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23 / F / Next to Ryosuke Y...
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Please upload lots of fanfics if you have any or written any!! The characters can be anyone but one thing. The main characters have to be asian other than yourself, if you're not one.
Like from Japan, korea, taiwan, Hong kong, china, etc. There are yamada ryosuke, yuto nakajima, daiki arioka, yuri chinen, keito okamoto, ryutaro morimoto, yuma nakayama, bosco wong, members from Hey! Say! jump, b.i shadow, kattun, news, arashi, lollipop, hey girl, fahrenheit, twins, etc. Some cute couples can even be from dramas, like goo joon pyo and jan di, linda chung and ramond lam, ah sa and wu chun, guigui and aaron yan, wang zi and xiao xun, yi jung and Ga Eul, etc. so please upload any many as you can!!!

BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE IT'S UNDER M RATED!!!! - kissing, hugging is ok, i guess but nothing else!!

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23 / F / Next to Ryosuke Y...
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/23/10

Title: Me, You, and the Baby
Author: me xDD
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke x Shida Mirai
Genre: Fluff and Romance^^
Summary: YamaShi’s experience in taking care a baby~!!

The 1D Class was having a math as their first subject that morning. Michiko-sensei was teaching in front of the class, scraping the chalk on the blackboard when she explained the formula eagerly.

“So if we put the X here, the result will be 9. Okay class, understand?” she turned to the class she’s teaching. But then two of her students were doing something she couldn’t ignore off.

“Shida-san!! Yamada-kun!!”

“H-H-Hai, sensei!!” Mirai was forcibly awoken up from her dream. It made her felt a little dizzy from the sudden yell and action.

Michiko-sensei glared at her, folding her arms in front of her chest.

“Why. Were. You. SLEEPING. In my class???”

“I’m truly truly sorry, sensei!!” she got up from her chair and bowed down to the angry teacher. “I-I was so tired because of the shooting of my new drama and- and I haven’t had enough sleep so…”

“I don’t want to know your reason! As my student, you must follow all of my rules!!”

“I-I… Sorry… I won’t do it again, sensei… Please forgive me…”

But it seemed that the sensei didn’t hear her student, as she approached the super idol boy on his table, still sleeping peacefully.

Chinen and Yuto who sat beside him tried to poke his head repeatly. “Yama-chan! Oooii! Yama-chan!! Wake up! Sensei is coming!”

Too late.

“Yamada-kuuunn!!!” she banged her hand on his table, making the idol jumped up from his table.


Sensei glared at him, then at Mirai.

“You, Yamada Ryosuke. And you, Shida Mirai. Come to teacher’s room after this,” she walked back to the front class, right before the bell rang.


There they were. Standing nervously in front of their sensei who glared furiously at the two celebrities.

“Okay. What do you want as a punishment?”

“Michiko-sensei…” Ryosuke started. “Could I have my reason? Hey!Say!JUMP will have winter concerts so I have lots of dance rehearsals. As the result, my sleep time has-“

“Reason rejected.”

Ryosuke’s mouth hanged open.

“But sensei, don’t you have a pity on us? We are busy with our shooting and rehearsal, and I thought this school permitted those reasons?” Mirai spoke up, helping her friend.

“Those are your consequences as public figures,” Michiko-sensei smirked to her students. “Nothing to do with me.”

“But sensei-“ Mirai stopped Ryosuke by patting his shoulder.

“Alright. We were guilty by sleeping in your class,” Mirai gave up and decided to take the punishment with Ryosuke. “So sensei, what is our punishment?”

“Well…” Michiko-sensei placed her index finger on her chin. “I got a great idea. You and Yamada-kun must come to my house tomorrow. I’ll give the address.”

“Tomorrow??” Ryosuke shrieked. “But tomorrow is Saturday! My only day of resting after suffering from school and dance rehearsal!!”

“You don’t want to come? Okay then, I just have to call your mom about what you did in my-“

“No, please no!!” he knew his mother would kill him if she heard him made another school problem. “Okay okay, I’ll come…”

“Good,” their sensei smiled brightly. “Come at 09.00 AM. Don’t be late, okay?”

“Hai…” Ryosuke and Mirai sighed in unison, wondering what kind of punishment they would receive in their sensei’s house.


Ryosuke waited for Mirai at station the next day. They would come to Michiko-sensei’s house together. Mirai arrived 17 minutes after him, apologizing for coming late. And then they took the train for a few minutes before finally arriving safe in front their sensei’s house.

“Here we are…” Mirai spoke up first. “I wonder what punishment we will get in her house…”

“I dunno… Cleaning her house?”

They walked to the door and knocked it.

