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Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/20/10
Hey everyone, just want to give a quick one-over of the RP rules, so please read, ok?

1) Keep it PG-13, please! If anyone posts that aren't decent, or..well, you get the idea..well anyway, they'll have to leave. I'm sorry, but please keep things clean here.
2) No cursing. If your character curses or anything like that, keep it to a minimum!
3) Please be civil and polite to people.
4) You CAN have as many characters as you want, but don't over-do it.
5) No God-Modding! It's not fair to others if you try and play their characters.
6) Please don't make your characters perfect. Like, no having characters with perfect voices that can't be matched by anyone. Nobody is perfect.
7) Most of all...have fun! I don't want these rules to restrict your fun, but I'd like you to follow them. If they seem a bit stric, let me know, and I'l see if I can change them to make them more leniant or something..

This is my first Group, let alone RP group, so I'd like things to go along smoothly.


Love, stealthclaw ^-^
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