physical abilities
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10

doton - a type of earth ability, hurls a chunk of earth at someone
raiton - a type of thunder ability, lightning filled shiruken
suiton - a type of water ability, water blades come off sword
katon - a fire type ability, explosive throwing knifes
stealth - slight invisibility


Zanshin - after image slash
Flash - causes blinding flash with sword light refraction
Banish - sword move that pushes enemies far even if a small cut is all the damage done
Darkside - darkness based move, each slash slows enemy, even if it doesnt hit
Renzokuken - extreme speed attack, causes wind blades


jump - high jump, very fast, can be used to escape or do mid air fighting
strafeslash - speed-fully running around en enemy cutting with spear, causes wind slashes
call fire dragon - calls a small fire dragon, aids in fight
call dragon - calls ride able dragon, aids in battle
mega-jump - atmospheric jump, landing on the ground shatters the ground underneath and creates a small earthquake


Chakra - creates wind blast with fist
Chi - energy blast with fist
Penance - giant chi blast, weaker because it is widespread
Mantra - giant wind blast, weaker because it is widespread
Formless - creates after images
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