(Fanfiction) My Fairy Tale Ending
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 6/5/10
After rereading the manga i realized that as of now amu would most likely end up with ikuto, kukai and utau, rima and nagihiko... and so on, but Tadase most likely unless Peach-pit created their own character he wasn't going to end up with anyone...

So based off of this i created my own fanfiction, where i match up someone with Tadase. This story takes place when they are at the middle school eighth grade. Enjoy!

if u have the time can you comment? i want to know if you guy's like it and it's not just me posting stuff people don't like.


Chapter 1 A Life Without Amu

Chapter 2 Sitting on the Swings

Chapter 3 A New Transfer Student

Chapter 4 Meeting the Former Guardians

Chapter 5 Terror at the Royal Garden

Chapter 6 A Trip to the Bakery

Chapter 7 Broken Glass Fire

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Oooh, interesting!

And lol, 'panties'/patience. X//D
I can imagine a little kid actually saying that.~

Good job! Can't wait for the next chapter. C8
Posted 5/1/10 , edited 5/1/10
Thanks! glad you enjoy it.

it's kind of fun to put yourself into the mindframe of a little kid. it's so innoccent, i think that's why i enjoy writing what Akira says the most.
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/8/10
well here's chapter 5! enjoy!
Posted 5/19/10 , edited 5/20/10
well here's chapter 6 enjoy! it's so bad i haven't really been wrking on this fanfiction cuz of school... sigh....

oh well at least the school year is almost finished!
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