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[Quiz] Are you the ulltimate fan?!

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Posted 12/7/10 , edited 12/7/10
*no help, i want to test myself.. grrr!
this is my favorite anime, but only 75% T^T.
Enel is one of my favorites but
i dont know much about him.. grrr! XD

Your Score: 75%
Regular Viewer

You are a standard viewer, This isn't probably your favorite anime.

You got 30 out of 40 answers correct

Questions you missed:

Which Giant got covered in wax by Mr. 3?
Your Answer: Dorry | Correct Answer: Broggy

What was the name of the town that the Staw Hats stopped at to get directions to Sky Island?
Your Answer: Jaya Town | Correct Answer: Mock Town

Which island did Enel originally come from?
Your Answer: Fairy Vearth | Correct Answer: Bilka

Where was it, that Enel wanted to go to?
Your Answer: Holy Vearth | Correct Answer: Fairy Vearth

How many total "Battle Franky`s" have there been?
Your Answer: 35 | Correct Answer: 36

Which mask was Rob Lucci Hiding under, during the attack on IceBurg?
Your Answer: Opera Mask | Correct Answer: Cow
*i read Robin not Rob Lucci XD, grrr!

What`s the name of the "Three-Headed" judge at Enies Lobby?
Your Answer: Baskerking | Correct Answer: Baskerville

Which Key Opened Robins Handcuffs?
Your Answer: Key #4 | Correct Answer: Key #5

Which of luffys moves finished off Lucci?
Your Answer: Giant Bazooka | Correct Answer: Jet Gattling Gun
*i remember the scene right now, XD

Of the following, who didn`t lose their shadow?
Your Answer: Robin | Correct Answer: Usopp
*Usopp did win against Perona, how did i miss that, grrr XD
Posted 7/3/11 , edited 7/3/11
Yippie <3

Your Score: 82%
One Piece Fan

You're up to date on the current events in the story, you're a true fan of the show.

You got 33 out of 40 answers correct

Questions you missed:

What was the name of the Restaurant that Sanji worked in?
Your Answer: Sea Buffet | Correct Answer: Baratie

Who caught the southbird for the straw hats?
Your Answer: Usopp | Correct Answer: Robin

Who was it that tried to chase luffy up the Knock-up stream?
Your Answer: Mihawk | Correct Answer: Marshall D. Teach

What was the ability the Priests used to predict the pirates moves?
Your Answer: Heliosis | Correct Answer: Mantra

Franky told Usopp that thing he saw fixing the ship at Sky Island was?
Your Answer: Usopp`s Will | Correct Answer: Klabautermann

Where did the Straw hats get lost?
Your Answer: Forbidden Triangle | Correct Answer: Florean Triangle

What did Zoro do to save the crew?
Your Answer: Killed Kuma | Correct Answer: Absorb Luffys damage
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