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The MHC Crew [ Roleplay ]
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diannathinks; Street-wise Hercules

"Right on it, Captain. But... even if I sail at full speed, it'll take us at least a day and a half to get there... Even longer if the weather goes against us ... But I'll try my best!"

“Alright, I’m counting on you.” Dianna said as the technician headed out the door. She faced the Satyr once again. “Now that you’re not needed anymore, what should I do with you?” she asked with a small smile on her face.

The Satyr gulped. “Parley?”

“That won’t save you here.” She smiled. “I’ll be back later ... with my decision.” Dianna sounded cheerful; too cheerful if that was possible. And anyways, there need not a decision to be made. She already knew what she was going to do with the Satyr.

“Ollie? You coming?” Ha, that would teach the Satyr. Now he could sit alone in the cell and think about all the things that could happen to him. And, if he is crazy enough and kill himself first. Now that would be an interesting turn of events.


Needing some time to think, Dianna headed up to the mast. It was a long climb but it didn’t take her long. That was probably because she went up there a lot. It was becoming her second, no, third home.

She smiled to herself as she felt the ship speed up. All she could hope for was the weather to stay good. If it did, they would be at Mist City in no time and start figuring this problem out. What bugged her most of all was the Satyr and whoever hired him.

The words of the old man who was the original holder of the maps were still crystal clear in her mind. Why did she accept the maps that could ‘change the fate of Mist’?
Stupid curiosity.
She could slap herself right now.
But she wasn’t going to. That would be stupid.
And she didn’t really want to either.

“Captain? You called?”

“Gosh, you took your time Declan.” Dianna said looking down at the boy who clung to the mast like glue.

“It’s not easy climbing these, Captain.” Was he breathless? Oh right. He was still afraid of heights. Dianna stuck out her hand, which he gladly took. She rolled her eyes and pulled him up.

“Don’t look down,” She calmly suggested shifting to the side.

“Thanks Captain,” Dianna detected fear in his voice. After all this time, and still scared of heights. He was such an idiot.

“So, what is it you needed?” he finally asked, still not comfortable with his surroundings.
“Umm, I can’t remember,” Dianna answered, staring in the direction of the sunset. “It’s getting late, you should get back down.”

“Captain!” he exclaimed angrily. “Do you live to ruin me?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe. Off you go~” She said cheerfully. “And try not to fall. You’re useful on this ship.”

He was halfway down, when she remembered why she had called him. “Declan!”

His head shot up. “Yes?”

“At Mist City, when I leave to go see the Queen. I need you to watch the ship. Someone wants those maps. And I think ...they’ll do anything to get them.”

He nodded, “Sure thing, Captain.”
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I'm Hungry. I'm In The Mood For Rice

“Ollie? You coming?”

"Yeah," she cast a glare at the Satyr before following the Captain up the stairs, "I'm coming." That thing just freaked her out. When the two of them reached the mast Mill came running toward her. Stopping, Ollie bent down and put her arm out. Mill climbed up and sat at her shoulders, his tail whipping back and forth against her back.

"Just where have you been?" She asked Mill.

He smiled, "Just where do you think I've been?"

Ollie didn't say anything back. From his reply she knew who he had just been with. She brought her attention back to the Captain. Dianna was instructing Declan on his duty once they reached Mist City. It probably wouldn't be long. The ship was fast. The fastest. While they spoke she noticed how dark the sky had gotten. Taking out her pocket watch Ollie checked the time. It was about time for dinner. When the Captain and Declan finished she asked, "Do you think it is about time we head to dinner?" She sniffed the air and smiled, "Zinc's cooking smells amazing."
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dinner time

It was almost time for dinner. One of the most hectic times for Zinc. Breakfast and Lunch were easy since half the crew ate at dawn and the other half at sunrise (and for lunch the crew members who worked at the bow ate first and then rear). For whatever reason everyone dined at once for dinner. Two fellow crew members were setting the table for him. After a plate was set down he'd set the food on them. Before he had been the cook the ship did a buffet style which was a total disaster. Half the time a quarter of the crew didn't get any of the food.

