lightspeed help to remember the title of an anime!!!
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Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/26/10
K at 1st i thought it was ..."I wanna be an angel" but aparently i was wrong....the imagery doesnt seem right compare to what i remember the anime was like....

so the whole point was that a group of kids belong to a corporation that train them to get use to space and develop weird supernatural "angel"abilitys....they were wering uniforms....i remember that there was this 1 dude that puke cuz he got sick after being expose to no-gravity holding only to a wire 4 2 long lol.....anyways thaks....and plis understand that i dont really post often so i dont the precise way to orginize my questions and needs
love u 4 bothering to read and waste time!!!!!
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