The official word on Video Stuttering and A/V Stream Quality
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Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/26/10
This stuttering nonsense needs to stop. People can approach this argument from any angle they wish; once a tool stops working it loses its utility and therefore becomes a nuisance. This isn't a nerdy argument about the iPad, iPhone, open source verse closed source, or HTML5. We are talking about a video service incapable of offering non-stop video steaming; therefore the system is broken whether you approach it from a technical, marketing, or lay consumer standpoint. This isn't a rendering or bandwidth issue. Crunchyroll has no excuse given that many other free sites like Hulu and YouTube are quite capable of streaming 1080 HD content to 56k modems connected to Intel integrated graphics cards anywhere in the world.

Is Crunchyroll working on a solution to this problem and if so when can we expect its resolution?

Are paying customers entitled to any reimbursement for their frustration or should we expect to pay TiVo prices for SD content?

I apologize if I missed another thread covering these questions but I couldn't find one more relevant or current than November of 2009.

Sincerely frustrated,
~ Ghost
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
Streaming 1080P videos to 56K modems (or any slow internet connection) is impossible without first waiting hours or days for the video to download.

Anyway, I'm cleaning up this forum now since there's too many different threads about video problems. So please post in the following thread:
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