Love Poems
Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/26/10
First Woman

She is a true beauty that I always see

Which I imagine how can this be

She has these sweet lips that I kissed

It was the wonderful experience that I always miss

I wish I had spent time longer with her

Which I wonder again when will it occur

Only four months to go my love

So we can spend eternity in high above

The Girl Of My Dreams

It was the most wonderful night I ever had

With a beautiful girl who made me glad

I was happy to see her smile

Which we had spent together for a while

I always dreamt of her in the night

I wish I could see her again in the light

Such a beauty I have ever seen

Without her, I wonder what I could have been

I Always Love Her

I always love her day and night

That I imagine how it would be

The days are going away like endless sight

The most beautiful girl that I always see

She smells like a beautiful flower

A flower that I wanted to give her

So that we can spend our life together

She knows that I always make her happy

Isn't It Wonderful?

My love, our life awaits for us

A life with full of joy and happiness

Isn't it wonderful? my love

We can share things together

You and me as always

You are mine and I am yours everyday

Isn't it wonderful? my love

We are like lovebirds

Flying above the sky

Above the Earth, Above the Heavens

Isn't that wonderful? my love

Sleeping Beauty

Such a wonderful woman I have seen

How I wonder where could she have been

When I walked through the dark trees

Where I was fighting an army of fleas

And then took rest and slept

I wonder which food my woman would have kept

Then I woke up with full of joy

As a kid, I used to play with my favorite toy

Then I saw a castle which the dragon guards

Which I wonder what will I get the kind of rewards

So I took my sword and plunged into its heart

Right from the moment where I start

And then the dragon lay sliently dead

As if the dragon allowed itself to spread

Then I walked into a castle and saw a witch

Which I heard that she used to live in a ditch

Then I battled the witch with my sharpest sword

I felt that the angels were playing a chord

Then I fought the witch with my might

How I wish the people could see this with a sight

Then I killed the witch with my bare hand

Later the witch have turned into a sand

Then I walked uptairs into a room

Where I have seen so many flowers which are bloom

Then I finally saw my woman sleeping

Which I wonder what she would be dreaming

Then I gave a slight kiss on her lip

I noticed that her hair had a clip

Later, she opened her eyes looking at me

As if she had never saw a handsome man to be

Later, she got up and I helped her

Then we went out to live happily ever after
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Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/26/10
Edward Lear would've been proud to know that someone has beaten him in the field of nonsensical rhymes.
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
Sometimes a poem can lose its meaning with cliche rhyming; I'd encourage you to find a natural flow instead of attempting to make each line correspond with the last word of the previous line (if that is natural for you, then I'm sorry for being mistaken). Nonetheless, good job & thanks for sharing
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