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Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/23/10
Created by: SilLyGiRl567

Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality:Nice helpful
Pet (optional):A kitty

Weapon:A bright white sword
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Dark Magic.
Family:Never knew them
Bio: She is a favorite servant of Naomi and is learning dark magic and hoping to be just like Naomi. Very helpful and very nice.
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24 / F / C a n a d a
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/23/10

Created by: Chibi-Wolfe

Name: Tsou Revell
Race: Human with Dwarven ancestry
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Personality: Tsou is loyal to his people and most of all his friends. He has a good attitude towards life and the people he loves. When provoked, or when fighting, he remains level headed and concentrated. The only thing that really gets him upset is the harm of a loved on or any of his people. He is foreword to the point of being blunt at times and is in no way shy or afraid to speak his mind.
Pet (optional): A Falcon with no name
Weapon: Magic. A Dagger
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Arcane and earthen magic. Swordplay
Family: Family: Mother - Sylvana Silverbeard - Age 46
Father - Lucas Revell - Deceased, age unknown
Bio: Tsou was orphaned at a young age when his parents disappeared into the world beyond the city. There he has never been though someday looks forward to going and seeking his lost parents. He lives on her own in the City.

He manages to support himself by helping others with errands they need someone else to do for them. He learned to fight when he was 10 and has spent a little of every day practicing since then.

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24 / F / C a n a d a
Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10
Created by: Jazzmin-anime

Name:Kuro Tanakada
Appearance (can use picture as reference):Long black hair and green eyes.
Personality:Has a shy and quiet personality.
Pet (optional):A snake.
Weapon:A sword.
Skills (magic, archery, etc.):Magic
Family:Has none to name
Bio: Her family was all murdered and she fights their murder
Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10
Created by: Mizukemumu

Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality:kinda smart helpfull
Pet (optional):a pet wolf
Skills (magic, archery, etc.):magic
Family:Alex and Mizuke
Bio:The docter of health around the areas is one of the best between the rest
Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/24/10
Created by: Meru-chi

Name: Sayone Lanunol
Role: Human Princess (Princess of Malanari)
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: Klutzy, loud, rough, bad-tempered, but also caring and has low self confidence.
Pet (optional): See that horse in the other pic? It's a dragon.

Weapon: Concealed throwing knives.
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Can communicate with animals.
Family: Princess of Malanari, Daughter of King of Malanari
Bio: Sayone hates the pampered life and at age 10, her mother died. Her father never remarried because he only had one love. With no mother, Sayone has trouble learning how to become Queen and inherit the throne one day. Long lessons and classes bore her, so Sayone sometimes disguises herself and roams around the kingdom.
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/24/10
Created by: deyone5

Name: Lewis Lamperouge
Role: King of Malanari
Age: 32
Sex: male

Personality: Ambitious, Ruthless, Cold Hearted, Intelligent, Calm Mind
Ragnarok - The sword that Lewis will use to over throw everything. Ragnarok the sword that will bring an end. Transformed into a Rapier for Lewis that is a expert in sword play.

Family: Princess of Malanari (Sayone Lanunol)
Bio: one of the most dangerous beings in exsistance even though he is a human taking control of the Malanari Kingdom at the age 5 Lewis has been a force to be reckoned with striking fear into everyone's eyes even a God. Lewis will do everything he can to make the human race prevail over all even sacrificing his life in the process he has gone as far as getting the demon sword Ragnarok to assist his chances in realizing his goal. Having a only daughter she is the only person Lewis would show sympathy and kindness toward, Deciding it was best not to remarry feeling that it would make him weak to love again Lewis tries his hardest to hide his dark side from his naive daughter. He gave his daughter her mothers maiden name since she resembles her.
Posted 4/28/10 , edited 4/28/10
Created by: littledevil90239

