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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/25/10
Ok this is the example:

Name: Flora McKenny
Your a half : I'm a half human and half wolf!
Charas: Arisa, Ran, Rin, Lisa! (Your chara's dun nid to be a half can make them if you want to!)
Character: School athlit (forgot how to spell.......), not a people type, and etc.?
How did you become a half ...: Well actually I became a half wolf becoz of a source of magic....making me like this...That's why I'm determined to find the one who is responsible for this!

The last one doesnt need to be very long.....just straight to the point!
After that just start the RP!
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/25/10
School ; Recess....

Flora: I have sports practise today! Man I'm already tired!
Arisa:You shouldnt have taken part in so many sports!
Flora: I cant help it! Whenever I play sports I'll forget about all of my problems!!
Ran: I'm the same!
Rin: Just try to understand those two.....
Lisa: ^^ I agree....
Flora: -stops walking- RRRGGGHHHRRRGGHRRRRGGH AAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! -slowly changes into a wolf- ROF! ROF! RRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! -runs into the nearby woods- OOWWOOWWOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW (lolz wolf howls?)
Arisa: Flora!!
Rin: Not again!
Lisa: You guys go and find her! I'll make a clone of her! Solid Vocal -vocals turn into solid creating a clone of Flora-
Ran: Right! Fire Reaper! -a small ball of fire appeared before Ran- Follow it!
Arisa: Come on! -flies towards the ball that is already into the woods with Ran-
Rin: Matte Ku Dasai!!! -dashed towards those 2-


Ran: Her presence is getting dimmer.......Urgh.....Her presence is lost!
Arisa: It must be the dense forest!
Rin: Should we cut the tree's?
Ran: Your nuts!!
Rin: I am!
Arisa: Yup! She is wacko! Now I'll try teleportation! Tianta Mafisia -small blue ray's circle around the three ; taking them someplace else- Urgh! Can't go any further! The tree's....are blocking the way!
Rin: Let's just search her on foot! -searches-
Ran ; Arisa: -rest for a while due to their lack of energy-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/26/10
[So I get 1 rank up for posting here ^^' = 61 rank ups]

Name: Shirazuki (First name), Fuyuhana (Last name)
Half: Half-human, Half-vampire
Charas: Rei (half wolf demon), Rena (half dog demon), Rien (half crow demon), Yin and Yang (half fox demons), Fleyr (half-vampire)
Character: The neutral and calm type...(The type who doesn't really care what's going to happen or is happening to others) and always sleepy...
How did you become a Half_____? An illegitimate child from a Vampire Family. The father is from a noble family of vampires while the mother is just a human.

(I'll be starting my RP tomorrow...)
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
Deepest Part of The Forest ; After School Time

Flora[wolf]: -full of wounds- GGGGGGGRRRR mMMmnn (the sound when a dog is hurt?) -slowly changes into a human again- Huff huff huff uurrgghhh.......... -faints-

Almost Near The Deepest Part of The Forest

Arisa: Weve never been to this part of the forest before -looking scared-
Ran:'s kinda spooky.....I think nobody has ever went to this part of the forest before....-shivers-
Rin: -notices the two chickens- -neck to neck hug- Hey! What's the shivering all about? Its just a forest! All tree's! No harm done!
Arisa: Yeah! Yeah, your right!
Ran: -see's something on the ground- G-guys! Whats that?!
Rin: Huh where? -flies towards that thing-
Arisa: Rin! -prays for her safetiness-
Ran: -hides behind Arisa-
Rin: Girls!!! It's Flora!!! And there's even more wound than we can imagine!!!
Arisa: What??!! -dashes to Rin- Your right! We have to take her to Lisa!!!
Ran: Blood.....this red stuff is everywhere....Look!
Arisa: Your right!
Rin: I think she lost a lot of blood this time....
Ran: Door of Fire! Let's go! -a ball of fire takes Flora into the door-
Chara's: -follow-


