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Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/5/10
@Flora: Okay I think I'm good now. Arigato Flora-chan!~

In The Forest; Close to Evening

Ayame: Miki, calm down! Don't worry! Maybe Minako can help us with that.
Nana: ( In her mind she says," Wow, usually Miki is not like this..It's like Ayame and Miki switching personalities. Haha!")
Miki: *Suddenly calm* Sorry, I lost my temper for a bit there. Yah lets go tell Minako about this.
Ayame: *Skips to Minako who is up in the same tree*
Nana: Might as well get a broom... *Takes out her wizard broom and launches off to Minako* Weeee.... I like the breeze.
Ayame & Miki: MINAKO!!!
Nana: *Gets off broom and drops it for now* ......
Minako: *Wakes up abruptly from her nap* Ehh?!? .....*Falls off her tree* Aww man. That was a nice nap!!
Nana: We're sorry but those charas are gone now.
Miki: We were just standing there and they left.
Ayame: I heard that they're "Flora's" charas.
Nana: And we want you to help us find them!
Minako: Why?
Ayame: Minako, I think she wants to go on a journey...?
Nana: Yah I do too.
Miki: That's correct Ayame.
Minako: Oh..... Yah I been lazy these days. Okay. It's simple. All I have to do is transform into a crow again and
use my feathers to sense those charas.
Miki: Now it's my turn to calm you down Ayame.. *Pats Ayame's back and chuckles*
Nana: I'm glad I don't lose my temper all the time.
Ayame & Miki: *GLARES AT NANA* HMMM??
Nana: Oh nothing.
Ayame & Miki: Good. I shouldn't have heard anything.
Minako: Okay you guys hop onto my back. *Turns into crow*
My charas: *Jumps onto Minako's bird back, except for Miki who floated onto her back* (lol)
Minako: Hold on tight...... Attract!

At Flora's House; Evening
Minako: *Lands on her roof* I think they're sleeping.... Wanna wait until the morning? *Turns back into human form*
My charas: Jumps off Minako's back. Yes, we don't want any trouble!
Nana: *Tummy rumble!*
Minako: Oh that reminds me, we didn't have any dinner. Here. *Gives leftovers to charas*
My Charas: Arigato Minako-sama!!~
Minako: Stay here, I'm gonna get some food for myself too.

------------------Moments Later After Dinner----------------

Minako and charas: *Sleeping*
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Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/13/10
@Minako: Ur welcome Minako-chan! ^^

My House ; Midnight

Techna: Hey Lisa! DId you hear that?!
Lisa: HUUUUAAAHHH Hear mh wat? -almost falling back to sleep-
Techna: -shakes Lisa by the shoulder- WAKE UP! I think the sound came from the roof!!!!
Arisa: What's the noise all about?? Huuuahaahhh
Rin: -stares sharply at Techna and Lisa- SOME people are triyng to sleep here!
Ran: -snoring-
Lisa: How come Ran isnt the only one awake? Rin.....
Rin: Alright alright! WAKE UP RAN!!!!!
Flora: -knocks all my chara's on the head!- What is the noise all about??!!
Arisa: Huayo kocchokoooooo -big bruise grows on the head!-
Ran: (she wasnt hit becoz she was under the covers) Is it already morning?
Techna: Oooowww....TT_TT
Flora: Next time dun make too much noise!
Techna: B-but I thought I heard something!
Flora: Probally just a bird! -pulls the covers-
Lisa: You know Flora....Techna might be right....birds dun go anywhere at this time of night.
Flora: =.="" uuuurrrggghhhhh
Techna: Come one! Lets go check it out!
Flora: Alright already! Come on! As punishment for waking me up you guys have to follow me!!
Rin: Was that a punishment or are you scared?
Flora: -takes Rin by her hair and throws her outside!- =.="" Tsk Dun you say that again! Now carry your sister!
Ran: I'm not a baby!
All except Ran and Rin: YOU ARE
Rin: You guys dun realise that I'm bleeding now....
Techna: You guys! The thing???
Flora: Oh right! Come on!
All: -goes out-


Flora: Where was the sound Techna?
Techna: I thought I heard it from the roof!
Flora: Ok! -changes into a wolf- Get on!
Charas: -sit onto Flora's back-
Flora: Ready? Set! Hold on! -jumps onto the roof-
Lisa: Who is that??!!!
All except Lisa: SSSSHHHHH!!
Lisa: -whispers- Sorry....
All: (they are all whispering)
Flora: What are we going to do with them?
Rin: Beat the crap out off them?
Flora: Rin...for someone who's really smart you can be totally dumb sometimes...
Ran: I agree...
Arisa: Lets put a barrier around them?
Flora: That sounds good...
Techna: Techno Shield!
Flora: Wolves Life!
Arisa: Gold Ice!
Ran: Eternal Flame!
Rin: Crystal Madness!
Lisa: Mega Melody!

