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At the centre of the capital city of Glenroy is the Palace, a large and well defended area, surrounded by a wall of white stone, as much of the city is made of. Surrounding the palace is the rest of the city, making a roughly circular design. Though the city has spread over the years, the city's section still keep their names, as it was once split into quarters. The first is now the second smallest, the Military Quarter, home of the Knights and where the rest of Glenroy's military strength is trained. The smallest are is the Noble Quarter, where the richest residents live along with the noble familys. The largest is the Poor Quarter, where everyone else lives, though not all are poor, the name has stuck. Finally, there is the Market Quarter, where trading is done and the warehouses are located. A roughly made wall surrounds all, though it is poorly maintained as the city still grows.

The king, Roland grows sicker, leaving the running of the town to his advisers, though the prince Stefan tries to take power for himself, thinking himself an excellent leader.
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