[CONTEST] Avatar Contest!
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Posted 4/30/10 , edited 6/10/10

Now that some are complaining about the picture, i think i will re edit it! thanks Yijgo for editing it at the next post! Good JOB! So is everyone very excited about this?!

Everyone is allowed to join in this event, Since we're all human beings in real life i guess the game has to be fair. i'm pretty much aware that We'll have a successful Avii contest. Our avii context is different from any ordinary avii contest. The contest is processed differently. we'll use the process which we made in Kuela's Group.

"Sera-chama, what should we do?"

~It's simple, just Make an avatar related to the extraordinary, like angels demons, and other stuff.
~PM it to samatsu-chan for a safe reading.
~once that Samatsu-chan collected all your aviis we will post it the date after the deadline here.
~you guys better not spill the surprise. You must not let anyone know your avii, understand. or else
~ if you guys spill it, you better remove yourselves from the members.. Chii~~

~oh you better put your copyright on it

silver's Prizes!
1st Winner

His or her avatar or banner will be used by the club, decide the next theme for the group, will be promoted to Co-creator, will rule the whole Academy for one (1) whole week,

2nd Winner

His or her avatar or banner will be used by the club in the month of August,will decide the next theme for the club for the month of August.


IF you want reserved spots you better put it now, so that people will know you are entering
If you already sent you avii at samatsu-chan please post there "ME DONE DESU~"
if not just say reserved!

i must not see any avii posted here!

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Posted 6/6/10 , edited 6/9/10

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