Post Reply [RP] Town of Ringford
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
This is the town where you will see most fairies. Their beloved mother also lives in this area. It is very beautiful during the day but its extravagent at night. There are mysterious lights that light up the whole town and once anyone sees it, they come at peace with anything.
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Akazukin floated around just above the ground. "Ah, so peaceful~"
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22 / F / Im at Howls Castle!!
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Kuro entered the town and saw it was amazing beuatifull and huge. "wow.." She to herself.
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Mizuke Walks around with Jordan talking to each othere
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Alex is behind people hiding making sure they don't now hes a vampire
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*enters the town, bored, before she realizes something.*
*looks to the man trying to hide himself, then catches his essence*
*appears behind him*
so.. your a vampire?
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