Techna - Techno type shield
Flora - Souls Of Guardian Wolves Circle around the first shield
Arisa - Gold Ice creates a dome around the 1st and 2nd
Ran - A flame that wont go out made a circle outside the three shields
Rin - Diamonds made a dome around the four shields
Lisa - A shield almost like the 1st one but its fulled of musical notes

Flora: Great! Nothing can break all 6 shields! Nothing can come in nothing can come out! Not even the power of God can get pass all these shields!
Ran: Only ourselves can break those shields!
Lisa: I'm sure those guys would be shocked seeing the shields
All: Agree!! - goes back into the house! -
Flora: Arisa , first on guard! and cotinue to guard according the order you guys were borned!!
Chara's: Haigh!
All except Arisa: -sleep-
Arisa: I think I'll go and meet the visitors! I have a feeling one of them isnt asleep! -goes to find Rena-

Note: Gomen Minako! Just didnt had an idea hehehe ^^' and I didnt want to create another fight! ^^
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/19/10
@Flora: haha ish okay. ^u^

Flora's House; Midnight But Close To Morning

Miki: *Shakes Minako* Minako-chan! Minako-chan!!
Minako: *Opens eyes* WHATTTT?!?!
Miki: Look! *Points at shields*
Minako: Whaaaa!! *Sits up*
Nana: *Opens eyes* Eh? ...... OH WOWWW. *sees shields*
Ayame: *Sneezes* Aghhh allergies.. *Continues to sleep on other side*
Ayame: Gahhhhhh... Stoppp...
Nana: AYAMEEEEEEE!!! (Eyes on fire)
Ayame: WAHHHHH! *Wakes Up completely* Oh. Shields?
Minako: Yes.
Miki: We gotta do something!!

Edited, sorri i was busy earlier!
-----------After some time, Almost Dawn-----------------
Minako: This shield right in front of us.... It seems like its made out of technology junk...
Miki: That all you got?
Minako: No. *Smiles* This seems pretty simple. The first one is made out of technology like I said earlier, the second one is made out
of guardian wolves, the third one is made out of golden ice, flame, diamonds, and musical notes.
Miki: I did.
Ayame: Pshhh yah rite.
Nana: Shut up guys. We gotta find out how to get outta here!!
Minako: The thing is..... I have no clue how to get out these frikin shields.
Nana: Maybe we should just sleep until the person who did it comes back.
Minako: Ok. Plus I'm exhausted from all that thinking.... *Falls back to sleep*
Minako's charas: *Sleep*
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Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10
Inside room; Middle of the Night

Everyone except the one who was guarding: *wakes up*
Saki: Tch, so much ruckus. They're so annoying, if they're going to have an all-out battle, they should've at least thought of the people sleeping.
Fleyr: You really don't care huh?
Saki: What do you think? *tries to sleep* They better keep it down or I'LL be the one who'll be killing and castrating them.
Rien: Remind me not to get on your bad side.
Yin: Don't bother with Yang though, she'll never be reminded.
Rei: It doesn't matter anyways.
Rena: *sighs* We should really help.
Rei: Ah, Whatever. I'm going back to my sleep too. *sleeps*
Rena: *stares at Yin and Fleyr*
Yin: Don't look at us. I could care less unless it'll involve our owner.
Fleyr: Not interested, we're not in danger anyways.
Rena: *stares at Rien*
Rien: I want to help but, there's no benefit.
Yin: If you're that desperate to find some help, I can call Yang for you.
Rena: Never mind.
All except Rena: *goes back to sleep*
Rena: *nudges Rei* It's your turn to watch.
Rei: Alright, already. *annoyed*
Rena: *goes to sleep*
Rei: *sits silently with closed eyes*

Saki's Dream

Saki: Now what's with all this white? So glaringly empty and bright.. *looks around and sees two of her* Let me guess you're the human side and you're the vampire side...

Vamp-Saki: *chuckles* But do you know why we're here?

Saki: Nope.

Human-Saki: You're going to have to choose your groom soon.

Saki: Oh, the blood bank.

V. Saki: Tsk. tsk. It's called a groom or bride.

Saki: Ah, Whatever you call it.

V. Saki: You're going to need someone soon or else, you'll be devoured by me and won't be able to control your thirst anymore.

Saki: . . .

