal family as the her people thought she was strictly taken very good care by her people. she was never allowed to even set one foot out of the castle and every where she went she must have her bodyguards in armor around her. she was always lock up in her kingdom. she's very kind to the people around her and she consider them all as her family since it was said to her that she was the only one left of her family. she like to help around the kingdom even though her caretakers think its unneccesary and she should just rest,read a book or train. she's also good at every household chores specially at cooking and baking. she also has a very nice voice and can play many instrument. she also good at drawing or painting. other than this very little is known about her and very few or rather almost nobody has ever seen her except for the people serving her at the castle. the case about her being the sole survivor was only known by her people and nobody else.
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/20/10
Created by: mizukemumu

Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: Nice,kinda,grateful
Pet (optional):none
Weapon:A sword
Skills (magic, archery, etc.):Magic
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