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Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/23/10
please fill this:

favourite bands:
who you like /admire?:
things you like:
things you dislike:
favourite colour:

then lets start ne!

name: Lisa
Chinese name: 張丽莎
nicknames: yamada/yama-chan wife ^^ hehe..
age: 14 turning 15
birthday: 22 september
gender: girl
country: australia
nationality: chinese
languages: english, cantonese, some mandarin + learning little tiny bit of japanese (just because of yama-chan!) hehe..
favourite bands: Hey! say! jump, NYC boys, Fahrenheit, Lolliopop, SS501, and lots more
who you like?:YAMADA RYOSUKE ( yama-chan) 山田涼介
things you like: sweet things, strawberries, theme parks, watching asian dramas, daydreaming yama-chan, shopping, reading manga, things that involves with yama-chan, eating, sleeping, cute asian cartoons - hello kitty, marshimaro, keroppi, my melody, pucca, etc, chinese food/things, japanese food/things, asian fashion, going on internet, reading fanfics, maths, going on holidays, going on the plane, speaking cantonese and more.
things you dislike: dead animals, bird heads, ghosts, bitter food, doing homework - especially ENGLISH ones!, speaking english even though i live in australia, and HATE PEOPLE SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT YAMA-CHAN AND HEY SAY JUMP!!! >.<
favourite colour: pink, white, orange, purple, rainbow, light/bright colours
dream: meet yama-chan one day and be a air hostress
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Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/21/10

Name: Veronica
Age: 13 turning 14
Country: Australia
Favourite bands: Big bang, SNSD, F.T island, Hey! Say JUMP, Super junior
Who I like: Lee Jae Jin, Yuto Nakajima & Dong ho :)
Favourite colour: Purple, light green, light blue and light orange
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/24/10
name: Vivien
nicknames: Viv, Vivi, Yumi, Yumi-chan, Neko-yumi
age: 15
birthday: March 28th
gender: Girl
country: United Kingdom
nationality: Chinese
languages: English, Chinese (Cantonese), Little bit of japanese and little bit of French (cz my skool teaches it)
favourite bands: Buono, Morning Musume, Hey Say Jump, NYC Boys, Berryz Koubou, C-ute
who you like /admire?: Tsugunaga Momoko And Yamada Ryosuke
things you like: Japanese Music, 'scrap teacher', Animals specially kittys XD
things you dislike: People killing animal, selfish people, mean people, liars, Science, Anit-hello project and Johnny pples, greedy pple
favourite colour: Orange, Purple
dream: Go to japan and watch hey say jump/ buono/ morning musume/ hello project concert, and meet Tsugunaga Momoko, Yamada Ryosuke and Michishige Sayumi (I know her, I always talk to her on facebook, shes very nice hahaha XD)
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Posted 5/2/10 , edited 5/3/10
name: Sandy
nicknames: cookie/yami/sandy chan
gender: Female
nationality: hmong-Asian
languages: hmong,eng,korean,japanese
favourite bands:alot
who you like /admire?: ALOT
things you like:ALOT
things you dislike:ALOT
favourite colour: purple green black xD
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Posted 8/7/10 , edited 8/7/10
@ sandy-chan: nice to meet you! ^_^
@ yumi-chan: nice to meet you too! ^_^
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