“Yes, coming~” their sensei’s voice could be heard from the inside. She opened it and found her two idol students standing in front of her door.

“Oh, finally~ What took you so long? Come in, come in~” she let them entered her house.

Michiko-sensei’s house is simple and neat. Not too big, but not small either. It was comforting for the two of them.

They sat on the soft couch. There were photos of Michiko-sensei with her husband and her baby boy on the walls and counter tables.

“Michiko-sensei, I didn’t know you had a son!” Mirai smiled as she looked around.

“Aww, does that mean that I looked young for my age?” they laughed together.

“So sensei,” Ryosuke started, “What punishment you had planned for us?”

“Actually…” she stood up from the couch, leaving the two to her room. When she came back, she was holding her son and brought him with her.

“Kawaaiii~!!” Mirai squealed as she looked at the cute baby boy in front of her. “He’s your son, sensei?”

“Yup. His name is Takahiro… Ne Takahiro, greet nee-chan and nii-chan…” Michiko-sensei sat Takahiro on her lap.

“Hi, Takahiro~ I’m Mirai nee-chan~ And that’s Yamada nii-chan~” she pointed to the guy beside her.

“Hi!” Ryosuke waved to the baby.

Michiko-sensei hugged her son from behind. “Takahiro will be your punishment.”

“Eh, what do you mean, sensei?”

She giggled playfully while smoothing her son’s hair. “Your punishment is taking care of Takahiro when I go shopping with my friends today~”


“Whaaaaaaat???” Ryosuke’s eyes widened in surprise. “So I should be a babysitter for today??”

“We, actually. Not only you,” Mirai corrected him.

“I’ll be going now,” their sensei seemed ignorant with their reaction, as she stood up and gave her son to Mirai’s hold.

“Mommy will go shopping, so you should be a good boy with nee-chan and nii-chan…” she kissed his forehead.

“But, sensei! What should we do??” Ryosuke still couldn’t believe about what he must face for his punishment. “I never babysit in my life!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve made the to do list on the refrigerator. His bottle milk is in the left cabinet, your lunch is in the pan on the stove. Oh yes, his clothes and diapers are in his room above the stairs. Okay guys, take care~! Bye, Takahiro~!”

“Sensei, wait!” Ryosuke followed her to the door, but she had disappeared from his sight. “Oh, man…”

Mirai, who was still holding Takahiro, giggled by Ryosuke’s expression. “Yamada-kun, it seems that you don’t like idea of this punishment, ne?”

“Huh? Are you kidding? I never have a baby in my house before, so how can I take care of this baby? Doesn’t mean that I don’t like him though…” Ryosuke’s glare softened after seeing Takahiro’s cute face.

“Don’t worry, there is me here. I never babysit too before, but I’ve learned some things from 14 Sai no Haha drama about babies… You can count me in.”

“Really? Yokatta…” Ryosuke sighed in relief. At least he was not alone.


They decided to watch TV together with Takahiro. So far he was being a good boy. He didn’t cry or being too troublesome, until…

“What’s wrong, Taka-chan?” Mirai questioned him as he began moving in her lap continuously.

“Maybe he’s bored?” Ryosuke guessed.

“I dunno…” Takahiro kept moving and moving until he started to whine.

“Ne, Taka-chan… Are you bored?” Takahiro’s whine got louder and louder by time.

“Oi Oi, yabai yo…” Ryosuke asked nervously. “What if he started crying?”

And he was right. Takahiro began to cry.

“Oh, great. He’s crying now. What should we do?”

“I know it!!” Mirai gave Takahiro to Ryosuke and then she stood up. “He’s thirsty! Just wait, ne? I’ll get his milk!”

She rushed to the kitchen, leaving Ryosuke with the crying Takahiro.

“Yosh yosh… Don’t cry… Nii-chan is here… Good boy…” he tried to calm Takahiro down, but his effort seemed useless. The baby’s cries didn’t stop, even got louder.

“S-Shida-san! Have you got the milk?” Ryosuke shouted from the living room.

“No! I still haven’t got the bottle!” Mirai run around the kitchen, trying to find the bottle.

Ryosuke took Takahiro with him to the kitchen. “It’s in the left cabinet, if I’m not mistaken.”

Mirai reached the left cabinet, and found the bottle in there. “Found it~!”

“Great, now hurry up! My ears are already hurt!”

“Alright alright... Etto… What should I do first?” she checked the recipe patched on the refrigerator’s door.

Ryosuke watched Mirai who was concentrating in making the right measurement for the baby’s milk, as he was calming Takahiro in his embrace.

