The Issue of Marijauna
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Posted 4/29/10 , edited 4/30/10
So.. why would you do marijuana? Are you addicted to it? In my country... marijuana is a legal prescription, but it's not fully legal yet! Do you think they should legalize it where you live? I think they should legalese it here myself. It would stop alot of unnescecary crime. What is your opinion? Anyways sorry for asking so many questions, I thought it would be an interestic topic to bicker about! No pictures of marijuana please I don't want this topic to be banned for no reason.
Posted 4/29/10 , edited 4/30/10
They should legalize Marijuana where I live. I think this because it would help it helps enhance appetites of the cancer patients under going chemotherapy, and it help broaden horizons for peoples creativity.
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