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Asian or Asian American Stereotypes
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Posted 3/6/11 , edited 3/7/11
my family is full of stereotypes....
im a nerd, wear glasses, short
my brother yoyos
my parents have the funniest accents
my parents are strict as hell
sometimes they cant drive.... my mom almost killed me when we drove to eat on my b-day
we use chopsticks like all the time and eat soooo much asian food
my dad knows karate(i think)
my mom, aunt and uncle does nails
my parents are kinda racist(mostly my mom)
they r loud as hell when singing karaoke
my parents like only have other asian friends

they r not that cheap
we dont speak the "ching chong" language
i have friends of almost EVERY race
we eat mcdonalds, checkers, red lobster, etc...
my bro and i have no accents
my bro's grades arent that good
i kinda have a big butt and am not that flat-chested even though im only like 5'1 and bout 100lbs
i play a lot of sports
a lot of others that i dont know, etc

i think im one of the most american asian you'll kno . these stereotypes dont really affect me but from wat i can see, it affects a lot of other ppl.
Posted 3/6/11 , edited 3/7/11
All Asians are are short
We focus on grades and studying 24/7
We have strict parents.
We have to be smart. People would usually say to me,"She's just smart cuz' she's asian!"
We all speak with accents.
We all look alike. I sometimes get mistaken for being Chinese, I'm frickin' Filipino!
And then there's this thing where all asian parents force us to be a doctor/nurse/engineer when we grow up.
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Posted 3/10/11 , edited 3/11/11

MelodieLenora wrote:

green_home_black wrote:

1.I don't particularly understand the whole asians can't drive shit, we're supposedly smarter but we can't navigate ourselves on automobiles?

2. Asians are naturally petite, which includes asian males too you know, but that doesn't mean every asian is short.

3. We look the same? oh please we just have dark features, if you can't see past the dark hair and eyes you're just shallow

4. You might not believe it but there are actually quite a lot of stupid asians out there. I honestly don't think we're that smart, we just coincidentally stand next to really stupid people.

5. Also the whole "ching chang chong" thing... is probably because of chinese names, they're not all the same, just because some ppl can't distinguish between certain ways of saying chinese words doesn't mean it's all the same.

6. Asians do hang out with other asians, but so does every other race. They have similar interests so of course they would want to be friends is there anything wrong with that? but I hang out with a lot of europeans too, hispanics, African American you name it.

7. about the asian male endowment, the whole small penis thing, to tell you the truth I hear it mostly from firmly heterosexual White males... can someone tell me what's wrong in this picture.

According to my psychology textbook, it's been proven that people have a harder time telling the difference between people that are not of their own race, the proof being after a crime such as rape has been committed. There is a classic case in the United States that was documented where a white woman gave a detailed description of her black male rapist, and identified him, felt absolutely certain, and was wrong. He went to prison. Eventually it was made known that she was wrong and he forgived her. Anyway, basically you're more likely to be able to remember, recognize, and differentiate between different features of people that are the same race as you are. So when people say "All black/white/Asian/latino people look the same," it's probably because they somewhat do TO THAT INDIVIDUAL.

I'm well aware of the fact that we all look human....when I say shallow I mean not taking the time to clearly look at the person yet saying things like we all look the same. and I do agree that people of the same or similar race can recognize and differentiate each other.
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23 / F / from china.
Posted 3/10/11 , edited 3/11/11
That were nerds and look the same lol, I guess foreign ppl hav a hard time telling us apart
Posted 3/10/11 , edited 3/11/11
"We eat rice all the time"
" We're mathletes"
"We're chinese/japanese/korean"
"We only hang out with other Asians"
"We're cheap"
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Posted 3/11/11 , edited 3/12/11
i dunno, i honestly take advantage of being asian in US, everyone is so careful not to be racist and offend a minority (which is pretty racist imo) that you can get away with quite a lot helps that my english is british too (so that they really can't insult my near 'perfect' english =P )