“Ok! The milk is ready~!” Mirai took the bottle to the baby boy and placed the dot on his mouth. The baby quickly sucked it, successfully stopping him from crying.

“Fiuuh… A few more seconds and my ears would be deaf…”

Mirai laughed by his comment. “You just didn’t manage to calm him!”

“How should I do it? Singing?”

“Good idea. Try it next time.”

Mirai watched Takahiro who was still in Ryosuke’s embrace. Ryosuke held Takahiro while Mirai was holding the milk bottle for him. Aww what a cute scene~

“Ne Shida-san, let’s go back to living room.”

“Oh, okay,” Shida, who was secretly adoring the scene of Ryosuke holding the baby, followed him back to the living room.

Takahiro continued drinking his milk until the bottle is empty.

“Yosh… Good boy…” Ryosuke stroked his hair softly. “Don’t cry anymore, okay?”

Mirai placed the bottle on the table. “Yamada-kun, do you know what you should do after giving baby the milk?”

“…No. What is it?”

“Hold him on your shoulder, yes like that, and then pat his back softly until he burps.”

Ryosuke did what she told him. He began patting Takahiro’s back carefully. After a few pats, he finally burped on Ryosuke’s shoulder.

“Like that?”

“Yup. Good job,” Mirai gave him a thumb up.

“Shida-san, can we switch? My arms grow tired by holding him…”

“But it seems that he loves in your arms…” Mirai stated as she saw Takahiro cuddling in Ryosuke’s neck.

Ryosuke looked at Takahiro, who looked up at him with his very cute expression. And it made him melted.

“Well… Maybe carrying him for a little more time is not a bad idea. But after this you should- UUAAAAAARRGGGHHHH!!!!” he screamed as he felt sudden wetness on his shirt.

“W-What happen??”

“He’s peeing on my shirt!!!”

Mirai was laughing out loud after seeing his shirt with baby’s pee stain. She took the baby out from Ryosuke’s reach.

“Do you have another cloth?”

“Yes. Luckily I brought it in my bag… Geez, why didn’t he wear a diaper?”

“I will change his clothes. You wait here-“ Mirai didn’t finish her sentence as she saw Ryosuke stripping pulled his shirt up and then walked around the living room to find his bag. She could see his bare chest, his well toned muscle, his smooth silky white skin…

“Do you see my bag?” his question awoke her from admiring his amazing body.

“H-Hai… It’s on the counter…” she still couldn’t take her eyes from his body.

“Oh, there it is,” Ryosuke pulled out his T-Shirt and wore it quickly. “Alright, let’s change his clothes. Hn? Shida-san, what’s wrong?”

He saw her face was so red. “Your face is red! Are you having a fever?” he placed his palm on her forehead, not knowing that his action only made her face redder.

“N-No, I’m fine!” she quickly turned around to climb on the stairs.

“O-Oi, wait!!”


“So, how do you do it?”

“Hey! Don’t underestimate me! I’ve learned some lessons in 14 Sai no Haha! If it only a diaper for a baby, I can do it~!”

Mirai began to unbutton Takahiro’s shirt. She did the entire job from cleaning his body to wearing the diaper to him skillfully.

“Whoa, you’re good at it!” Ryosuke was stunned by her ability.

Mirai carried Takahiro after he was already neat and clean. “It’s quite simple if you know the technique.”

“You know, you can be a good mother.”

His declaration made her blush, again. She couldn’t reply it though. She’s too embarrassed and happy.


“No, really. I think you’re awesome.”

“Yama-chan, stop complementing me… It’s embarrassing…”

Ryosuke blinked for two times.

“What did you just call me?”

Mirai gasped and covered her mouth with her hand (while her other hand holding Takahiro).

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know you don’t like me calling you Yama-chan!”

“No, I like it,” Ryosuke gave his usual prince charming smile. “You used to call me in formal way, so I’m glad you call me Yama-chan. It’s heard more friendly than Yamada-kun…”

She blushed. She got closer to Ryosuke!

“Then call me Mirai-chan,” she smiled back. “You used to call me that too when we’re filming Tantei Gakuen Q, so call me that again. Ne?”

“Deal,” he offered his hand to do shake hand with her, which she gladly took.

“Shall we have a lunch now, Mirai-chan? I’m hungry~”

Mirai followed him went downstairs to the kitchen, unconsciously hugging Takahiro a little more tightly.


They took the Miso soup their sensei had prepared for them. They sat on the chair, face to face. Mirai sat Takahiro on his baby chair at the end of the table, which made him look like a family head. LOL I don’t know how to describe this xD

“Itadakimasu~!” they chirped happily, sniffing the good aroma of Miso soup.