Lisa: Theyre late......-notices a door trying to open near her- It must be them! Have you guys found her yet?
Ran: Here she is! -the fire takes Flora on top of her bed-
Rin: Do it Lisa!
Lisa: Healing Charm -sings softly-
Chara's: -energy replenished-
Flora: -wounds recovered-
Arisa: I just love your voice Lisa!
Ran ; Rin: Yeah!
Lisa: Ehehe Thx! Now we should leave her to rest......She's been doing this for who knows how long!
Rin: Your right! She somehow just changes into a wolf just like that!
Arisa: I say someone is making her do this!
Ran: Can we just go and get lunch and forget all of this ever happened??!!
Other chara's: O.O Ok ok.....
Chara's: -goes to find some grub to eat-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/27/10
Night Time; At the School Roof top

Saki: *lying down and looking at the stars*
Rena: You sure you don't want to go home?
Saki: *yawns* They won't notice or even care when I'm at home anyways so, I doubt that they would worry...and besides, I'm going to hunt later.
Rei: *shrugs* Well, just don't forget ours too.
Saki: Sure, Sure.

After the hunt; Somewhere near the forest

Saki: *licks blood* I'm getting sick of animal blood.
Fleyr: That's why I've told you to get someone that you'll trust to become your groom..
Yang: *laughs* You mean blood bank~!
Saki: You do know that I'm a pacifist right?
Rien: Yeah and she promised her mother not to drink human blood.
Yin: But until when are you able to hold back Saki...You do know that anytime, you're vampiric nature will take over your body because, it already needs human blood.
Saki: Saa, Can't I just drink my own blood? After all, I'm also half-human.
Rei: Now you're being an idiot...
Saki: I was just suggesting and besides, I know that I'll shorten my life if I do that, since the balance will be obstructed. I would be less human.
Rena: What else can you do except to follow what Fleyr suggested? Quoting Yang, You need a "blood bank" or the situation will get worse.
Saki: Just shut up. I want to sleep already. I'm going back to the rooftop..*releases bat wings and flies back to the school roof top to catch some shut eye*
Charas: *sighs and follows her*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10
Flora: -slowly wakes up- Urgh.....Why does my body aches? A dream? It's the same dream again......Why am I having the same dream all over again? Why? -curls in a ball and cries- Why? -sniff- That dream.......A dream full of sadnes.......Is that actually the real me? No! It's impossible! I don't want to be a killer! Those innocent souls......Screams.......-slowly raises hands in front of her- All....killed by these hands.....No! -curls up into a ball again ; cries-
Chara's: -peeks through bedroom window-
Arisa: It's the same thing....
Rin: Change into a wolf, found wounded, wound recovered by Lisa, wakes up crying.
Ran: It's been going on for ages!
Lisa: The same thing......everyday...You guys wanna come?
Arisa: Where?
Lisa: Flora's past!
Other chara's: O.O What??!!!
Lisa: Yes Flora's past. The life before this life. The life of sadness. Where it all began....
Rin: Well? What are we waiting for? Ikoh!
Ran: One question! But how??!!
Lisa: -giggles- Vocals! Past,Present and Future! The time has come to know the past! Everybody hold hands now!
All: -time travel-
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10
Name: Felix
Half: Half-alive(human), Half-dead(mummy?)
Charas: Sef (half dead immortal), Fenrir (half wolf), Seiryuu (half dragon), Kyou (half computer), Evan (half doca)
Character: Alive and Dead Type.. (You will know what is this when I start the RP)
How did you become a Half? : A Mummy Guardian got married with a mummy... and the kid is half alive and half dead...

Felix: Ahhh, I am so bored... *drops dead*
Sef: There he goes again...
Fenrir: Yeah.. he woof woof!! Did woof again!
Seiryuu: Hehe... I will *splits fire*, excuse me *splits fire*
Kyou: Lets wake him up and ... *Loading......1%.. Estimated Time: 30 minutes. Please do not switch me off*
Evan: Woof! Meow...
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/28/10
Morning Dawn; School Roof top

Saki: *yawns and wakes up* I'm still sleepy, I'm ditching school. *starts to sleep again*
Rei: What about our food?!
Saki: Go get it yourself..
Yin: You do know that the animals here is larger than all of us.
Saki: *glares at her charas with bloody red eyes* It's your problem. *goes back to sleep*
Rena: It's not our fault when you get sick because of the sun later afternoon.
Saki: *sits up* Alright let's go.
Yang: Rena-chan manages Saki-chan so well~!
Rien: Not for long though...You did remember what we discussed last night.
Saki: Shut up. It's still early in morning to argue. Anyways, let's just go get your food then after that, I'm gonna go find some shade to sleep on.
Fleyr: *rolls eyes* You don't have any plans on continuing that discussion, do you?
Saki: It's irrelevant. *shrugs* Come on.

