OtakuJet MRO Aircraft Painting: Psychic Private Academy Branch / おたくジェッ機メンテナンス、修理、操
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Posted 4/29/10 , edited 4/29/10

Welcome to OtakuJet MRO Aircraft Painting!
Psychic Private Academy Branch

OtakuJet MRO is OtakuJet's subsidiary maintenance organization, providing engineering services for OtakuJet and partner airlines. We are based in DVO, HND, KIX, and other locations around the world.

We specialize in aircraft painting, as well aircraft repair and maintenance. Our engineering's capability ranges the OtakuJet fleet to other airframes.

This shop offers virtual aircraft painting services. If you wish to make an order, please proceed to the form found below. Also note that this is your aircraft: we encourage and warmly welcome your design ideas so that you may be pleased with the result.




Airframe Capability:

Our facilities are capable of a wide range of airframes, but we specialize on the following:



- 737 (N)

- 747 (W)

- 777 (W)

- 787 (W)

- MD 11 (W)

- DC 8 30 (N)


- 319 (N)

- 330 (W)


- Dash 8 (R)


- YS 11 (R)


- 190 (N)


- 42 (R)

- 72 (R)

Order Form:

Please fill out the following Order Form with the relevant information, then post a reply with it.


Aircraft Type/航空機の種類 (Refer to Airframe Capability List/を参照してリスト機能を機体に):
** Aircraft Registration/航空機の登録:
Name of Aircraft/航空機の名前 (Optional/オプショナル):
* Design Plan/デザインプラン:
* Miscellaneous/雑多 (Specific Pilots/Passengers):
Reason for Commission/理由委員会:

* Please be specific in your descriptions. The more details, the more you get. You may write it down or use an illustration.
* してください特定のあなたの説明になる。詳細は、より多くのあなたが得る。あなたはそれを書き留めたり、イラストを使用します。
** For more information on Aircraft Registration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_registration
** 航空機の登録の詳細については:http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%A9%9F%E4%BD%93%E8%A8%98%E5%8F%B7

Example Order Form/例ご注文フォーム:

Aircraft Type/航空機の種類 (Refer to Airframe Capability List/を参照してリスト機能を機体に): 737 (N)
Aircraft Registration/航空機の登録: RP-C2432
Name of Aircraft/航空機の名前 (Optional/オプショナル): OtakuJet 1
Design Plan/デザインプラン: Eurowhite with blue anime on the tailfin. First picture be located at door area. Main color theme is white, blue, light blue and sky blue. All other pictures scattered beyond first picture.
Miscellaneous/雑多 (Specific Pilots/Passengers): Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki Nagato
Reason for Commission/理由委員会: To commemorate the first anniversary of OtakuJet's founding.

Pictures: 5 Pictures + 2 Pictures = 7 Pictures Total


Regional Airliners/地域旅客機 (R): 3 Pictures/写真

Narrow-body Aircraft/狭体航空機 (N): 4 Pictures/写真

Wide-body Aircraft/ワイドボディ機 (W): 5 Pictures/写真

With Miscellaneous/雑で: 1 Picture per Person or Character added to Airframe Price/1画像が人やキャラクターごとに機体価格に追加

*Include the pictures or links to the pictures with your order form.
*We only accept pictures with plain, simple backgrounds or stock images, all preferably GIF or JPEG formats. Please, no pictures with complex or multi-colored backgrounds as it is hard for us to extract the main image with these kind of pictures.

Terms and Conditions of Service:

- The finished product will be shown as eight (8) pictures in a custom-made album in this group's picture area.
- As this process is time consuming, please be patient. Depending on the complexity of the job, you can receive the product within less than one week to two weeks.
- We only do one order at a time. We will not accept another order until the last order is finished.
- Please reply to our messages, as some of these maybe integral to the finishing of your order. Preferably, we would like you to buddy us for communication purposes, but we do like meeting new people in this job. This is not a necessity for ordering from us.
- Be decent with your designs. We only do PG-13 designs. (Trust me, the last thing you want to see rolling down the runway is a scantily clad girl whose underpants' colors are known to all, if she even has underpants...............)
- Please no spamming within our stores. There are other stores that cater to that.
- All rules and regulations must be followed or the order will be canceled.

- 完成品はこのグループの画像領域にカスタムメイドのアルバム8(8)画像として表示されます。
- このプロセスは時間がかかるであるため、しばらくお待ちください。仕事の複雑さに応じて、より1週間以内に2週間に製品を受け取ることができます。
- 私たちは一度に1つの注文を行う。我々は、ラストオーダーが終了するまで別の注文を受け付けていません。
- 私たちのメッセージに、ご注文の仕上げこれらのいくつか多分積分として返信してください。好ましくは、我々は、通信のために仲間たちを、しかし、あなたをご希望の我々はこの仕事で新しい人に会うようです。これは我々からのご注文の必要はありません。
- まともにデザインしてください。私たちはないPG - 13のデザイン。 (信託口は私には、滑走路に降ろす見たいと思って最後にそのパンツ'の色のすべてに知られている半裸の女の子が、彼女もパンツを...............)れている場合
- 店舗内ではスパムをしてください。そこに食料調達する他の店があります。
- すべての規則や順序に従う必要がありますキャンセルされます。

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