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Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/23/10
With the Annual 3 hour WWE Draft on RAW coming up on Monday April 26, we thought you'd like the update of who goes where, any BEHIND THE SCENES news on the draft (especially since no one knows aside Vince and maybe select few on who will be drafted) and more!

General sources are as normally credited to and and and Also we'll be looking to use source info from

WWE announced via Twitter that the WWE Supplemental Draft will take place on April 28 on, two days after the main draft takes place on a three-hour Raw. Howard Finkel will host the draft, which starts at noon Eastern.

For the draft again, during the 3 hour RAW there will be matches between the RAW and Smackdown wrestlers of that moment, with the winning side getting the pick of the moment for each match.

So be here as we update all of the picks on both days as well! Enjoy!
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Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/26/10
Alright so first to give you some previews and Behind the Scenes news before the draft here's your first update!

-In the Extreme Rules PPV Dark Match before the show started, Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler.

-The latest on Batista is he's on his way out for sure now. Could be this week but could also be WWE letting the contract run out in a month or so. Again this stems from even long ago Batista looking to leave for acting, then recently seeing his role taken from the WWE Film Killing Karma, while Hollywood wasn't going to take him seriously while in the WWE. Like with Maria and Mickie James who were cut, WWE feels if you do projects outside the WWE umbrella they want 100% control or they will cut that contract.

-It will be interesting how the new no head chair shots policy is handled considering Orton hit Swagger tonight with 2 wicked head shots...with a trash can that does have more give but you can't say that's not going to less of a chance of a concussion.

-Most suspect the man in the mask who was bald under the ring who helped CM Punk win on the PPV will indeed join the SES, and it's likely either former MNM tag partner Joey Mercury and/or Low Ki/Kaval of FCW, formerly of TNA and ROH. Now note it might have been BOTH men under the ring as there's been talks of both coming up to feud Rey or least be on the main roster.

-As far as people who posted hints this week online, Matt Hardy might be moving down the line apparently to an agent role at age 35 or a trainer. It's not like in ring they got a lot for him. Jim Ross it really sounds close to the end with WWE but the meeting could happen by Friday's deadline. Ross was supposed to work Wrestlemania and even HBK and Taker requested for him but Vince overruled at the last minute and took him off the show, so he might go to HDNet to do MMA, TNA, public speaking and/or book writing.

-There's talk of possibly swapping 2 of the belts on the show like in the past. Hopefully no more tag teams get split considering they just split Cryme Tyme. Everyone else really overall is in the dark but there's a chance a lot of the top end talent is moved to RAW due to the October move of Smackdown to the smaller viewership on Sy Fy. Also note Sy Fy unlike MyNetwork TV is NOT a Hispanic channel so there's a good chance Rey moves to RAW for sure.

Remember we start with a 3 hour RAW for the draft at 8PM EST where RAW and Smackdown crews will be there in matches against each other, where the winner of each match will net pick(s) for their show right away. Mostly top end talent will move and no one except Vince McMahon, HHH and likely only a few writers will know who is moving where. Be here as we update the moves!
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/27/10
Hiya it's moments away from the WWE DRAFT!

I would like to note for Canadian fans that we're for the moment seeing RAW only at 9PM-12:15AM on the Score so if the USA Network does indeed start at 8PM we'll be 1 hour behind. I'll try to figure something out from this end so we're not 1 hour behind posting the actual changes if the Score doesn't change their schedule.

-So far the only match on tap is the Hart Dynasty vs. Show-Miz for the WWE Unified Tag Titles. I think it will also be for a pick, likely the winning team will move to the other brand since the Harts belong to Smackdown and Show-Miz are predominantly on RAW.

-Bret Hart is indeed at the show for tonight's angle and match.

-The Great Khali apparent from last week will still be called in from time to time but is touring New Delhi later this upcoming month.

-Fellow countryman Yoshi Tatsu posted online that Funaki actually decided to leave on his own due to an ongoing neck injury and with his age it wasn't going to heal suffice.

-Common opposition to the WWE Phil Mushnick of the New York Post wrote about Luther Reign's stroke over the weekend, commenting that it was the same old wrestler story, except "someone lived to talk about it." Muschnick suggested, "The McMahons should title their next Wrestlemania, "Get 'Em While They Last!"

-The WWE's latest book to come will be called Rumble Road, a book about the road trips by the WWE.

-The LATEST on why Batista/Cena was booked with the odd finish is because Batista will stay with the company until his contract runs out in a couple of weeks. He will stay likely through the May 23 PPV Over the Limit in Detroit to build to a storyline finish of the character for now.

-So far before RAW the WWE Superstar tapings were:
* Gail Kim d. Jillian Hall
* Zach Ryder d. Primo

Remember that the Supplemental Draft for low to midcard talent will be on Wednesday April 28 starting at noon! We'll also be updating those changes here too!
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/27/10
Hey everyone and Welcome to the 2010 WWE Draft.Tonight superstars on both Raw and SmackDown face the possibilty of switching shows .I'll be covering tonights trades for you all tonight as they happen .

So sit back as we count down and await the 1st draft of 2010.

And here we go the 1st Draft of the 2010 as a result of Smackdown winning a Diva's tag match is...


(Well now we get to see if Kelly Kelly has improved especailly as Smackdown is lite on Face diva's which tonights crowd have pointed out most earnestly)

2nd pick is done and agian its a Smackdown one and is....


