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[SHINee]which one would you choose as your________?

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26 / F / On EARTH~!!
Posted 9/24/10 , edited 9/24/10
Hey shawols, this is clarisse. back from a whole long time of hiatus.

husband: taemin
-taeminnie oppa has always been my ideal type. I'll be able to live the rest of my life with him. <3

-Just imagine having him as your boyfriend, bringing him out to gatherings and stuff. =]

-Awesome fashion sense, honest, I'll be able to ask for opinion from a male's point of view and we can share all the secrets :)

-Looking at how he takes care of his sister, he's definitely a brother material! :p

-Since we're relatives, I'll be able to see him from time to time, chit chat and laugh at his dudu conditions going. Ah! old times, old times, you haven't change a tiny bit! :/
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26 / F / On a faraway isla...
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/8/10
Husband: Minho
~Minho oppa is my ideal type and he seem like a perfect husband to me

Boyfriend: Taemin
~ I wouldn't mind having him as a boyfriend. He is like so cute and innocent. I would have a great time with Taemin

Bestfriend/Lover: Key
~ He seem to ne a better friends and I can talk to him about anything and ask advices

Brother: Onew
~He would be a good older brother and it be fun to have him as a big brother

Cousin: Jonghyun
~He would be cool to just hang out with
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22 / F / Canada
Posted 10/21/10 , edited 10/21/10
Taemin: Husband
Key: Brother
Onew: Cousin i don't like him

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24 / F / somewhere in wond...
Posted 10/21/10 , edited 10/22/10
OMG finally found a shinee forum!!! I really like Shinee, its my number 1 fav boy band in general. I would have taemin as a cute little brother who can dance and he could teach me also hehe. I would like Jonghyn as my husband, he has a very good voice and i dunt mind him singing me to sleep either :p. Key as a bestfriend he seems like the type that can be talkative and caring for others and dunt wanna take him from nicole. Onew as a Boyfriend since hes the leader. And minho as my cousin the rapper1!!!


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26 / F
Posted 11/6/10 , edited 11/7/10
Husband: Jonghyun - I'm a Jonghyun bias so it'd always be him without a second thought.
Boyfriend: (I want to say Jonghyun!!!!) Onew, because he seems like someone I could fall for. If there was ever a person who could make me forget my feelings for Jonghyun, it would be him.
Best friend: Key - Even though he scare me a little I think I definitely need him as a friend, to keep me in line.
Little Brother: Taemin, without question. He's just so cute!! I already think of him in that sort of aspect anyway
Cousin: Minho - Because it's the only one left! Not that I don't like him, I love all the members of SHINee!!!
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24 / F / Singapore
Posted 11/7/10 , edited 11/7/10
I'm not really a SHINee fan, I've no bias in this grp. So I dont have any idea who to pick. Just decided to try though ^^

Husband : ONEW!
He seems like someone who'd work hard and at the same time can be playful as well. Though he might not really be brave enough to bond with our child, I believe he'd continue working hard towards that goal! Onew ftw!

Boyfriend : Minho!
He'd be a perfect boyfie but not so such that he'd be a husband material; our child might get bored coz he's really serious. That side of him is perfect for boyfie material. He'd be really really sweet from what I see. My perfect prince charming. :)

Bestfriend : Key!
No doubt! I realised that Key and I have similar personalities. We think logically and can be really witty at times. Not too mature but not immature at the same time. We'd have perfect opinions on things and we'd understand each other so much such that we don't need words to do so. He'd be the best bestfriend ever!

Brother : Taemin!
He looks like he'd be a really interesting adorable brother! Someone who'd have no grudges whatsoever upon being teased and can be really open. Can be really playful. Respectful. Rightful. Mature for his age. He'd be the kind of guy who knows me thoughout. Knows what I like and what I loathe and can understand me well. And mostly, will accept me the way I am ^^

Cousin :Jonghyun!
Well mainly because I'm an introvert and don't really talk to my cousins and so I think having Jonghyun as my cousin would be interesting. He's absolutely open-minded and an extrovert. I bet he could stir me into a huge conversation right away. He'd make me laugh all day long. And him being immature would bring out the child in me and together we can be partners in crime. >:D

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24 / F / Onew's ♡
Posted 11/7/10 , edited 11/8/10
Husband :: Lee Jin Ki (Onew)

I love his voice, his eyes when he smiles and his silly attitude. He cared for his Dongsaeng so much. A very hardworking leader. It makes me laugh when he joked even if it's not funny. I don't know why. Don't have any idea. Maybe it's because I love him that much! <3

Boyfriend :: Kim Ki Bum (Key)

Yeah. It's him. Why? He's talented. He knows how to sing, rap and dance. He's good-looking. He would be perfect. A perfect boyfriend material. Also, He's my second bias next to Onew.

