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Icey_Cappucino wrote:

Good day costumer! Have a seat and fill out the form if you want to order! :D

I offer lotsa things! You can request a Chara, CharaNari, and yourself. But for now I only offer sketches. I don't offer colored & digital colored because it takes too much of my time. >.>;

Anyway, fill up the form and I'll be doing your request as soon as possible. :3 You can fill up as many as you want.

.. Before you fill up the form..

Read the rules before requesting.. If you do not follow my rules, your request will be rejected and you can't make a new request after 3 days.
Be patient. Really important, since I'm a bit busy at some times.. and lazy. -.-; Please.. seriously.. PLEASE be patient!
This one is optional.. it means you can do this or not: Put this
in your profile, support page or whatever you people call it. Just to support me, please? If you have a kind heart you'll do this! I'll give you a free icon if you put it! :3
Quote this post so I will be notified!
Critiques and Comments about my works is accepted. Just don't be so drastic like this "Your drawings is f*** s*****" Otherwise, I'll have no choice but to report you and/or ask the creator to remove/ban you from the group.
Be sure to fill out the stuff in the form that has an *, this means this one is very important and needs to be filled.
If you want to request for the SECOND time, you need to pay at least 5 photos in the group's album. This way the group can be supported! ^-^
Leave a comment after your request is finished. I'll be grateful!

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Chara name:
Female or Male:
Hair color:
Thingies[ Wand, Bag. Brush etc.]:
Chara Egg symbol:
Chara Egg color:
Other stuff you wanna add:
Type of drawing: Traditional Sketch or Digital colored sketch


I can do digital sketches like this one if you like.
Will upload more some other time -.-;

Thanks .. to be updated soon -.-;
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For now, charas can only be requested.. I'll fix this thread tomorrow, I gotta go and get to bed XD

Thank You! Btw, Mods, please delete my other thread. I accidentally double posted D: Sorry for the inconvenience!
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btw can i have ur example again so i can post on main page for ppl to find u? ;D
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IchigoSakura wrote:

btw can i have ur example again so i can post on main page for ppl to find u? ;D

Oh right, forgot to put that on my first post -.-;

Here it is:

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Chara name: Rose
Female or Male: Female
Symbol: Rose
Clothes: Tank top-skinny jeans
Hair: long pigtails
Hair color: black
Thingies[ Wand, Bag. Brush etc.]: rose
Chara Egg symbol: rose
Chara Egg color: red/black
Other stuff you wanna add: none
Type of drawing:Digital colored sketch
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