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[RP] Half Human and Half ...

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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 5/22/10 , edited 5/22/10
-Same Building at Night-

Minako: I'm tired.... *Transforms to crow* Come on lets go somewhere else.
Ayame: YAH I HATE THIS BUILDING!! But I can't get back down...
Nana: *Turns Ayame into a hawk* *Transforms herself into an invisible chara*
Miki: *Starts floating* What's taking to long? I'm readyyy.
Ayame: Oh thanks Nana, *lifts off the building* WHOOAAAA HARD TO CONTROL WINGS!!
Nana: Don't worry I'll help. *Lifts up Ayame's hawk feet* Now fly better Ayame.
Ayame: Thanks that works!

-At the tree where everyone else is-

Minako: Aww man itsa battle. *Turns back into human*
Miki: You should stop that fight Minako....
Nana: *Makes herself visible again and turns Ayame into her original self*
Minako: Why Miki? It looks like if I try that they'll want me to get outta here.
Miki: Come on help them!
MInako: Fine then. *Transforms into crow* Enlarge! *Increases in size by... ALOT* *Dives in front
of Flora* Eternal Flame! *Catches on fire and slices through Flora and Megarta* That should do it.... For now..
Miki: Mega Shell! * Casts a strong shield around Minako*
Nana: Wow Miki, you sure are a strong god.
Miki: Heh heh. Arigato~
Ayame: Ooh I wanna help!!
Nana: No Ayame, your powers are pretty useless.
Ayame: NUH UH!! WATCH ME! Carrot Cannon! *Forms a big cannon of sharp (They're like needles. haha)
and hard carrots* Blast off!! *Carrots inject Flora and Megarta*
Nana: Oookay nevermind about that Ayame! Wow
Ayame: Yay!! Go Minako!! Ganbarre!~
Miki: Man Ayame..
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/23/10 , edited 5/23/10
Same area; After lunch

Saki: *sees what Minako did to Flora* Huh? What just happened?
Rei: *wakes up* What's the noise all about?
Yin: *beats me and points to Flora* That wolf girl suddenly charged at Saki and then Rien and Yang decided to protect Saki, but, Saki stopped them. When she stopped the two, the wolf girl started acting up again. Though, when the wolf girl was about to attack with that wolf pet of hers, that other girl showed up, protecting Saki, seemingly stopping the fight. *puts down finger in the middle of the story*
Rena: Well...if there was actually a fight.
Rien: *sighs* And that wolf girl keeps attacking us without telling the reason why.
Fleyr: *wakes up, hearing the story and groans* I was sleeping you know.
Yang: *claps at Yin* Nice story-telling Yin-chan!!
Yin: Shut up.
Rei: I see what's the problem. We've been hunting our food in an already owned hunting ground.
Yang: Eh? Are you sure~?
Rei: I am a half-wolf demon after all.
Yang: Weehh~ Long lost relatives~~~???
Yin: *knocks Yang out*
Rei: Thanks.
Saki: So that's what it was. *shrugs* It's her fault for not making any signs or something that this hunting ground is hers.
Rena: She has a point.
Fleyr: Oh well, we just have to look for another place to hunt on.
Saki: *lays down* Whatever everyone's decision is, I'm still sleeping here. End of Story. *starts sleeping again*
Charas except Yang: *sweatdrops*
Yin: She needs to be more conscious of her health and the people surrounding her.
Fleyr: We can't really do anything about it. She's just being herself.
Rena: What she needs is to change.
Rien: Uh, guys. Aren't you forgetting that a wolf girl is starting to retaliate against that other girl? She might attack again.
Rei: Then, we'll just explain it to her.
Charas except Rei and Yang: *moves back* You do it.
Rei: Eh? *irritated* Just because I'm half-wolf...Tch, you're on your own. *sleeps with Saki*
Fleyr: What now?
Rena: It's best if we wait before taking the next course of action.
Yin: *nods in agreement*

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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/25/10 , edited 5/25/10
Same Area

Megarta: You ok?
Flora: I'm fine! Leave me! Go and take them somewhere else! -startled- They are near....
Megarta: Of course! Moon Claw : Eternal Fire : Protecter of Creatures : Release!