Name: T
Role:King of Dor Tanith
Age: Appears to be in late 20's
Sex: Male

Personality: Very calm and accepting. But he can be
Pet : Armoured Rhino
1.)Thors Hammer: He had it melted down into a mace to sute his fighting style better. This actually increased it's devistating power. It is one of the strongest weapons ever made in exiatance. It allowes the user to wield lightening like it were a toy.
2.) Merlin's Scrolls: A good collection of the scrolls that merlin himself wrote. It allows him to use magic far beyond any other Dwarf.. ever.
1.) Devistating Physical Magic (from merlin's scrolls)
2.) Hand to hand combat (Assisted by Thor's hammer)
3.) Science and wierd but useful inventions.
Family: All dead.
Bio: He is the son of the last king of Dwarfs. He has trained since boyhood for this position. Unfortunately he was forced to watch as his father waged war against all his enemies. This enspired Thor to change his ways to alter from his father's. His father would bannish and not accept people. He plans to be more accepting to peope into his army and make good use of mercinaries(lmao). He has trained in science and magic. He is the ultimate user of modern technolagy and magic in his kingdom.
Posted 4/28/10 , edited 4/29/10
Created by: cindy-vang_LoL

Name: haine
Race: werewolf
Age: 17
Sex: female
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: She's always so protective because she's been hurt so many times and left her pack starting or looking for a new one. She was alway's the outsider and finding her own kind to accept her for who she is. For she would do the same to them. She can be alittle mean some times and stubborn but she's really nice if you get to know her and earn her trust
Pet (optional):
Weapon:Chain Whips
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Archery in anything she uses
Family: her pack treated her badly and didn't really care for her so she left them finding a new pack or start a new pack to get respect. Her family was a wealthy pack until her father (the alpha male) made a deal to the darkness and now he killed his own family with darkness and hatered with violence and slavery
Bio:She likes ice cream but can be mean at times. she's really nice if you get t oknow her. She likes staying her wolf form a lot cuz she doesn't feel right in her mortal form.
Posted 5/3/10 , edited 5/4/10

Name: Momo Yakushi
Race: VampireElven-Shapeshifter
Age: 23
Sex: female
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: N/A
Pet (optional): NONE
Weapon: Silver
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): can control silver, is skilled with almost all weapons, shapeshifting
Bio: all she will share odf her family is that they are a privat affiar she would rather not discuss. her private life is her private life. you ask and she may tell
Posted 5/3/10 , edited 5/4/10
Created by: Keadakash13

Name: Sapphire
Race: Vampire/Demon
Age: appears 19 (but much older)
Sex: female
Appearance :

Personality:loyal, strong,protective of friends. She cares about her friends and loves being with animals
Pet: cat demon
Weapon: sythe, daggers,
Skills :vision,shapshifts,darkness
Family: unknown
Bio: Her parents and village was destroyed when she was young. She was raised by the animals of the forest. She is always with her pet cat demon.
Posted 5/4/10 , edited 5/4/10
Created by: BabyLelo123

Name: Suzume Takahashi
Race: Vampire
Age: 15 looks young for her age though
Sex: Female
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: she acts childish for her age but knows when to act mature and serious when she's needed. She's very hyper active and doesnt like sad moments so she's always looking on the bright side of life.
Pet (optional):

Weapon: A really big sword
Skills (magic, archery, etc.): Swordsman, skilled fighter and can control fire.
Family: Doesnt have a family...Yet...hopes to make lots of friends to replace her missing family. Or better yet find her family! She hasn't seen her mom and dad since she was 6.
Bio: A peasent who has no family and has lived on the streets but knows her way around. she has to steal food to keep herself alive because no one will give her a job. She is a skilled swordsman (well woman) and a skilled fighter, handy when she get caught from stealing. She can also controll fire and has a pet dragon called Steamy. She lives in an abondoned home that she rebuilt with some stolen and found stuff... :P

(have i done this right? i hope so...sorry if i've done it wrong... )
Posted 5/5/10 , edited 5/11/10
Created by: Tatiana902