(Makes sense in that Heel's are what SD needs asuming Show stays heel.He gives the upper mid card a good option though)

Sorry for the delay coverage takes some time.Anyways the next picks due to Raw wining an inter brand battle royal get three picks which are.




(Very intresting picks.Morrison and Truth give freashness to the Mid card and Edge is a big trade especally with the current title picture)

Pickumber 6 is in and its Smackdown's turn and they Select...


(Another pick that makes sense as Kofi had lost momentum on Raw from his intial push.Now to see if he can get it back on Smackdown)

Pick 7 is in and Smackdown selects...


(A good and bad pick this one.Bad we now miss out on an Edge/Christian feud but good after tonight looks like we may get Jericho/Christian)

8th pick up for Raw this time and they take ..


(Well forget what I just said.This pick hurts Smackdown as much as it strengthens Raw.Expect Edge/Jericho to continue on then)
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/27/10
Okay looks like 8 picks is all we get tonight.Overall an intruguing draft with Raw getting the better it seems for now.Tune back in tomorrow for the supplemental draft with trigunkwan but from myself andy 1 its good night froim the 2010 draft.
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/27/10
PLEASE NOTE that the Supplemental Draft got moved to TODAY-Tuesday April 27 at noon EST-thanks

Thanks again to andy1 for doing the main draft. I shall be on to do the supplemental draft updates as they come along!

Here for now are the post RAW draft notes:

-The masked SES hooded member who helped CM Punk tonight was indeed Joey Mercury, formerly of MNM.

-Melina and Howard Finkel will host the chat for the Supplemental Draft.

-If you're wondering, a lot of this year's draft got done due to the move of Smackdown to Sy Fy, a smaller channel for viewership, so they want to move top stars onto 1 show, RAW. Hence why both Jericho and Edge moved to RAW.

-Next week RAW is back to guest host GMs with comedian/Let's Make a Deal game show host Wayne Brady.
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Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10
Welcome now to the Supplemental Draft of the WWE results!

Here are the picks as they come:

RAW chose both Raijin Singh and the Great Khali
(COMMENTS: Well he has to land somewhere after his India tour, and guess RAW needed a giant with Big Show on Smackdown again.)

SMACKDOWN chose Chavo Guerrero
(COMMENTS: Thank goodness no more jobbing to the midget we all hate for now. Maybe he can least get to work matches instead of being a joke for the guest hosts.)

SMACKDOWN chose Cody Rhodes
(COMMENTS: This was one if you read the spoiler from our Behind the Scenes news. One of the former Legacy had to move and get a new start so it's Cody.)

RAW chose Natalya Niedhart
(COMMENTS: Likely the start of the move of the whole Hart Dynasty to RAW, though with the Unified Tag Team Belts they can show anywhere. Also since she's away from the other muscular blonde Beth she can maybe get in ring again.

Oh and why me...entering the chat with the moderators, Howard Fink and Melina right now is...Michelle McCool...)

SMACKDOWN chose Chris Masters
(COMMENTS: Well it's a pick-he has worked hard to get back into the WWE since his first release but I'm not really a fan of his "pec dance.")

RAW chose Ezekiel Jackson
(COMMENTS: Guess with Shad's new look they want him away since again they're too similar looking like Natalya and Beth. He's still injured for a few months by the way.

And thank goodness, Michelle left-the WWE crew is in Hershey, PA for Smackdown.)

RAW chose Goldust
(COMMENTS: Well the Rhodes reunion will have to wait.

By the way picks are literally coming in every 12 minutes or more...and no clue by even the chat moderators how long the draft will go or when the last pick will be...)

SMACKDOWN chose Hornswoggle
(COMMENTS: NOOOOOO! Why do you make Chavito and Pepe cry?! I got nothing on how he can help but guess Sy Fy wanted him for their demographic?)

RAW chose JTG
(COMMENTS: Now joining the Draft chat of picks is Shad Gaspard.

So of course they choose JTG to RAW. Not sure if he can do well but he's got a good in ring move set and is the better talker.)


RAW DID NOT CHOOSE JTG-The "Chairman" says that was an error.
(COMMENTS: Ummmm are the LA Clippers drafting now?! And Shad left the chat after this correction.)

SMACKDOWN chose Rosa Mendes
(COMMENTS: Well that splits up her and Zack Ryder...I think.

We're up to 9 picks with 10 people moving so far after the correction of that one RAW correction of a pick since well they got no permanent GM.)

RAW chose the NEW Unified Tag Team Champs Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith
(COMMENTS: Well the reunion is complete as Natalya's on the chat now too when that picked occurred. Congrats on their win on RAW!

And an aside I'm especially happy for them having met both Tyson [TJ Wilson] and Nattie long ago when they worked our anime convention for a wrestling show that's still ongoing-they were the pioneers too helping that out with the likes of Shark Boy and Lufisto [get well soon!] and Jimmy Jacobs.)

Last pick coming up so we're ending on 11 picks overall to end the drafting for this year. Oh and Shad snuck back online to chat again.

SMACKDOWN chose Montel Vontavious Porter aka MVP
(COMMENTS: Ah ending on a needed pick as MVP is doing little on RAW tagging with Mark Henry or facing the Miz on random title matches. On Smackdown he can maybe slowly be rebuild.)

So that's all folks, thanks for following the drafts here and keep following your normal BEHIND THE SCENES news on the forum too in that thread!
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