well i think most stereotypes are usually based on some/small truths anyways, so i don't think it's that bad, and it's just people showing their ignorance.
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Posted 3/11/11 , edited 3/12/11

that asians are short
from mars
eats weird foods
that oriental martial arts music
we all have small eyes
and what is that ching chong language...
Posted 4/3/11 , edited 4/4/11
Name all the Asian stereotype you know :D
"All Asians are good at math", "all Asians are short", "all Asians have fine-thin hair", "all Asians are generally smart", "all Asians are too uptight", "all Asians can draw", "all Asians are creative", "all Asians knows how to fight", "all Asians can fly", and "all Asians know how to use chopsticks".
Do you think people get affected by these stereotypes?
And if you are Asian do you care for these stereotypes? If you can why or why not?
Sometimes, because I am opposite from some of those stereotypes and I tell people if that those aren't necessarily facts. For example: Asians flying?! What the heck?! I am freaking Asian, If I can fly, then why can't I just fly to Asia right now instead of paying for an airplane ticket?! That's just not legit right there. That invalid kid at my school; gosh, I dislike him so much (sorry, that was random)!
Do you think that these stereotypes are just plain stupid sometimes?
Majority of the time.
And where do you think these stereotypes come from?
Lifeless people. LOL That's so irrational. The media and society that people build. I have no idea what I just said. IGNORE. LOL
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21 / F / New York
Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/4/11
we're good at everything
we talk like "ching chong ting tong ming"
we all have tiger moms
we all look the same
Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/4/11
- In every Asian-American household there is always a rice cooker
- A handsome guy who cross-dresses, can pull it off looking as a girl (i believe it's visual kei? i remember the forum about tht lol)
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Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/4/11
Most of the stereotypes are obsolete these days, they are more of a respected race. These days people think of their robots and other technology. Their cuisine and their customs.

Why should one care when their are many out their that respect them as a race, culture and community.

Asians are known as the founders for martial arts (I am a martial artist myself) to now founding the new future ways of living. Everything is based on information that goes around. If one is giving others problems they are being judgmental in the first place. I would be proud to be part of a strong race though.

And also the Asian women are known for their beauty. Most that I met are beautiful.
Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/4/11
Remember in rush hour, when carter and lee were in china town and lee runaway and carter shuddered at the fact of looking all over china town to find lee?!?!? LMFAOO I think Asians have the best stereotypes in the whole world. Im not Asian, but I once told this beautiful Asian classmate,that I loved her eyes, and she got really offended and as a kid I didn't even understand why. at least you guys don't have really bad stereotypes like Muslims or people of African decent, because those are really bad. people think you are beautiful and smart what more could one ask for?
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28 / F / Čαη∂yℓαη∂
Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/19/11
Iv'e heard about :

all asians are short and little(from other people)
all asians are smart (not true cuz i knew this really dumb asian guy who would walk into walls and had bad grades >.>)
all asians can't drive well (which is not true cuz iv'e seen amazing asian drivers)
all asians are racist (iv'e heard this a few places especially my mom says asians wont like me so i shouldnt watch asian stuff)
all asians look alike ( I get people telling me i look asian or mean beause my eyes are slanted n make jokes about my mom and who my dad is)

I think stereo types derive from peoples understanding so they make assumptions, plus the media doesnt help, most asian films i see here have kung fu and such things so people assume thats what asian people are about but its wrong. Everyone is different. And i dont think everyone hates everyones i think that our generations are getting better at learning about a culture first before making such assumptions.
I really dont stereo type and if a person doesnt like me then its their problem XD
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Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/20/11
They can't dance: look at ABDC and other kpop groups
They can't drive: I don't even know why this is even a stereotype.
They're short: It's true. But I know plenty who are tall. I'm taller than average.
They're smart: It's true. But I know some pretty dumb asians lol.
They're racist: Every race has racists. I'm not racist, but my parents are definitely racists.

Stereotypes are just generalizations of the truth. These stereotypes are true, but it doesn't apply to everyone.
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Posted 5/20/11 , edited 5/21/11
Same as always.
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