"Zinc," Dione walked through the dining room doors and picked up a large spoon, "Zinc says to set an extra napkin for Luke, because he is messy." One of people helping Zinc nodded and set an extra napkin down. The other was lustfully eying Dione. Her clothes were a disarranged, almost exposing her chest. She grinned, obviously enjoying the attention.

Pull your shirt up Dione.

Dione rolled her eyes at Zinc but did as she was told. She took a spoonful of the food and plopped it down on a plate.

No, I can do this. Bring the cake and set it on that table over there. He pointed toward a table that he'd brought out earlier. She left the spoon in the food dish and headed toward the kitchen. A few moments later she steps out with the cake. It would have taken four men to carry it, but Dione was stronger than hundred.

"That looks amazing Zinc!" Both crew members said in awe as Dione set it down. "The Captain will love it!" Zinc had done his best to decorate so that the Cap'n would like it (feel free to describe it Sabre, since I don't know what the Cap. likes). "But does it taste any good?"

Zinc chuckled. Had anything he cooked ever tasted bad? Answer: no.

Once the last plate was set, 10 jugs of water and 12 pitchers of rum were placed in the middle of the table Zinc sighed satisfied with their work.

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25 / F / westisthebest.
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virtue will be patient

Virtue had gone around asking the rest of the crew if
they knew anything about the Satyr and where he was placed.
He found out the Captain had put him in the cells.
"Duh, that's where she puts everyone." Virtue said, smacking himself on the forehead.
He walked towards the door where the stairs led to where the cells were.
He stopped as he saw the Captain, Dahlia, and First Mate Ollie come out. Then he jumped behind a stack of barrels.
"Hmm, they must have just came back from seeing the Satyr." Virtue said quietly, peering over the barrels.

"What are you doing Virtue?" Sere's voice surprised Virtue. She looked up at where he was looking.
"Are you.. spying on the girls?"
Virtue blushed. "NO, I'm not!"
Sere hit him on the head. Although she was in her small fairy form, it still sort of hurt.
Virtue held his head. "Ow. I just wanted to see the Satyr."
"Too bad. You're supposed to stay away from criminals like him. Anyways, it's time for dinner."
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F / in the clouds
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Diets Are NOT Recommended

Dahlia had lost her appetite after the whole Satyr incident, but the fairies insisted on dragging her to dinner. Once she neared of the food, her stomach involuntarily grumbled, earning victorious smirks from the fairies. The Tech rolled her eyes and halfheartedly swatted them away, trying not to smile.

"You guys are such pigs," Dahlia said, waiting for more people to come. She hated being first for anything. It made her feel embarrassed. Once others began getting their food, she would too.

"Look who's talking," the two fairies said in unison.

"Oh, shut up!" she laughed, "I will not stoop down to your levels of immaturity."

The fairies paid no attention to what she was saying, and began to copy every action of Dahlia's.

"Can you guys stop?" the Tech asked.

"Can you guys stop?" they mimicked.

Dahlia shook her head (the fairies obviously mimicking) and decided to ignore them. As annoying as they were, Dahlia knew they were doing this to cheer her up. I mean, this hadn't been the best day. And she felt terrible for the Captain. One hell of a birthday this must have been. Sigh...


"Sir... The Satyr has been caught."

"I'm not surprised."

"What will we do? What if he tells them everything?"

"There's nothing to tell."

"But, Sir! They have that girl on that ship! She can read minds, Sir! And their Captain is very sharp!"

"Do you think I don't know that...?"

"Oh, no! My humblest apologies!"

"That idiot isn't the only one on the ship."

"He isn't...?"

"No. All will be fine. You are dismissed."

"Yes, Sir."

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diannathinks; fools and sages

"Do you think it is about time we head to dinner?" She sniffed the air and smiled, "Zinc's cooking smells amazing."

“That’s because it is amazing.” Dianna had climbed back down and was just dusting herself off. “Yes. I think we should.” She looked up at the sky once again, “It’s getting late. We should arrive at Mist City for breakfast.”

