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Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/4/08
This is a post where you affix your moves. (Please give a name, a description and also affix moves to your rank, when your rank increases you can have stronger moves also have moves according to your Job Class) This May help when you take quests.

For me (since i'm a supporter):

Brave Heart: Increases Power/Attack/Damage
Energy Pulse: Send a shockwave that pushes enemies back.
Shining Wind: Blinds the enemy and engulfs the party in protective air.
Thunder Halo: Paralyzes the enemy in a lightning ring.
Medic Aid: Increases the healing ability of party.
Magic Aura: Increases Magical Ability of party.
Poison Fist: Causes poison to enemy.

That's all for my current rank: Silent wind

(I need help from the other mod's about this post... Also the creator.)
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Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/5/08
hehehe tnx for posting something uhh let's see

elemantal wave ( only for alchamist)
healing echoe = heals all alies (healers,supporters,mystic)
ice bomb = freezes enemy (alchamist and mystics)
potective circle= defence up to all alies ans self (supporter)
dancing blade= thousands of kunais hit all the enemy (ninja)
cure= (mystic)
summoning mana = summons ur mana partner such as doar,nymph,jipyus,plua etcc...(alchamist)

(i'll still come up with more )
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Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/5/08
im a alchemist so

*chemical rage i stiil dnt know the effect:)
*acid spray damages all enimies in an area

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Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/5/08
Well I am a beginner so easy mystic abilities like

1) sparks-send shockwaves throw fingers to the enemy
2)bubbles-concealing my team in a fog of bubbls
3)fire bombs-explosions

and these will get stronger over time and evolve
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
Ishida's Swordplay: Tsuki no Mai [Dance of the moon]

Ishida Syuusuke's knowledge is only limited to the two basic styles and single [so called] ultimate attack with his two katanas Kenyuki and Tsukimaru

Hakuryuu Otoshi [White Dragon Drop] (Note: This is Syuu's current ultimate attack known only to him):
The skill drastically makes use of Syuu's magical properties to be equally divided to both his swords. Using his quick speed he dashs forth kicking them up in the sky and then slashing them with highly concertrated magical attacks

Kage Hanabi [Shadow Fireworks]:
Syuu would dodge mulitple attacks from his opponent before drawing his swords Tsukimaru and Kenyuki before using the chains attached to their hilts to tie the opponent into submission if the opponent does not submit the chains would tighten until the opponent is unconscious

Yuki no Hana [The flower of snow]:
Using Kenyuki enchanted with the element of ice would turn the battlefield into a stadium of an 8 petal lotus which is actually an illusion if the opponent is unable to free him/herself they would end up lost in the 8 petal lotus stadium fighting the doppleganger of Syuu forever
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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
I'm a swordsman so...

*Mimic Edge - Delivers an array of slashes to the enemy and regains health by 1/4 of the damage done, but when together in a team, the health has to be divided among the members.

*Videre - Slashes the foe a few times, dealing some damage.

*Ascending Spin - Attacks the enemy with a few quick spins, then gives a dual cross slash before jumping high into the air with a spin and slices down the enemy before hitting the ground.

Well, that's it since I'm still a beginner...
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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/6/08
I'm a shaman! And what we shaman's use are runes.

I can only equip one rune onto my wepon at a time but I can get alot of different spells using each one. I'm still a beginner so I only have access to the 4 elemental runes.

The Fire Rune

~Let's me use different types of fire spells~

The Water Rune

~Let's me use different kinds of water spells~

The Wind Rune

~Wind spells~

~The Earth Rune~

~Earth spells~

I'm hoping oneday i'll be able to use the Lighting Rune.........

And the Dark Rune.
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