Bestfriend :: Lee Tae Min

He's damn cute. He's really good at dancing--that's what amazed me. If he would be my brother, I would ask him to teach me how to dance.

Brother :: Choi Min Ho

He looked strong, that's why. I want a handsome brother who would protect me if I'm on danger. He indeed fits on the place.

Cousin :: Kim Jong Hyun

Umm. I'm not that close with my real guy cousins. But, I chose him as my cousin because of the reason that he's great in singing. Love his voice. And I guess, he's fun to be with.

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28 / F / California, USA!
Posted 11/15/10 , edited 11/16/10
omo. this is so hard to choose from~ love all of them

lets see

Husband: Key (i like him the second best taemin is my fave, but i wouldnt pick him as husband because hes more babyish :D
Boyfriend: Onew (like him third best)
Best Friend: Taemin (love him want to see him everyday plus he has many qualities of a best friend :DDDD)
Brother: Jonghyun (want to see him everyday )
Cousin: Minho (don't like him too much.. i don't see my cousins too much also.)
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24 / F / Elk Grove
Posted 12/6/10 , edited 12/6/10
husband-jonghyun( who wouldnt want to wake up to that every morning?)
boyfriend-minoh( have u cn that face?)
bestfriend-taemin( hes just so cute and i think he would b the 1 2 go 2 if u had problems)
brother-onew( he seems like the protective type and i think he would make a great brother)
cuzin-key( he seems like the guy that u could always have fun w/)

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28 / F
Posted 12/11/10 , edited 12/12/10
Husband : Minho
He the protective and hardworking type so i think ill have a great life. Also having a tall, handsome hottie at the end of the aisle at your wedding i every girls dream.><

Boyfriend : Key
Someone that can take me out shopping and on dates. Who wants a boyfriend that just tags along on your shopping trips making you look like a boosy girlfriend. Key would comfortable to hang out with when choosing things and the type that will become your BFFL after your breakup.

Bestfriend : Taemin
Awwww....I'll hug him everyday. i really like cuddling my friends and if Taeminnie is one of them i'll hug him all the time. Taemin is also a really nice kid so he won't be the annoying or show-type.

Brother : Onew
My fave person in SHINee but i'll make him my brother so he can protect me. if he was my boyfriend or husband he could dump me or divorce but family you can never change..HAHA...i say that he would be a prefect role model. Another thing is i can get free cuddles^^

Cousin : Jonghyun
I love my cousin so no one can say i left him out. i would love to have long chats with him everyday about his new girlfriends or hairstyle. Would want him to be my prank partener so pull pranks on family members during gatherings.
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33 / F
Posted 12/12/10 , edited 12/12/10
hmm ....
best friend : key

cousin : JongHyun

brother : taemin !! =D

im stuck between onew and minho ... husband and boyfriend ...

boyfriend : onew coz hes funny

husband : minho cuz he got the fatherly look ... lol ...
Posted 12/14/10 , edited 12/14/10
key as my bestfriend thats all.. coz i like him..
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25 / F
Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10

Definately Minho! He's been my favorite since the beginning and he was such a good daddy on Hello Baby :D


Onew can be such a dork (especially with Jonghyun) and I love a guy that can make me laugh :)


Well me and Taemin are the same age so we'd probably get along well haha


Jonghyun seems like the kind of guy who would be protective over his little sister


I'm really not that close with any of my cousins cause they're in their late 20's so it would be cool to have a cousin closer in age to me that I could hang out with
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24 / F
Posted 12/30/10 , edited 12/31/10
Husband: Jonghyun
He's very cute and fun and seems like a really nice person. I would love it for him to be my husband! Not to mention he's really hot!! haha loll! I just feel that he's like the ideal husband and he's funny too so yay!

Boyfriend: Taemin
He's sooo cute and he's my favorite member!! He's very sweet and seems very loving

Best Friend: Key
He's so funny!! He seems very friendly and he always puts me in a good mood

Brother: Onew
He seems very responsible and I feel that he could really take care of me as a big bro

Cousin: Minho
His personality and everything is exactly what I want a cousin to be like!! Someone I could always go to for help and advice!
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26 / F
Posted 2/7/11 , edited 2/7/11
Husband: Minho

Because he is sweet and really good with kids.

Boyfriend: Jonghyun

Because he is always trying to have a good time and is playful.

Best friend: Key

Because he comes off as that kind of person. Like he would be that person that would be comfortable being a best friend.

Brother: Taemin

Because he's just too darn cute, I mean little brothers are supposed to be cute.

Cousin: Onew

Because he seems distant from the group a bit and he would be a perfect cousin I think.
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