Dianna watched as the crew headed towards the dining room. It was probably the biggest room on the ship and most likely everyone’s favourite. Dinnertime was fun, noisy and made you feel right at home. It was probably the only time the day crew and night crew got to talk to each other properly. Funnily enough, it somehow became the time when the crew spoke to their Captain on informal terms.

“Hey Dianna!”A crew member called as she walked into the room. “Happy Birthday.” Dianna smiled; dinnertime was definitely the best. “Thanks,” she said making her way to her seat. “Awh, this is great Zinc.” She commented as Dione brought in the cake.

Her head snapped up at the sound of collective gasps from the doorway. Dianna was on edge since the discovery of the stowaway. She couldn’t relax at all. Thankfully this time it was only Nyx. She rolled her eyes, “Oh stop over reacting.” The crew still closely watched Nyx fly over the table and perch on Dianna’s chair.

“I’m not giving you any cake,” she muttered seeing that Nyx had been eyeing it ever since he flew in. “Peck me all you want, I’m not giving in.” She sneaked a peek at the bird who was now staring. She hated that. Nyx’s stare or was it a glare, (she was never sure of that) was just so piercing. It actually felt as if the bird could see what was in her heart and that was just too freaky. “Stop it~” she tried to divert her attention elsewhere but she could still feel Nyx’s stare/glare on her.

This was going to continue. She knew it.

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F / in the clouds
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Food, Food, FOOD!

Now that others were getting food, Dahlia began filling her plate as well. The fairies had finally stopped bothering her, only now dictating her to get certain foods for them on her plate. The Tech just laughed as she fulfilled their orders, because she didn't mind getting the foods they wanted to eat, since everything looked just so delicious. Zinc had done an amazing job for the Captain's birthday.

Thankfully this time it was only Nyx. She rolled her eyes, “Oh stop over reacting.” The crew still closely watched Nyx fly over the table and perch on Dianna’s chair.

Dahlia just smiled. There was no way to stop over reacting. I mean, look at Nyx. The creature was beautiful, and there was no way of denying it. Also, the crew wasn't on the close side with the mythical bird. No one was, other than the Captain. So of course, the crew loved it when they got to see Nyx.

She sighed with satisfaction at the scene in front of her. Just for now, everybody was happy. They were smiling and laughing, and that was all that was needed to make Dahlia feel good. This was why she had worked so hard once she joined to crew. So she could protect this happiness.
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23 / F / Reno, NV
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Can't We Just Smile

“Awh, this is great Zinc.” She commented as Dione brought in the cake.

He looked over at Dione and smiled, glad to know she liked it. Of course his smile quickly fell when Dione brought her finger across the bottom of it, taking some of the icing.

That is for everyone; you'll get your piece!

She laughed and popped her finger into her mouth. "Whatever."

There were times when Zinc wanted to slap the smile off Dione's face. He never did though, as tempting as it was. Something always kept him back. He sighed and took a seat. Dione sat next to him and pushed her food aside. It didn't take long for someone to grab her plate.
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diannathinks; nobody knows

Dinner was over in two hours. Dianna remained seated as the Crew slowly drifted off to wherever they needed to be, whether that was their bed or their post. She watched as Nyx pecked at the crumbles left on the plate. He had eaten a lot of cake that evening and still seemed hungry. That was one crazy bird. The room was quiet apart from the faint sound of clattering dishes from the kitchen and hushed conversations of the remaining crew members. She smiled to herself. Happy Birthday Dianna. And one hell of a birthday it had been.

“I’ll be off then.” She waved goodbye to the few still in the dining room. They mumbled back their byes. “See you in the morning.” Dianna held out her arm for the phoenix who obeyed instantly flying to her side.


Back in her room, Nyx flew into his stand. Dianna sat at the desk pondering over the almost stolen maps. They weren’t like usual maps that could be read by looking at them just once. These maps were complicated and currently unreadable. This was stupid. Maybe after meeting the Queen, things would make better sense. It wasn't just the Queen. It was the hidden enemy too. She sighed leaning back into her chair.

"If I wanted these maps, what would I do?" She pouted her lips. "Well, I would-" She stopped. "Oh ...Fuck."

