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I lost all hope in not only my own life, but humanity in it's entirety, I felt we were a failed species really.

This happened because I was suffering from quite a severe depression at the time due to an traumatic experience I won't explain. It began with mere apathy in regards to suffering & pleasure, then moved on to self-inflicted exclusion from social groups, which in-turn lead to other people actively excluding me from other things, which in-turn lead to me sinking into a severely suicidal state of depression, where I tried and failed 3 times, and have many scars to show it (literally and figuratively).

That is when I lost hope in my life, when I was suffering in what I thought to be a fairly obvious way, and everyone whom I would have trusted with my life prior to then now turned their backs on me, everything I trusted in was shown to be a figment of my imagination, 'Justice' didn't exist, only blind adherence to very, very old traditions. *sigh*

Anyway, my memory of the whole experience is suprisingly weak considering how recent it was. In my mind, I just 'snapped' one day and completely stopped caring about -anything- at all, even how bad my life was at the time, which helped me mentally regain control of things (I stopped caring what people might think of me, I just did what I thought needed to be done to make myself happy again, thankfully this never lead to anything selfish or anything, though I bet I annoyed a few of my teachers, heh.)

During that time I left school (not finished, I just left), which gave me a lot of free time at home to examine my life and think about things a LOT, I had a few particular thoughts which I feel changed my life, and have made me the person I am today, and I feel better for the whole experience, though sometimes I wish none of it had ever happened : D

Yay, my life story, lol, but you asked a pretty big question, which I couldn't do justice with a simple "Yes"

-by Twhupfold on April 28th, 2007
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Yes, I've lost hope numberous times...Depending on what it is, think that maybe you were in a situation where you were being harmed more than you may have realized. Also, it really helped me to sit down and think about what I've lost, and think of what I have.

Last year I caught the flu a week before my school's softball tryouts, and I tried out even though I was not supposed to...It was hell for me since I was still congested and had breathing problems, but I ended up getting cut from the team because I could not run long distances. I kinda lost hope for softball, but next year my school started a swim team for the first time, and I said "what the heck" and joined, and it turned out to be one of the most fun things I've ever done...Not only did it help me find a new passion to be hopeful for, it also helped me move on and regain a little hope in playing softball as well.

Another example is how I've lost hope for my friends recently, due to the fact that they're not acting like real friends at the moment. But I sat and thought about what I lost and what I could potentially gain and started talking to new people and have found friends much more loyal and kind than the old ones. Losing hope in this situation actually helped me find a happier path in life.

If all of this fails, just exercise some faith and patience and wait it out...You could try and distract yourself from what's bothering you by looking for new and exciting hobbies to pursue. Time will eventually work things out for you and put you in a better situation. I hope things get better for you.


by Yukiko on April 28th, 2007

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Wow ^^
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