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[SHINee]which one would you choose as your________?
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30 / F / canada
Posted 4/25/10 , edited 4/26/10
heyy guys, so i wasnt really a big fan of SHINee, but i started listening to their music and watch the TV show "Hello baby" and im obssesed with them now,so i thought i make a forum about them.

This is a picture of SHINee members for the people who dont know them;

From the right; Onew,Taemin,jonghyun,key and minho

from the right;key,minho,jonghyun,taemin,onew


Here is what this forum is about:
so we have 5 SHINee members you have to pick one:

as your Husband
your Boyfriend
your Bestfriend
your brother
your Cousin

And you have to explain why you chose them as ______

okk so let me start first:

husband: minho
because he looks like a gentle/calm guy and i saw that he took good care of the baby in the tv show and was around the baby alot and i find that attractive.

because his really cute and he looks like the fun type

because even tho he looks like a cold person i saw a caring and kind side of him in the show so i think he would be a caring and a good bestfriend.

because his sooo cuttte i jus want him to be around me all the time and i feel like i need to protect him or something LOL

because key looks really fun so i want him to be my cousin so we can hangout all the time.

we all know non of that is going to happen but this is just for fun !
so get STARTEDD!!
its even better if you post a picture!

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29 / F / Kibum's ♥
Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10

Husband - Jonghyun
well simply because he's my type, and it would be great if he will sing me a song all the time. and i'm in love with him!

Boyfriend - Minho
a perfect boyfriend, boyfriend material. (but since i'm inlove with Jonghyun, Jonghyun's the husband and Minho's the bf)

Bestfriend - Key
i like his Umma personality, i think we can be great great buddies. and great sense of fashion huh?

Brother - Onew
we have the same personality! so we can be great siblings! besides, i want him to have a sister, and i don't have a brother.

Cousin - Taemin
Taemin's too cute. love his innocent personality, and that's what i want from a cousin
Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
Minho Husband
Key Boyfriend
Jonghyun Bestfriend/Lover
Taemin Brother
Onew Cousin i don't like him
Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
husband: jonghyun cuz i love him and he's so naughty >: )

boyf: onew cuz he's so sweeeet and boyfriend-material <3

best friend: key cuz he's so gay (in a good/funny way, lol)

brother: minho cuz he's so caring and looks like he can take care of others really well

cousin: taemin cuz he's so cute and we can hang out together.
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23 / F / With my husband J...
Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
Husband- Minho because he'll take care of me. He seems pretty mature (most of the time) and I know that his family values are strong. He'd be a really awesome hubby~

Boyfriend- Since he's already my boyfriend I choose Jonghyun XD! I want him to sing me to sleep every night when we talk on the phone hehe~ Oh Jongie <3 How I wish I lived in Korea lmao!

Marrying this boy~

To wake up to this every morning would be just... IDEK

Best friend- KEY!!! He's a girls best friend (after Jo Kwon lol). He just seems like the type that would tell it to you straight without sugar coating everything. Cause that's what real friends are supposed to do.

Brother- Taemin cause we're almost the same age~ I didn't use to like Tae but now he's cool and It'd be nice to have him as a big brother~ He could teach me how to dance XD

Cousin- Onew would be that weird cousin that almost everyone has lol. I don't think I'd ever be bored with him around~
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F / Where you are?
Posted 4/27/10 , edited 4/27/10
Minho Husband
Minho Boyfriend
Minho Bestfriend
Key brother
no one Cousin
I hate the other guys
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24 / F
Posted 4/30/10 , edited 5/1/10

my Husband :
he looks soo manly soo handsome :))

my Boyfriend
woa . who wouldn't be happy
if you have a boyfriend like him ?
for sure everyone would get jealous xp

my Bestfriend
he's soo adorable .
very kind .
i would like to have fun with him
and talk about diff staffs .

my Brother
he's pretty nice and kind .
if he's my brother no one
would dare to fight with me :]

my Cousin
handsome like my cousin xp

nice forum topic :))

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22 / F / Singapore
Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/11/10
husband: jonghyun
I want to wake up to him everyday and let him cuddle me. :D