H. Saki: If you want to keep your sanity, I suggest you should fine someone soon before the end of the month.

Saki: This is so troublesome. Why can't I just be normal or something?

V. Saki: Denying yourself is making me come out some more...I'm your negative so be careful. *laughs mischievously*

H. Saki: *sighs* It's not all that troublesome. As much as I hate to admit that having a blood bank sound so awful since I'm your human side. But you need to fine one soon!

Saki: *grunts*

Dream Continues.
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Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
My House ; Mid Night

Arisa: Hi! Im Arisa what ur name? -points at Rien-

My bedroom

Flora: HUUUUUAAAAHHHHH!!!!! -strecth arms-
Rin: Ohio!
Lisa: Its midnight Rin....not dawn...
Rin: Watever!
Ran: She wont listen Lisa...
Lisa: -mumbles- So do you.....

-will be editted-
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Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
[LOL Rien is asleep, it's Rei who is still awake and guarding the room XD]

Same Room; Midnight

Rei:This is just stupid. I want to sleep already. *looks at clock* It's not Rien's turn yet. Tch.

Saki's Dream

Saki: Why does my cursed mother have to fall for a vampire anyways? And then leaving and abandoning me to handle it on my own? *sighs*

V. Saki: Heh~ So you really don't like being a vampire?

H. Saki: Who would? You're just blood-sucking beasts who can't control their damn blood lust.

Saki: Refrain from arguing inside my head please! I have enough of arguments! *clenches and unclenches fist to calm down*

H. Saki: So what now? You're gonna find a groom or bride first thing tomorrow morning?

V.Saki: Both of you are no fun at all. Just let your thirst take over you and go wild. *grins* It's much enjoyable that way.

H. Saki: No way, she'll be doing that.

Saki: I said to shut up! *sighs* I have to find another way around it. There must be some kind of loophole to it.

H.Saki: There's no such thing as loopholes. This is your fate.

V. Saki: That is probably the only statement that I'll agree on with your other side.

Saki: So troublesome...
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Posted 6/22/10 , edited 6/22/10
On the Roof; Dawn

Minako: *Yawns and rubs eyes*
Miki: Minako-chan.....
Minako: What?
Miki: It's dawn.
Minako: GAHHH!! *Gets up* omahgawd it is...
Ayame: *Snores* (SHE HAS A SNOT BUBBLE!! yey lol)
Miki: Arent the ppl under the roof supposed to wake up now??
Minako: Supposedly..
Nana: What's goin on?
Miki: We're stuck in some frikin shields...
Nana: *Wakes up Ayame* Ayame, wake upppppp
Ayame: Eh? ......We're still stuck here?
Nana: Pretty much.
Minako: Hhmph...... Like I would cause any trouble..
Miki: Minako!! Don't you remember why we came here??
Minako: No.
Miki: ....We just needed to go on an adventure... we been doing nothing and
laying in the same place like FOREVER.
Minako: Oh yah.... So you just want to know what's been troubling them or something?
Miki: No.... Just want to get to know them.. You know we never met any guardian charas other that yours.
Minako: So you wanna make friends...
Miki: .....
Minako: Whatever. *Sighs and goes back to sleep*
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Posted 6/25/10 , edited 6/25/10
Dawn; Same Room

Everyone: *wakes up*
Saki: Ugh..
Fleyr: Is there something wrong Saki?
Saki: *thinks: Darn dream* It's...It's nothing.
Rei: Are we going hunting anytime sooner?
Yin: You mean Saki wil be doing the one hunting.
Saki: Darn, I still want to sleep.
Yin: You wouldn't want me to call Yang back here to annoy you, would you?
Saki: Fine. Fine.
Rena: Then, we'll just wait here but, at least one of us will be coming with you.
Rien: Which of us is the fastest and can keep up with Saki?
Fleyr: Being fast should not be the basis, it should be the strongest that could AT LEAST keep up with Saki.
Saki: *waves hand and starts to leave by the window* Doesn't matter, I just want to get this over with. No one needs to come with me. I'm not a baby nor a child.
Rei: Stubborn.
Saki: Back to you, Rei.
Rei: Touche.
Yin: *sighs* At least bring one of Rena's soul summons.
Saki: *shrugged*
Rena: *summons a tracker soul* Soul Summon: Link!
Saki: I'll be going now. *releases wings and flies with the soul following behind her*
Fleyr: Hmph. I can tell. She's getting even more thirsty. If this keeps up, she won't be able to control herself anymore.
Rien: What should we do?
Yin: I think we should just watch of what'll happen and when it does, we just act there on the spot.
Rei: Spontaneous huh?
Rena: But at that time, we should choose the bride or groom for her so it will end quickly.
Fleyr: By force huh? That'll take a lot of power.
Yin: *sighs* Yeah...
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Posted 6/27/10 , edited 6/27/10
My Bedroom ; Dawn