Name: Snow
Race: Vampire
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Apperence: I'll show you in a pm alright if thats ok with you
Personality: playful, yet serious, protective of others, friendly, smart
Pet(optional) ice wolf I'll show you in a pm ok
Weappon: ice blade, staff with a sacred blade at the end
Skills:(magic, archery, etc.): magic
Family: adopted by loving humans
Bio: Snow's past is somewhat blurry because she would like to forget what happend to her family when she was very young. Snow wondered for many months till she found a villiage who would take her in. She is very protective of her new family, and would never let anyone hurt them . Snow loves too make people happy , and smile.
Posted 5/6/10 , edited 5/6/10
Created by: L6CL

Name: Torath Morkan
Race: Elven
Age: 296 (appearing as 28)
Sex: Male

Personality: Caring, Head-strong, Decisive, Mature, Open-minded, Adept
Weapons: Dragon Glaives
Skills: Hand Magic, Swordsmanship, Archery, Minor Alchemy
Description: Torath Morkan is an elven wizard. He has charming blond hair with matching blue eyes. He always wears his armor or a suit made of mageweave for easier movement. Since his parents died when he was an adolescence, he knows the ways of a survivor. As a weapon, Torath usually uses Hand Magic but if unable to for any reason he is also very skilled with his Dragon Glaives which feel immensely light only for him. Although his true age is far older than his appearance, his mind is able to stay as young as his body portrays, also meaning that he can be very generous and caring but dangerous and violent at the same time.
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/11/10
Created by: galbadiaprjt

Name: Firararaga, the Phoenix-Dragon
Role: Master
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Appearance (can use picture as reference):

Personality: Wise, unruly, and mischievous, Firararaga loves to share tales with both mortals and immortals about the many folklore, legends, and feats of other beings in order to teach a parable of each one's weaknesses and faculties. He dislikes fighting but would not hesitate to teach one who proves their worth even if they are evil.
Pet (optional): -
Weapon: Sword of the Charr - Wrapped in sacred flames that will burn those with impure hearts. Though it was once wielded to exact certain revenge, the sword gave birth into a stronger will to curse those seeking such path as well as the path to oppression. The Sword of the Charr is a massive, long blade that buzzes like a lightsaber extending 12ft in length, 3ft in width, and as thin as a paper but cuts sharper than a Masamune. The legend of its creator has long been forgotten.
1. Master CounterSkills - Firararaga's breath is able to counter most type of skills especially if it aims to kill him.
2. Drain Delusions - Anyone is able to read his mind but that's gonna be a bad thing since he is a pervert in terms of a dragon's LOS.
3. Unlock Potential - Able to unlock anything in order to see the "truth."
4. Kaiser Art - Able to do what a dragon can and teach it upon his chosen pupils.
Family: -
Firararaga was awaken deep within a star due to this world's discovery of various feats. He, then, hatched out from its slumber and arrive at the world of Dragon Era to find it that it had lack much knowledge about its brethren. However, he changed his plan of making the inhabitants acknowledge the powers of the mystic creatures since he found better stories to tell. Occasionally, he would teach a pupil or two the notorious lost magic of the dragons called, "Kaiser Art."
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/11/10
Created by: iMikadzuki

Name: Mikadzuki
Race: Witch
Age: 13
Sex: Female

Personality: Mikadzuki Likes talking in 3rd person. Other than that, she has no other childish tendencies. She is a young girl, who skipped a grade, and is used to being made fun of. Despite that, she may have a bit (ok, so a lot) of trouble around Men. Despite being very mature and quiet, she becomes angry when people speak bad about the dead.
Weapon: Mikadzuki likes Using Hand to Hand combat!
Skills: Is a Martial-artist apprentice. She is a witch, with great control over her excess magic. She specializes, in ice and water spells.
Bio: Mikadzuki was mistreated as a child. As a result, she became emancipated, and currently wanders unless she 'Finds something worthwhile'. Her best-friend is her Shadow. Her favorite thing in the world is her (deceased) brothers curry. She has a sister somewhere in the world. Her biggest dream, is that she DOES NOT meet her. 'Only another thing to worry about'
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