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Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/26/11
Name: Mai
Age: 17
Gender: female
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Grey
Other Unique Physical Features: lip ring lower on the right
History/Backround: Mai had an abusive childhood and ran away from home
Personality: confident kind stubborn
Special Abilities: fast and strong with catlike reflexes

Name: Gabriel
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hair Colour:Red
Eye Colour: Blue
Other Unique Physical Features: (optional)
History/Backround: not sure yet all i know is he has a light british accent
Personality: calm smart violent at times
Special Abilities: electric control
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Posted 2/26/11 , edited 2/27/11
Name: Cross

Age: 18

Gender: Girl

Hair Colour: Blonde with black highlights

Eye Colour: Brown

Other Unique Physical Features: wears a glove on her right hand to secure one of her gifts and has a scar under her left eye.

History/Backround: She can't remeber anything about her past except that she woke up at night sleeping next to a white wolf, Shade and and a sword, she has no clue why has

Personality: She barely talks and is always calm, giving her that mysterious appereance

Special Abilities: Can blood bend, move things with her mind, is able to take away souls with a touch of her right hand, and is able to sword fight pretty well.

Posted 2/27/11 , edited 2/27/11
Age:15<<appearance (115 real age)
Hair Colour:white
Eye Colour:brown
Other Unique Physical Features:
if she uses up too much power she'll have to sleep to regain it bk
(eyes changes colour according to her mood)
History/Backround:since at a young age she was locked in her
house becz her parents was afraid of her power
Personality: outgoing, carefree, hates to be bored, loves to smile
sometimes can be rlly scary
Special Abilities:a metal and water user

Posted 3/26/11 , edited 3/26/11
Name: Venetia
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Other Unique Physical Features: None
History/Backround: She never talks about her past. She keeps it to herself.
Personality: Quiet, shy, nice, sometimes obnoxious.
Special Abilities: She can injure people with her mind. (?)

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Posted 4/1/11 , edited 4/2/11
Name: Hae
Age: 17
Gender: Male


History/Backround: Traveler since whener ever he could remember
Personality : Fairly generous ( though it depends since he's not exactly wealthy), Lonely at the moment
Special Abilities: Mage-tastic abilities
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Posted 12/6/14 , edited 12/7/14
Hair Colour:White
Eye Colour:Light blue
Other Unique Physical Features:N/A
History/Backround:A grim reaper who has gained her own will she will latch on to her favorite person she knows and refer to them as master
Personality:Stoic,loyal,shy,cautious,Sadistic (if angered), Fearful (of insects)
Special Abilities:teleportation

Then add a pic that is similar to you're rp charactor:
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