-a circle of black fire surrounds : Saki, Felix and Minako and of course the chara's ; a bright light covered the area and all of you guys were taken to a top of a building (still quite near where I am)-

Flora: Good.....They're here! Megarta!
Megarta: -nods- RRRROOOAARRRR
Flora: Viera! How many times must I say I don't and will never help you!! Moon Claw Egnite!

-A full moon showed up with a shadow of a wolf on it ; the surrounding area became night ; the shadow howled and blue fire suddenly covered the moon ; a ray of fire almost fried Viera and the ray of fire continues to shoot-

Viera: -dodges every ray of fire- Why you little brat! Take this!

-shoots a ball of black stigma to Flora-

Flora: -takes a step back- Huh?!
Megarta: -blocks the ball from hitting Flora by absorbing it into his body-
Flora: Megarta!
Megarta: Don't worry! I'm made from black stigma remember?

Another part of the forest

Arisa: Guys! Where's Flora?!
Rin: Hey! Do you guys hear that??!
All chara: A wolf's howl!!
Arisa: Hurry! -flies towards the howl-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/25/10 , edited 5/25/10
Top of a building; Afternoon

Saki: Ugh..Sun..*wakes up* Huh? Where the hell am I?
Yin: We were transported to another place by that wolf girl.
Rena: *nods* It seems she has met some kind of problem.
Saki: Did she have to place us under the sun? Tch, my eyes...
Rei: You said it. *rubbed her eyes*
Rien: Aren't you a bit worried for that girl?
Rei: *rolls eyes* Weren't you the one who was really angry with the girl for attacking Saki?
Rien: But it doesn't mean..
Saki: I don't really give a damn what happens to that person. I don't even know her.
Fleyr: Hey, hey. She did save our behinds awhile ago by putting us away from the danger of the fight.
Rena: We should help.
Saki: You think you can help that girl? She'd be stubborn and say otherwise. You'll just be a hindrance in the fight.
Yin: Stop being so negative about everything Saki.
Saki: I'm not. *opens wings and tries to shield her eyes from the sun*
Rei: Really? *notices Yang still knocked out* Oi, she's drooling all over.
Rien: If you're complaining, do something about it yourself.
Rei: Yin should be the one to do something about that drool. She's her twin.
Yin: I'm sorry I don't have an idiot for a sister.
Fleyr: Harsh.
Rena: Really, we should help.
Saki: Just go if you want to help but, I'm staying here.
Fleyr: And die under the heat and light of the sun HERE.
Saki: What a drag. Alright...*shrugs* But I'm not carrying that thing..*points at Yang, who was still drooling* And since Fleyr forced me to help, you're going to suffer the consequences and carry her.
Fleyr: What?
Saki: You heard me.
Rien: Poor you. *shakes head along with the others*
Fleyr: . . .Well, this sucks. *carries Yang and shudders* Ewww...

*Everyone goes back to where Flora is and left the sleeping undead with his charas*

Back to the tree; Afternoon

Saki: Blood Restraint.

*whip-like blood shoots out from her fingers and attaches itself to the enemy's heart successfully, which made the blood from the enemy's heart flow to the bloody whip.*

Saki: Blood Retribution.

*the blood whip absorbed all the blood from the enemy's heart and then the whip went back to Saki's fingers. As soon as the whip disappeared, the heart was destroyed internally, making Viera dead*

Saki: *shrugs* At least, I didn't need to hunt for tonight. Though, it was a bit bland..Oh well. I'm done here. *leans on the tree again and tries to sleep*
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/26/10
Ken: *suddenly up* What am I doing here?
Sef: You are reborn'ed'...
Fenrir: Hey, why you look different.
Evan: He finally controlled it =.=
Seiryuu: That means?
Kyou: We do not need to be a 'half', although we are still a half.

Opened a Portal and went in

Ken: I need more power... to stop this.. sudden collapse.. I must become... the Guardian of Death.. and... please continue for me
Evan: and remove this shame brought down by parents, who couldn't hold longer...

Standing Before A Big Statue
Ken: This is it, the legendary hunter, except its already dead.. I shall inherit the power.