“Taka-chan, you want some?” Ryosuke offered a small meat to the baby.

“Baka~ He hasn’t had a tooth!” Mirai giggled by his innocent action. “He has his own food, ne Taka-chan?”

The baby giggled happily, clapping his hands together.

“Are you hungry?” she stood up and took the baby’s food from the refrigerator. She heated it for a moment in the microwave. And then she came back to the table.

“Do you want nee-chan to feed you?” she held out a spoon full of baby’s porridge. “Hai, aaah~”

“It makes me remember a scene from Tantei Gakuen Q…” Ryosuke chuckled lightly by seeing the scene in front of him.

“E-Eh?” he was succeeded by making her blushing again.

“Ne, Mirai-chan. Can I try it?”

“No! This is for Taka-chan!”

“Baka…” Ryosuke laughed wholeheartedly. “That’s not what I mean… I want to try to feed him!”


“Hahahaha… Mirai-chan’s blush is so cute~!”

She sheepishly gave the spoon to Ryosuke.

“Taka-chan, open your mouth~ The train will enter the tunnel~” he imitated the train’s sound with his mouth.

“Yama-chan, where did you learn that?”

“I watched it on TV. I found it cute, and I always wanted to try this,” Takahiro happily let the food entered his small mouth. “Awww… Good boy~!” Ryosuke ruffled his hair eagerly.

Mirai giggled by that innocent scene. She was glad she could see the other side of the super idol Yamada Ryosuke. The sweet side she had never had a chance to see it.

After they finished their lunch, Mirai took the plates and brought it to the sink.

“Mirai-chan, let’s take a walk. We’re bored…” Ryosuke whined while he was holding Takahiro in his embrace, mimicking the baby’s expression.

“ After I finish these dishes, okay?”

“Okay~ Taka-chan, let’s wait Mirai nee-chan in the living room~” Ryosuke with Takahiro bounced happily like a little boy.


They took their jacket before going out to the park. They chatted happily with Takahiro hugging Ryosuke’s neck.

They arrived to the park and decide to sit on the bench.

“Mirai-chan, do you want an ice cream?” Ryosuke said as he saw an ice cream stand near them.

“Un! I would love to! And don’t forget to buy Taka-chan, too!”

“Alright! I’ll buy the small portion!” Ryosuke gave Takahiro to her and then run to the stand.

“I want chocolate flavor~!” Mirai shouted from the bench.

An old woman came approaching Mirai and Takahiro, asking for the seat.

“Dear, may I sit here?” she asked Mirai politely.

“Of course, mam!” Mirai moved a little to the side, allowing the old woman to sit beside her.

“Kawaaiii…" she stroked Takahiro’s cheek. “Who’s his name?”

“Takahiro desu…” Mirai mimicked Takahiro. “Nice to meet you, auntie.”

“Having a walk with kaa-chan, ne Taka-chan?” the old woman talked to Takahiro.

“E-Eh? No… Actually I’m not-“

“Mirai-chan~! Here’s your ice cream!” Ryosuke came back from the ice cream stand and sat next to Mirai.

“Oh, I see. You’re with your to-chan too~” the old woman turned to face Ryosuke. “What a lovely family you have~”

“Eh? Lovely family?”

“Mam, this is not like what you think,” Mirai blushed slightly from the misunderstanding.

Suddenly Ryosuke got the idea.

“Taka-chan, let to-chan hold you~ To-chan has bought you an ice cream~!” Ryosuke took Takahiro with him and began to feed him his ice cream. “You like vanilla ice cream, ne?”

“Aww kawaaiii~!” the old woman squealed happily. “Your husband is so sweet, ne~?”

“W-Wh- Yama-chan!”

“What, kaa-chan? Taka-chan can eat his ice cream, right?” Ryosuke laughed seeing Mirai’s red and nervous face.

“Hahaha… It seems that I’ve disturb your moments… Okay then, have a nice evening! Bye bye, Taka-chan~!” the old woman waved to the couple and the baby, leaving the bench.

After the old woman disappeared from their sights, Mirai immediately gave Ryosuke a light punch on his arm.

“Yama-chan! What were you doing? You only made us looked like a real couple!”

“What’s wrong with that? It seemed that she didn’t know us. Furthermore, it’s comforting to see her happy face! Did you see her smile? She really thought us as a real family~!”

“Mou, Yama-chan…” but she couldn’t help laughing too with Ryosuke.

After they finished their ice cream, they decided to go back their home. Err… Takahiro’s home.

“Ne, Yama-chan,” Mirai spoke up when they were walking together to reach Takahiro’s home. The baby was clinging on Ryosuke’s neck. “It seems that you enjoy babysitting Takahiro, ne? Don’t you find it troublesome?”