Flora: Well finally it's dawn!
Rin: Yeah I'm starving!
Lisa: Do animal's come out this early?
Flora: U guys just stay watch especially the people above
Ran: Got it!
Arisa: Ur going hunting?
Flora: Animals are easiest to catch when they are asleep
Techna: Do any of you guys want to see the 'prisoners'?
Arisa: I would!
Flora: Ok but be careful
Chara's: We will!
Flora: -changes into a wolf- Rof!! -runs into the forest (just under the flying Saki)-


Arisa: Well the chara's are awake.........
Lisa: But not the owner.....
Ran: Weird...
Techna: What's so weird about that?
Rin: The owner usually wakes up first....not the chara's
Techna: Oh...
Rin: What should we do now?
Ran: -moves closer to the shields- Hi! I'm Ran!
Arisa: She's at it again ^^'


Flora: -notices two deers ; changes into human ; screams- Hey Saki!!!!! Looking for food?? I see two deers sleeping there!! -points to the deers-
Deers: -still sleeping (lolz)-

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Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/6/10
Rooftop; Morning

Miki: *spots Ran and walks over* hello im miki. will yah get us out of here?!?!
Ayame: Yah we dont wanna be here all day!!
Nana: Im hungry... *stomach growls*
Minako: *Gets back up* Hey Ran, if u dont get us out then we'll die. im frikin starving!! *pretends to die of starvation* ughhh help us Rannnn...
Miki: (says in mind: haha i know Minako all right... loves to trick people...)
Ayame: *Follows along* AHHH!! RAN!! IM HUNGRY TOO!! WE'RE GONNA DIE!! *runs around in circles*
Nana: Pshh i was hungry first... *Pretends to be dead*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 10/15/10 , edited 10/15/10
(Sori for not being on in like.....FOREVER!! Well I'll just continue this now)
My Chara's Morning

Techna: -summons a techno thingy that quickly scans the 'prisoners'-
Lisa: Uuhhh Techna....WHAT IS THAT!!!
Techna: It's an Info Collector. It's take's in info just by scanning the subject and if it's a living thing I'll be able to know EVERYTHING about that certain something or someone, even if the person lost his/her memories before and can hardly remember everything.
Rin: Cool!!
Ran: Awesome! Oh and about u guys hungry well...
Arisa: Sori but we cant let u guyz out wifout permission from our owner...
Techna: And her shield is the 2nd so I can only turn off my shield... Techno Deactivate well at least u'll get more room..
Arisa: I've got an idea!!
Rin: -whispers- There goes one of her Big Ideas...
Arisa: -summons some delicious Pizza and coca-cola-
Ran: THATS UR BIG IDEA???!!!!!!
Arisa: -sighs- -says some weird spell and the food pops inside the shield- No...that was my Big Idea
Techna: Well I guess she is suitable to be the leader..
Arisa: Well.. What can I say! I have the brain of Einstein!!
Techna: Hey! I'm new! How should I know!
Rin: Never mind.. -looks at the 'prisoners'- U guys better eat...Flora might be back from her free 5 4 3 2 1!
Flora(wolf): -appears from the blue and changes back into human-
Flora(human): And it wasn't a free meal! It cost 2 deer's life so it's NOT free.
Chara's: FLORA!! -almost died from shock-
Flora: So the so called prisoners finally woke up huh Wolves Retract!
Arisa: Melting Gold!
Ran: Flame Vanquish
Rin: Earth's Diamonds
Lisa: Music's End
Flora: U guys should have not come's dangerous...the whole area is dangerous! -jumping back to the ground-
Ran: Well c ya Miki! Nice meeting u!
Arisa: I thought u went hunting! -flies beside Flora along wif other charas-
Flora: I did and that was one heck of a meal! -going back into the house and watch tv-
Techna: Hey Flora! I've got some info about the ppl just now
Flora: Show it to me -reads all about Minako and her chara's, even some bad memories that were already forgotten by Minako- -put's on Devil's face and my chara's can see a bright red tail and horns forming- This is good.... Hehehehehehehehehe!!!! -covers mouth- Oooopppss!!! Better let that side of me hidden inside forever! U can never come out!
Arisa: Hu r u talking to?
Flora: uuhhh noone! -changes into a wolf and run's into the woods again!!- -says in head- Nobody will ever find out about you! U r not me! And I'm not u! I'm Flora McKenny darn it! -just keep on running until reaches an unknown part of the wood-
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