Ken: Igamfhfinihs onet dtaw .Enihs
Hunter (Undead): saragif
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/26/10
Same Place

Flora: -covered with blood- Urgh....What are you doing here??!!
Megarta: They were trying to help us......I think?
Flora: Well thanks....but Viera isnt going to let this go....Her body might be dead but her soul isnt....wolves souls live forever...Viera might find another body....All wolves right now are the same....been reborn in a new body....I was the same...this body isnt mine....I took this body over when it was still a baby.....Viera can do the same...the same goes for her
-senses Viera close by-

Megarta: Hai!! -says the same spell and the same thing happen only this time it's in the building-
Flora: you found a new body..
Viera: I'm always full of surprises you know.... Dark Flames

-Flora has been surrounded by a darker fire ; so is Megarta

Flora: What the?! Elastic Eveloution!

-Flora's uummm that thing she's holding in the pic i forgot wat it was =.="" ; was on flames and got thinner and thinner-


-the dark flames were absorbed in that thing and the white flames on the thing turned black due to absorbing Viera's flames-

Take this! -swings the thin rubber rope to Viera many times making her bleed every part of her body-

Another part of the forest ; Same time

Arisa: I can't seem to find her!
Rin: Our power's are useless in these dense forest's
Ran: Owh man!!
Lisa: Calm down everyone! Try to communicate with nature....she might have an answer! -tries to make contact with th trees-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/26/10
Same area; Afternoon

Saki: Okay...I think we're being involved in this too much.
Rien: Hey, Rei, is it true? About the wolves...
Rei: *shrugs* Yeah..with an exception of charas
Fleyr: Oi. All of you do realize, I'm still carrying Yang.
Everyone except Fleyr and Yang: *ignores Fleyr*
Rena: Is that so? *stares at Saki* What do we do now?
Saki: I'm not really sure.
Yin: So we'll assist?
Saki: It's troublesome really...
Rei: Yeah..
Rien: Maybe we should really help.
Saki: I don't know.
Fleyr: *pissed* Just decide already! *shivers from the drool*
Saki: Okay. Hey, you wolf girl. What can I do to help? Paralyze this wolf or something? If we're talking about souls, I think Rena can help with that..
Rena: *raises an eyebrow* So what am I supposed to do to the soul? *stares at the wolf girl and asked her* I can easily do something about it.
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/28/10 , edited 5/28/10
Same place ; Same time

Flora: Quit calling me wolf girl.....just call me Flora...And do you think it's easy to kill this here girl?
-points at Viera who was actually trying to ignore them and at the same trying to heal herself-
I've been fighting her for months now and still this -BEEP- is still alive!!
Viera: Oh You Are Soooooo Dead!!!! -lunges towards Flora-
Flora: Uuumm excuse me for a sec -summons her bow and arrow- Moon Claw Spirit : Silence!

-realeases her arrow towards Viera hitting her hardly making her fall backwards on the wall ; Viera fainted 1 hour Paralyzed 1 day-

Flora: Paralyzing her wont do much except enraging her angre.......that's why we gotta move! Now!
Megarta: But where to? And where are your chara's?
Flora: My's quite hidden so Viera takes time to search for it......and my chara's......I totally forgot about them.....How bout you go find them in the forest?
Megarta: Ok -vanishes-
Flora: Well now just leave Viera there....You guys coming? Because if you don't your nice sleeping spot in every part of the forest will be destroyed by me and her -points at Viera-
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 5/29/10 , edited 5/29/10
I'm kinda confused about these different locations lol....

At The Tree

Minako: I'm bored. *Leaves tree, transforms into crow and flies to the forest where Flora's charas are*
Minako's charas: Waahhh, wait up Minako!! *Starts flying and everything*

In the Forest
Minako: This is a much more relaxing place than that other one. *Lands on top of a tree*
Ayame: Minako! I sense charas! Unknown ones!
Miki: Yah i do too.
Nana: I think i can see them... They look kinda worried.
Ayame: Lets go help!!! *Jumps to Flora's charas*
Miki: She's always full of energy... *sighs and floats to follow Ayame*
Nana: You coming Minako?
Minako: I'll leave it up to you guys. *Stares at the skies*
Nana: All right then. *Summons a tiny broom (About her size) and starts flying to the rest of the charas*
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10
[Ah, there's only 2 locations Minako. Me and Flora are currently in the tree while Felix is on top of a building where Flora teleported him and me. I already moved back to the tree though. Flora and I are about to go to Flora's house.]

