The story Continues...
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/25/10
It's been 100 years since the death of Diva. Kai and the others are all gone. The world has changed and a new threat has awakened. Now thrust into a new world Saya finds herself adjusting back to reality. And her happy ending is far from being true. A darkness looms over the world and now Saya must seek it out and confront the evil that lingers around her.

This thread will be all original characters besides Saya, Haji, NS Lulu. As for the twins, they're in hibernation for the moment.

Needed Characters:

-The part as the New enemy Queen has been taken.
-We need Foe Chevaliers
-As well as a new introduced species, Dog Soldiers. They are hunters who can shapeshift into wolf form only on nights when the moon is full. They serve the evil Queen and feed off the blood of both humans and vampires. Can be killed by the blood of another Queen or sliver.
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