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Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/24/10

This year takes place mainly within The World, a fictional MMORPG published and maintained by the also fictional CyberConnect Corporation, known as the CC Corporation. Players interact with The World using virtual reality headsets called FMDs (Face-mounted display) and a gamepad. It is the creation of German programmer Harald Hoerwick, who creates the first version, "Fragment", to help create his virtual daughter, Aura.

The World consists of a cluster of servers distributed around the world. When players log in, they materialize in the Root Town of the server they last used. Each server in The World has its own unique Root Town. They are the starting and ending point of any gaming session. In order to properly log out of the game, the player must be in a Root Town. Each Root Town has a Chaos Gate, a large revolving ring used to transport players to areas or other servers.

There are numerous servers in The World, they include:

* Δ Delta Server, with Root Town Mac Anu
* Θ Theta Server, with Root Town Dun Loireag
* Λ Lambda Server, with Root Town Carmina Gadelica
* Σ Sigma Server, with Root Town Fort Ouph
* Ω Omega Server, with Root Town Lia Fail
Naval Monte, a Root Town made an appearance in Legend of the Twilight for one summer only but its server name is unknown

* Archer
* Knuckle Master
* Werewolf
* Adept Rogue
* Blade Brandier
* Macabre Dancer
* Edge Punisher
* Flick Reaper
* Harvest Cleric
* Lord Partizan
* Shadow Warlock
* Steam Gunner
* Tribal Grappler
* Twin Blade
* Blademaster
* Heavy Axeman
* Heavy Blade
* Long Arm
* Twin Blade
* Wavemaster
*Dual Gunner

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