Key ftw. Hes just so cute >< Cute = good boyfriend material. XD

I want him cause his just so damn young and cute and fun to joke around. :P

Cause hes like the big and strong type who can protect me from all dangers ><

He likes to prank people! Fun to hangout together with
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28 / F
Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/11/10
Plss ...I don't wanna go that far.. T_T
Definitely Taemin 'cause he's sooo cute and sweet!!! XD
Onew...He's the most suitable
Minho 'cause he's definitely better than MY brother..
Key..b'coz we can chat a lot!! XD

SHINee daisuki~~~~~!!!! >,<
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27 / F / somewhere eating...
Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/11/10
Husband Jinki:
I think long term the only one I'd like to marry would be Onew.
He has been my favorite from the start. He's sweet, sensitive, and very smart.
I think he would make a wonderful Husband

Boyfriend Kibum
We could go shopping together and stuff. lol
No but seriously I love Key and he's fun, sweet, and really cute.

Bestfriend: Minho omg...Minho and I could joke around cuddle (I cuddle with my friends) and
have load of fun huzzah!

brother:Taemin aww he would make such a wonderful little brother the sweet maknae.
We could bake cookies together.

Cousin: Jonghyun because having Bling Bling Jonhyun as a cousin would be awesome. <3
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F / District 12
Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10
Husband - Key
Boyfriend - Jonghyun
Bestfriend - Taemin
Brother - Minho
Cousin - Onew
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30 / F
Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10
Husband Lee Jinki: Cause Even if he plays around, acts like a loser. But he's serious most of the time. He plays hard but works hard aswell..He'll be a good husband and father(keke). Ohya...he's smart too and has a Soothing singing voice...melts*

Boyfriend(if I have to choose, cause none of them can be) Kim Jonghyun?: I dont know...hes ok

Bestfriend(TOTALLY) Kim Kibum: He's not really a guyish guy. He's fun, he's straight forward. He has kind eyes when he relax and when he looks at you. He can talk to you and make you laugh when your sad. Can go shopping for make up and everything a normal guy wouldnt buy or do..

Brother Lee Taemin: I used to have a having another brother like Taemin would be nice

Cousin.....Choi Minho??: I dont know...I dont talk to my cousins.....I might talk to him....Minho has kind eyes too when he looks at you but...I dont know..I dont do cousins...
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26 / F
Posted 9/23/10 , edited 9/23/10
Minho- husband ( i liked how he was like in Hello Baby)
jonghyun- boyfriend (he is soo hot, and sing so good)
key - best friend ( if i had key as a best friend, i know i will have tons of fun ^^)
onew - brother ( i always wanted an older brother..and i know onew will be the best older brother cos he is so nice)
taemin- cousin ( im close to all my cousins, so if taemin is my cousin, i would hang out with him whenever i want, and we can go on vacations together ^^)
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23 / F / In the cookie jar~
Posted 9/23/10 , edited 9/23/10
oooh~I'm liking this topicXD
(because he is oh so adorable(even with those fail jokes of his XD) ,very charming~caring,loving,hard working and just one of those guys who will always give you their 100% in whatever you ask of them AND his voice.I absolutely LOVE his sweet voice!its like caramel and honey~and so soothing!who wouldnt want to wake up to that every morning?!.....aaand also because we're already married .....*sighs* I wish.)
Boyfriend: Jonghyun
(because jonghyun is SEXY~! love his fail attempts to be cute and I love how he's always saying how short he isXD Jonghyun would make the PERFECT boyfriend material.A playful,protective,good-looking guy who would be loads of fun to hang out, kiss and cuddle with and show off to your friends )
(because whenever id fall into trouble I'd always have him to lean on and help me with my problems..he basically acts like a brotherly friend since he's really mature and composed )
Brother: Taemin
(he's actually more of a pet kitten I'd love to be his sister and go around defending his innocence from all the big pedo noonas of offence pedo noonas )
Cousin: Beyond a doubt The almighty Key~
(because he's such a bitch sometimes lol...Hanging out with him would be loads of fun and he would classify as one of your cool,good looking cousins that you love and hate at the same time...We'd probably have loads of fun together and break lots of rules..and of courseget away with it thanks to his adorable little boy smile.)
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Posted 9/23/10 , edited 9/24/10
Should be made into a poll
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