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The Top 5 reasons that make you STOP reading a manga (series)
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F / Wouldn'tUlike2kno...
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
Duplicate? Delete it! Brought to you by.. meh!

You get into a series and you think, "Huh. This looks like it's going to be good!", then WHAM! A curve ball and it has you yelling at the book and throwing it on the ground.. Cursing the fact that you ever read the series and that if the manga-ka hadn't taken that one turn of event.. you, probably, would've really liked the series.

Has this happen to you? It has for me! If you're like me, name your top five reasons that make you stop reading the series.

Mine (count down from 5):
5) For whatever reason, the character(s) starts to become retarded. They were all, "Go, go!" in the beginning and then, all of a sudden, they take a turn for the worse and become annoying. Inoue from Bleach did that to me (but, I still like Bleach.. because I can ignore her).

4) When the series starts heading away from the original plot. One moment you're going along with the characters, laughing ('cause it's a comedy).. the next moment you're going, "Waaaah! Why did so-and-so have to die!?" Honestly, don't turn into a drama/tragedy out of nowhere!

3) When the airheaded female lead keeps accepting everything horrible and then has a break down. I'm so tired of them. Please.. come up with better female leads!! I'm begging you!

2) When the series becomes so jumbled and tangled that is has you going, "Wait.. what?"

1) When they (the manga-ka's) kill off my favorite character. My favorite character sometimes, isn't the main crew, it's a side character.. and the manga-ka's kill them off!! I can't STAND it and (since I'm stubborn) I will stop reading the series. I mean, the series was only good because of that character, why continue with it now that he or she is gone?
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Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
5. When a female character desides to love the best friend instead of the main character
4. When the bad guy is supposed to be dead but isnt
3. When the person i like turns out to be a bad guy
2. when they kill off my favorite character
1. Gender bending of my favorite character
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
5. If the ending is shitty.
4. If the characters have no development.
3. If the plot is time consuming.
2. If it's unoriginal and cliche.
1. If there's too much violence and sex.
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32 / F / Thats a good ques...
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
5. Uneventful plot, aka, doesn't have that "hook" at the beginning and or leading up to a predicable ending...
4. Changing characters personality to the point where you dislike them, and all thats associated with them.
3. Cliche moments and characters we know and despise
2. Vulgar to the point where its absurd!
1. If there is a better manga series out there that grabs your attention over the manga series your reading now (since we probably read multiple manga chapters roughly around the same time.)
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25 / M / Estonia
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
1.If the heroine just KEEPS HITTING the main character for everything he does or if she just hits the main character although he said that it is a misunderstanding..I would just call the police, cause she just can't understand until shit hits the van, than she always goes ''sorry, I'm soooo sorry''..Like dude you kept hitting me half to death and now you just say ''sorry'' ?A sorry isn't going to cut it.
2.If there is too much Ecchi that disturbs my reading..
3.If the Main character is a pussy who can't stand for himself, without getting stronger or when he is strong but keeps being a pussy..
4. If the main character is a girl (They tend to have personalities i just can't like.)..
5.If the story is boring..
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23 / F
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
1. if the story is boring at the beginning (even if it gets interesting in the middle, I mean, I won't continue reading it if it's boring at the start)
2. if the speech bubbles have too many words in it (let's see, an example would be Detective Conan)
3. if the story just keep dragging on and eventually off its main point (again, Detective Conan, wasn't he looking for the men in black? now you get this load of murder case shit)
4. if the art contains too many chibis (like every page they throw in a little chibi, that tends to happen to some manhwa according to myself)
5. if the girls in the story are really annoying (serious, can they stop blushing or being frightened at whenever something happens?)
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/21/10
1 if the story gets really boring .
2 if the drawing is really bad.
3 if the characters are shit.
4 if there is too much unnecessary stuff.
5 if i dont like the story .
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26 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/22/10
Well, first turn-off for me would be lousy drawings. Second, if that manga is like any other manga. I want excitement and redundant stories doesn't provide that.
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/22/10
5. bad characters
4. complex plots that take a second read to fully understand
3. bad drawings
2. characters that are whinny
1. slow moving plots really annoy me
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21 / F / Japan
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/22/10
idk i have not stop a maga

and cant find tokyo mew mew book 6 so i dont stop
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27 / M
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/22/10
5. When an unimportant bad guy is dying and they decide to have a flashback (bleach)
4. When the bad guy turns out to be someone from the heroes past
3. too much flashbacks
2. Make me want to care about a new character that just died
1. Terrible ending
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/23/10
1. TOO MUCH DRAMA (mostly romance animes)
2. Wasted too much of my time reading it...
3. If it gets boring...
4. too unrealistic ( the main characters winning every time ex. Shugo Chara)
5. disturbing
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31 / F
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/23/10
1. A character is so stupid they make me want to jump into their world and beat them with a smart stick.
2. A character gets kidnapped so many times that I start thinking their love interest should just let them be kidnapped and not save them anymore.
3. I can't tell two or more characters apart.
4. I realize I've read it before.
And number 5. I saw the anime first so now my brain is "ruined" for reading the original, which sucks because I like to read then watch but I often don't realize that there's a manga out there till its too late.
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26 / F / Ontario
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/23/10
1. When it takes too long for a chapter to be released = doesn't give a shit about it anymore
2. Continuous STUPIDITY.
3. Cliche stories ...
4. If i do not understand wtf is going on in the first chapter
5. When the anime is better than the manga
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27 / M / Wherever you are!
Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10
5. When characters seem to have the same personalities. Ex: Person #1 is bloodthirsty, and he dies only to have Person #34 just as the same...Seriously...not everyone's a freak of nature that has to brutally massacre everything....
4. When the main character is a bit to stupid. Ex: Unable to see that a female character is crushing on them, or if they're completely incompetent at learning from their mistakes in fighting sequences.
3. Female characters that are whiny and cry about everything. Hell, even the ones that make the main character always worry about them and have to protect them. Seriously, gtfo of the area when people are fighting. 'Nuff said.
2. Storylines that tend to have the Dragon Ball Z effect. Turmoil -> Fight = Peace. Wait! Oh no, another bad guy! DUN DUN DUN! Rinse and repeat. Just because a series ends soon doesn't make it a bad one.
1. *drum roll* Bad guys that have the ulterior motive of world domination, the obliteration of said world, or the combination of the two, or the ones that just say, "I did it for the LULS!" /sigh
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