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**Make your anime
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30 / M / CrunchyRoLL!!
Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/22/07
^ o.o nekko means cat right? well w/e

500 million years ago, there was a big n fat emo cat named tatzou. tatzou hid in a very dark room. There, he made a big discovery. Which led to a war of the nekkos!
200 million years had past. The decendant of tatzou which is tatsou told that he needs to recover the Golden Fur of his Great x10000 grand father which is tatzou!..he went to a very long journey full of emoness n gluttoness (idk if this is a word or not xD). Tatsou made a lot of friends along the way. at the end of his journey, he retrieved the golden fur n brought it back to his Great Grandfather tatzou which is the owner of the golden fur..... the end!!!

The Gr33n L33T boiii

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28 / M / Child predators c...
Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/22/07
A piece of country asparagus in the big city. He enters into an underground tuber group and falls in love with the Pea-Pod twins.

The Last Foxhole

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32 / M / Malaysia
Posted 12/22/07 , edited 12/22/07
In the year of 3117, many armies from different countries in Earth have been wiped out by the unknown being known as by the humans as MalOBell (Mantis-lamias Of Bellatrix). Then came a secret group secretly created by a group of people who is devoted to destroy the MalOBell from the face of the Earth. That secret group called as the TLF (The Last Foxhole), armed with the latest weaponry technologies and mobile suit; ECTH (Eden Charge Tipareth Hammerer). So will the TLF able to do their mission to save the Earth from the MalOBell?

(This is the best that I can came out)

D-Arke Wave
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26 / M / in your soul
Posted 12/22/07 , edited 12/22/07
Arke ,orphaned at birth, was an aspiring young wizard who set out to become a dollmaster. One day he encountered a mysterious figure that offered to be his first doll. His (the doll's) name was Dijune. Before their adventures together had gotten very far, they encountered the WAVE organization who keeps pestering them. Out hero andhis doll travled around and pwned different groups of WAVE until they reached the stronghold. There, Arke, finds that the reader was actually his evil twin. They duke it out and Arke pwned his bro by the ancient art of "Angle's Genesis", risking both the his life and his doll's. But his brother leanred that what he was doing was wrong and gave up his last bit of energy to arke so he and Dijune can live happily ever after.

Boku No Kyoudai (my sibling)
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30 / F / somewhere with in...
Posted 12/22/07 , edited 12/22/07
younger sister, older brother, they got separated and after 20 yrs find each other while on secret mission for the agency right in the middle of a life threatening situation

ju ni tenshi (crappy romaji, i kno, its supposed to be 12 angels)
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28 / F / singapore
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
angels that represents 12 different symbols like a horoscope. However, these angels went lookin' for a girl..who supposedly is able to reunite the symbols within the bodies of the angels. so that the evil guys..called prontians is not able to revive back to earth and destroy...the hidden temple..

sakuri, anata watashi no tomodachi
Posted 4/5/10 , edited 4/5/10
there is a girl, her name is sakuri. she is so idiot and she has a worst life. her parents hate her and she kicked out from her house. then there's a guy named sakuro. he is sympathy to sakuri. then sakuro bring her to his house..sakuro fall in love to sakuri. sakuro wanna bring her to dinner and have a plan to ask her out. but sakuro get accident, when he wanna meet sakuri. sakuri never be sakuro's girlfriend. their status is "friends only"

killerwolfrine vs killercyclopse
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F / Idk, Pluto~
Posted 4/5/10 , edited 4/6/10
killerwolfrine and killercyclopse were brothers that always sticked together.
That is, until their mother died..

When their mother passed away, their father had loosen his job and then had depression.
They became very poor after that and killerwolfrine and killercyclopse had become very sad too.
Then, the two brothers decided to run away from their home, because they didnt want to stay that way forever.
After miles of walking, they went in a cave to stay. But killercyclopse got kidnapped the next morning, leaving his
brother, killerwolfrine , devastated. 5 years has passed and killerwolfrine has still not found his brother. As he sat down on
a rock, he thought maybe his brother was dead. But then a paper blew into his way and on that paper, it said:

REWARD: 100 000 000$

So killerwolfrine went to blah blah blah. A story of blah blah blah...
But when he FOUND his brother, something was different about him...

(That took a long time ==' )

Rainbow Buddies xD

Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/7/10
there are 7 girls. they are a get along well. someday, they heard rumor bout gold in the rainbow. then they fight each other and argue bout who will deserve to get the gold in the rainbow. they're hunt that gold and kill each other. the oldest girl win, and she found the box in the side of rainbow. but when she open the box, she found paper. she read it :


she cried and regret that she killed 6 of her best friends only to get a gold

your father is a gay!
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