“I did,” he said. “I never have a baby in my house before. Babysitting is the last thing I want to do, but…”

He cuddled Takahiro closer to him.

“Today I learned so many lessons. I think this is fun, taking care a baby with you. Although he peed my shirt...”

Mirai stroked Takahiro’s hair softly.

“For me, it’s fun too. I don’t think this as our punishment… Instead I really feel like a mommy…” Mirai blushed when she realized what she had said.

“Really? Me, too! I really feel like his daddy!” Ryosuke laughed, not knowing the girl beside him was redder by time.


“Aaah~ Finally we’re home~” Ryosuke laid immediately on the couch.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom,” Mirai said before walking to the bathroom.

When she came back, she saw the cutest moment she had ever seen in her life. Ryosuke was lying on the couch, eyes closed with the sleeping Takahiro cuddling on top of him.

“Kawaaiii~” she thought as she took a closer look on the sleeping boys.

“You’re so tired, ne Yama-chan?” she unconsciously moved his bangs to the side. “You supposed to rest today… Well, thank you for the good job…”

She turned around but then she got an idea. She took out her cellphone and snapped a picture of the sleeping boys. She named the picture “Ikemen and the Baby”.

“Ikemen…” she laughed softly.

She stood up and then sat on couch beside him, slowly drifted to sleep.


Mirai woke up first. She yawned slightly as she stretched her body to the side. She took a glance at Ryosuke. The boy was still sleeping. But then her eyes widened as she realized something was missing.

“Yama-chan! Yama-chaan, wake up!!” she shook his body, forcibly making the boy woke up.


“Where’s Taka-chan??”

“He’s here,” someone answered her. Mirai and Ryosuke turned to the source of the voice. The couple sighed when they saw Michiko-sensei was walking toward them with Takahiro in her arms.

“Thank God…” Mirai sighed in relief. “Sensei, you’re home already?”

“Of course! I can’t be separated from my son for a long time. I miss him so much~” she hugged her son tightly. “Takahiro, how’s your day? Have you been a good boy with nii-chan and nee-chan?”

Takahiro answered her with his cute giggle.

“He’s been a very good boy today,” Mirai stood up and ruffled his hair softly.

“Yeah, even though he peed my shirt.”

“Really? His father has been peed too!” Michiko-sensei laughed with them, telling her husband experience.

Their sensei told her to have a dinner first in her house before going home. After dinner, they decide to go home.

“So how’s your punishment?” their sensei asked when they were on her door.

“I never thought punishment could be this fun,” Ryosuke replied as he wore his cap back. “I think I should sleep in your class more often.”

“Oh, don’t you dare... The punishment will be worse than this…”

“Waah, I’m scared~!” Ryosuke joked around, and received a light punch again from his friend.

“Hahaha… Really, you’re the most hilarious students I’ve ever had!”

“Sensei, can we hug Takahiro for the last time?”

“Oh, of course dear…” she gave Takahiro to the teens.

Ryosuke and Mirai held Takahiro between them and then gave him a kiss from both sides of his chubby cheeks. Aww <333

“Bye bye, Taka-chan! See you next time!”

Ryosuke and Mirai waved to their sensei and her son, who were waved back happily.


“That was fun,” Ryosuke said as they walking together to the station.

“Un. I never thought our punishment could be babysitting her son.”

“I thought taking care a baby would be so troublesome. Well, it was indeed troublesome at the beginning,” he laughed as he remembered his pee-stained shirt. “But then it turned out to be a lot of fun.”

“Do you think the park accident is fun too?”

“Park accident??” he laughed at her choice of word. “It was the most fun actually. It made us looked like a real family!”

Mirai didn’t know how many times she had blushed that day.

“You know, Yama-chan…” she looked up to the night sky above her. “You have made me want to be a real mother..."

Now that’s Ryosuke’s turn to blush.


“Seeing Michiko-sensei hugging Takahiro is so comforting… They really looked happy together… I want to hold my own baby too…”

“Just wait, ne? We only need to wait for a couple more years.”

“Wha-?” but Ryosuke had walked pass her, leaving her with her extremely red face.

“W-What did you just say? Ne Yama-chan, answer me! Yama-chan!” she chased him but after she had caught him by the arms, he turned around and placed his arm around her waist.

“I said we only need to wait for a couple more years,” he stroked her cheek before placing his lips on her soft one. “After that we can make a baby. Or more.”

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23 / F / Next to Ryosuke Y...
Posted 4/30/10 , edited 4/30/10
yama-chan, so cute!! hahaha.. wants to be daddy!!
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