Same Area: The tree; Nearly Sunset

Saki: Geez, you don't have to be so bossy.
Rei: How could you even forget your own charas? *sweatdrops*
Fleyr: Well, Saki is forgetting about the drooling idiot on my back!
Saki: *stares at Fleyr* You could always throw her to another person you know. Force them or something. Not me, of course.
Fleyr: *puts Yang on Yin's back* She's your sister, not my problem. *removes the drool from shoulders* Disgusting.
Rien: Obviously.
Yin: To hell with it, I'm putting her back in our house back in the Fox Realm. *summons a mirror and puts Yang on it before she was swallowed inside*
Fleyr: Why didn't you do that before?!
Rena: Just calm down. You're being out of character Fleyr. We should just concentrate on the situation at hand.
Saki: Whatever, I'll just come with this wolf girl-
Yin: Flora.
Saki: Ah, yes Flora and just maybe....MAYBE help her with this dilemma. *shrugs* I really don't mind it being destroyed but, I'm bored so yeah.
Rei: I smell trouble.
Rien: Maybe, it's just you.
Rei: What did yo-
Fleyr: Both of you shut up...
Rena: So Saki, when are you going to choose your 'blood bank'?
Saki: *ignores the question* C'mon, let's go. *follows Flora*
Yin: She's ignoring it again.
Rien: Hey, Fleyr. How come you don't have a blood bank?
Fleyr: I didn't know you'd ask that...Are you taking the place of Yang or something?
Rien: Are you implying I'm an idiot?
Fleyr: *shrugs* Just saying.
Rena: Fleyr doesn't need it because, she's part chara.
Rei: That explains a lot...I think.
Yin: Let's just go. *follows Saki and Flora with the others*

In the Fox Realm

Yang: *wakes up* EHHH~~~?! What am I doing here back in my house? I swear...*hits realization* Yin....*sweatdrops* Oh well~! I'll just enjoy the ride~ NO TROUBLE FOR ME~~~!! Yey! *plays around*

Same area and time

Yin: You know, I have a feeling Yang already woke up.
Rien: That's called twin intuition.
Yin: *rolls eyes* If you say so...
Rei: She would come out when Saki's in trouble right?
Fleyr: I don't think she will....*sighs*
Rena: Let Yin force hr to come out.
Yin: Me again?
Fleyr: Um...She is your sister.
Rei: And twin.
Yin: *slaps forehead* Why do I have to be related to that fool? *sighs*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10
Uhmm isn't there also a forest scene too? lol i quite get it but not the whole thing.

In the Forest; Sunset

Ayame: So... why are you guys here? *points at Flora's charas*
Nana: Are you guys alright? We're here to help if needed.
Miki: *Makes a suspicious icy stare* ..........
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/31/10 , edited 6/2/10
Sori to make this a little confusing to you Minako! Well Me and Saki are heading to my house / Felix is at a magical cave maybe? / My chara's are lost in the forest near to where you are / Megarta is looking for my chara's / Yang is in the Fox Realm /
and I guess thats all?

Same Place With Minako's Chara's ; Same time

Ran: W-w-who are you? -shaking due to the stare of Miki-
Rin: -flies closer to them and staring at Miki-
Lisa: -suddenly dissapears into some bushes-
Arisa: Lisa! Where are you going?! Urgh!
Rin: Let her be Arisa......we have some visitors here......-staring directly into Miki's eyes-
Arisa: O.O Why was the looking for Flora mode has changed into looking for trouble mode??!!
Lisa: Hey guys! Look who I found!
Ran: Who?
Lisa: Her names Techna and she's quite shy actually.....