After hunting breakfast; One of the trees with nice shade

Rien: Who's that undead guy? *notices Felix*
Saki: Just let the person sleep and do what you want to do while, I also catch my own sleep. *leans on the tree and sleeps*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 5/1/10 , edited 5/1/10
Name: Minako (First name), Hatari(Last name)
Half: Half-human, Half-crow
Charas: Ayame (Half-bunny) Miki ( half-god) Nana ( Half-wizard)
Character: Lazy, strong, and intelligent. haha oh yah, and kind/stubborn. xD
How did you become a Half_____? Fell from the sky magically when she was born... She holds some unknown powers that was never used until now...

On top of a Building; Morning

Minako: *Sitting* Aaahh the breeze is nicee....
Ayame: I don't like it up here! TOO BREEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miki: Shut up Ayame * Flies down the building and plays w/ flowers*
Nana: *Makes a mini swingset come out of nowhere and swings* Weeeeeeeee
Ayame: Ooh mee too!! *Hops onto swingset and swings*

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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/11/10
Home, Time: Near evening

Flora: Better get going to practise.........-gets ready to go to softball practise- Now where did those guy's go? Huh.......always go anywhere to look for a little fun....-walks to school-

Past ; Mediavel Times

Lisa: Look! It's Flora!
Arisa: Well she looks like her but I don't think that is her.......especially in a dress!
Rin: We......
Ran: Agree......
Arisa: Since when did you guys agree with each other?! O.0
Lisa: Sssshhhhh Look.....-points at Flora(past)-
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/11/10
On Top of the Same Building; Afternoon
-All my characters were sleeping. lol-
Miki: *Wakes up* Minako. Wake up. I'm hungry.
Minako: *Gets up* Oh sorry. Yah me too...
Nana: *Wakes up* I want fooooood...
Ayame: *Jumps up* MINAKO!! I WANNTTT FOOD!! HUNGRY!!!
Minako: Calm down omigosh... I'm going to fly down there to buy some Chinese Takeout...
Miki: The people are gonna see you with your wings, you can't!
Minako: Don't care. Like what are they gonna do?
Nana: I dunno... Put your frikin picture on THE NEWS OR SOMETHING?!?!
Minako: They won't kill me.
Ayame: Just let her go!! I want food!! @[email protected]
Minako: See ya later *Crow wings grow out of her back and her hands and starts flying down the talllll building*
Miki: There she goes...
Nana: *Grumble* Yah, we're all hungry, at least it's for us. ^u^ How nice of her....
-Couple Minutes later-
Minako: Got some food. *Drops on the floor*
Charas: Arigato Minako-chan!~
Minako: Yah yah just eat. *Blushes and pries open her own food*
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/12/10
Same tree; Near lunch hour

Rien: You know, she has been sleeping along with undead guy for awhile now. Shouldn't we wake her up or something?
Rei: She is a vampire and it's hot in the afternoon so just let her sleep peacefully.
Fleyr: I couldn't have agreed more. *sleeps with Rei and Saki*
Yin: Those lazy bums...I understand that vampires sleep in the day (mutters: more or less, wolves are nocturnal) but, what the heck? They're half-human.
Yang: Hm~ Just let them be Yin-chan~!!!! They look so cute sleeping like that you know?!
Rien: *rolls eyes* You don't have to be so loud Yang.
Yin: Can't you keep your voice down even once?
Yang: *pouts* Hai, Hai.
Rena: Well, this undead guy seems sleeping rather peacefully as well.
Yang: Yeah, all of them sleeping make such a kawaii face~
Rena: You really shouldn't call a guy, "cute".
Yang: Heh~ Why is that?
Rien: *shakes her head* Don't bother explaining Rena, she won't understand a thing.
Yin: Obviously...
Yang: Mou, why do I feel like you just implied that I'm an idiot?
Yin: I don't know..maybe because..
Rien and Yin: You are an idiot.
Yang: Meanies!
Rena: *sighs*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/18/10 , edited 5/19/10
Arrived School

Flora: Man....I'm bored......and why did I go to school anyways? Oh well I guess adventure in the forest!
Ran: I wanna come too!
Flora: Waaakk!!!
Rin: Ran! You know that Flora can be like......
Ran: Like what?!
Flora: Hey! Where did you guys go and come from??!!
Arisa: UUmmmm
Flora: Uuuumm?
Arisa: Uummmm
Lisa: Uuumm we just went for a little walk!
Arisa: Uh yeah that's right!
Flora: I smell a rat here...-arms on waist / moving closer to Lisa and Arisa- Hhmmm
Lisa: W-what rat? Ehehehe.....-sweating-
Arisa: -sweating-
Flora: -moves closer and looks straight in the eye- Oh watever! Come on!
Lisa;Arisa: -looks at Ran and Rin- You guys did nothing!
Ran;Rin: -flies away-
Arisa: Why those little.....-clenches fist-
Lisa: Calm down! Come on let's go! -flies to Flora and sits on her shoulder-
Arisa: Alright alright....


Flora: -stretches- Mmmmm aahhh the weather here is super!
Arisa: You can say that again! -rest under a shady tree-
Ran: -rest on a tree branch-
Rin: -rest on a rock near a river-
Lisa: -rest on a flower-
Flora: I'm getting hungry.....wait here I'm going to fetch myself a snack! -changes into a wolf and goes on hunting-
Charas: -sleeping-

Forest ; Near where Saki is sleeping

Flora: I smell something....two preys....And.......A VAMPIRE?! A MUMMY??!! Ggggrrr How did a vampire get into MY hunting zone!!!! GGgggrrrr Rof ROf ROF GGRRGGRR OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW -howling ; running towards Saki's location-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/20/10 , edited 5/21/10
Same tree; Lunch Hour

Rena: Someone's coming.
Yang: That half wolf person is charging towards Saki~!
Rien: Oh, you're not hurting our Saki, not on my watch. Thousand Feathers: Devour!

*releases black feathers and starts pinning towards Flora, instead on just injuring her, the feathers stuck to her as she bleeds with the feathers slowly sucking energy from her*

Yang: Eternal Flame

*summons a giant ball of white fire that pushed the half wolf demon away from the area by five meters*

Saki: *yawns and wakes up by the noise* Tch, will you keep it down?
Rena: Someone's attacking you.
Saki: Huh? *stares at the half wolf demon person with the feathers sticking out and the flames still on her*
Yang: We were protecting you!
Saki: Release it.
Rien: What?
Saki: I said release the attacks. I don't want to create some grudges. It's too troublesome.
Rien: *sighs and releases the feathers*
Yang: *releases the fire*
Rena: Why?
Saki: *ignores them* Oi. You half wolf over there. What is it you want that you had to disturb me in my sleep? *mutters: Annoying..*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/22/10 , edited 5/22/10
Same tree

Flora: -changes into human- Hey that hurts ok?! -still bleeding from the feathers- -closes eyes; hands in prayer style- Wolf Summoning Moon Claw Pack: Artemis Arise!

-balls of pure black fire circles around Flora creating smoke everywhere covering the whole area-

Artemis: You called Mistress? -bows down-
Flora: -looking serious; punches Artemis eventhough he is a much taller and bigger wolf- You know I hate all that courtesing and stuff!
Artemis: Yow! Ok ok! Now knock it off! So why'd you call me?
Flora: Ain't it obvious?
Artemis: Oh uuumm -coughs- Sorry..... Moon Claw: Fire of Might!

-a circle of blue fire ignites around Flora-

Flora: -energy replenished; wounds healed- Aaahh Thx Artemis -rubs his head softly-
Artemis: Your welcome mistress.....
Flora: -suddenly knocks Artemis's head-
Artemis: Ow!
Flora: How many times must I say that!
Artemis: Ok OK! Ow! -got another blow from Flora- Ow! -another; and so on-
Flora: -stops because senses danger- Artemis Go!
Artemis: O-Oh-k -head filled with bruises; dissapear-
Flora: Moon Claw Fight Mode: Summoning of Megarta: Wolf Mistress!

You! Both of you! Go! Don't come near here!! Megarta......get ready for battle!!
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