Techna: H-hello everyone...
Arisa: O.0?
Ran: Where did you come from? Whose chara are you? What's ur fav colour? Would you like to be my friend??!!
Techna: UUuuummm I was dragged by Lisa / Flora / Purple / And yes?
Ran/Rin/Arisa: Our sister??!!
Lisa: Yes! Techna do you think you can help us find Flora? Hhmm Techna?
Techna: W-W-W-WHOS THAT!!!?????!!! -pointing at Megarta who is behind Minako's chara's-
Lisa: Oh Hey Megarta!
Megarta: Come! Flora is waiting at your house
Arisa: Ok! -sits on Megarta's shoulder followed by Flora's other chara's-
Lisa: Well see ya later! -bye bye's at MInako's charas-

Flora's House ; Night

Flora: Well here's my home!

-will be edited I was in a hurry-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/2/10
Flora's House; Evening

Saki: *shrugs* Well, now we're here. What should we do next? If you don't have any plans at all to defeat this Megarta person, just tell me and maybe we could come up with something. Other than that, where can we stay for the night? Night time may be the time of vampires but, I want to sleep! *scowls out of irritation*
Fleyr: Sorry about that Flora, Saki gets irritated if she lacks sleep.
Rena: About plans, Yin and I could help come up with that, if you don't have any.
Yin: Sure but, I'll be guarding the mirror to the fox realm. *summons mirror* Not only guard, I also have to see what that idiot is doing right this moment.
Rei: You don't really like your twin messing your house huh?
Yin: You think?
Rien: Maybe, Just maybe, your(Flora's) house would be in a situation out of hand, you(Yin) should summon Yang back here.
Yin: Obviously, I need someone to balance barriers. Me and Yang are good for defense after all.
Saki: Now, where should we discuss plans or something along those lines? Oh and please hurry with the discussions 'cause I really want my sleep!
Rena: *pats Saki* Calm down now. We need to be level-headed or we would lose rationality and just charge ahead to Megarta.
Saki: Whatever you say.
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 6/3/10 , edited 6/3/10
Same place ; Same time

Flora: To tell ya the truth.....NO! I did'nt had time to make a plan neither did my chara's.....If ur too sleepy Saki -stares at Saki- Then we'll continue this talk tomorrow....Come, I'll show you the guests room
Megarta: Tadaima!
Chara's: Tadaima!!
Flora: Took ya guys long enough! Well thx Megarta you can go rest now...tomorrow well ALL have the talk.
Megarta: Watever you say..... -changes into smokes and dissapears-
Arisa: What discussion? As the leader of your chara's I NEED to know!
Flora: You know....about Viera..
Ran: Hey! Why do I sense Vampires in here! Another wolf, a dog, foxes and a crow??!!
Rin: I sense the same -scans around the house-
Lisa: Oh by the way! Remember her Flora? -points at Techna-
Flora: Oh so you hatched? Whats ur name? -knelts down-
Techna: I-im Techna....I am able to control technology..
Flora: Cool..-smile- Come on! -holds out palm-
Techna: -climbs up-
Arisa: Viera? Viera? Viera?? Viera???!!!
Rin: You don't need to be like that Ris......O.O''
Flora: Oh and those are our visitors! Just go and get some rest! Tomorrow I'll explain everyrthing!
Chara's: Ok......
All: -sleeping!-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/5/10
Own room in Flora's house; Evening

Saki: Maa, I'm going to get my sleep now.
Rei: But...what about hunting...
Saki: I'm sure you can at least skip one meal.
Fleyr: You won't be able to control your blood thirst if you skip. You might make a rampage tomorrow morning.
Saki: No, I won't. Somehow, my other side is being behave tonight. Anyways, just go to sleep. *sleeps*
Rena: I'll be doing the guarding.
Yin: Let's take turns then.
Rien: Good idea. So who first?
Rena: Me, then next will be Rei, then Rien, Yin and finally Fleyr.
Fleyr: Yang isn't coming out any sooner huh?
Yin: What? You want her back out now?
Fleyr: No thanks.
Rien: Alright, let's follow the schedule. Should anything happen, wake each other up.
Rei: Obviously.
Charas except Rena: *goes to sleep*
Rena: I hope this will be a peaceful night...though something tells me, it won't. *sighs* Such a bad omen.
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