She sprang up, knocking down her chair. Wait no that would be reckless of her. She needed a plan and lucky for her, there was already one forming in her mind.

“Nyx. Watch the maps.” The bird raised its head. “I’ll be back later.”

She considered taking a lantern with her but that would just attract attention. And anyways, she knew the ship like the back of her hand. Dianna quietly slipped out of her room and across the main deck. The Satyr was sitting in the same position as before. He looked up as she unlocked the cage.

“What are you doing?” He asked nervously backing away. But he had nowhere to go. He was trapped. “Are you going to kill me?”

Dianna scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself.” She reached out grabbing him by the back of his head and pulled him closer. “I’m not going to lie. This is going to hurt.”

She gently bumped her forehead with his and held it there. “Sorry.” She muttered shutting her eyelids. Pain flooded into the Satyr mind. He gasped out in pain, not being able to scream. He couldn’t scream. His mouth was open, but no sound came out. Dianna felt the Satyr go limp and snapped open her eyes, quickly pushing the Satyr away from her. His eyes were in their whites. That was expected. She just hoped there wouldn't be any blood. That would mean she had killed him.

“Did I go too far?” She asked herself. She groaned stepping out of the cage and locking it. Her head hurt. Probably not as much as his, but it did. Focussing her power like that was exhausting. Her body was tired. Talk about over using your power. She leaned her head against the cold wall taking deep breaths. After what seemed like forever, the Satyr spoke.

“W-W-who am I?” The Satyr’s voice came from behind her.

It had worked.

She kept her head against the wall. “You’re the faithful servant of the Queen.”


“The Queen of Mist City.”

“Oh. Thank you.”

Hey. At least Dianna didn’t wipe the part of his mind that taught him manners.

“W-What am I?”

Dianna groaned. This was going to be a long night. Her own fault though. She wiped too much of his mind.

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What the morning brings...

Morning came quicker than Dianna expected chasing away the darkness of the night. Dianna didn’t sleep at all that night. She remained below deck with the mindless Satyr, filling his empty mind with new thoughts. Her mother had taught her when going to meet someone, not matter how much you hates them, taking a gift was a must. And the gift this time you ask. What better than a new servant that is completely dedicated to serving and protecting you.

“Captain...?” Declan called from the door. “You down there?”

“Hmm, yeah.”

Dianna stood as Declan descended. He skipped down the last few steps and came to a stop in front of Dianna. “We have arrived at MC Harbour.” He announced cheerfully. “The Queen seemed to have sent carriages for us.”

“Really?” Dianna said coolly. This was surprising and just showed how much the Queen needed her help. Dianna snickered; she could use this to her advantage.

“Declan. Remember what you have to do. I’m leaving it in your hands.”

He nodded and saluted. “Yes Captain!”

“We talked about the saluting Declan. No saluting. It’s weird.”

“Yes Captain.”

“Oh and get some of the crew....two would be fine, to bring the prisoner up.”

He raised an eyebrow. “May I ask why?”

“I’m presenting out little buddy to the Queen. She’s going to love him.” Dianna responded happily tossing him the keys and watched as he headed back up onto the main deck. It was bright out giving a good feeling of a good day. Dianna could just hope things went as well as the weather. Wouldn't that be just...perfect?

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virtue's chance
"Virtue! Wake up, wake up! Virtue!" Sere's voice rang through Virtue's ears. He sat up quickly, almost knocking Sere out.
"What!? I'm up! What is it?" Virtue's vision was still a bit blurred from waking up too fast.
"We're docked right now."
"Oh... where?"
"Mist City Harbour."
"`Kay. Now I'm gonna get some more sleep."
Virtue pulled the sheets back over his head, trying to go back to bed.

Then there was a knock on his cabin door.
"Nooooo..." Virtue mumbled, still under his sheets.
"Virtue, that sounded like a pretty serious knock."
"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." Virtue got out of bed and dragged himself towards the door.

"Hellooo..?" Virtue blinked a couple of times to clear his vision. It was Declan.
"`Mornin' Virtue. Great you're already up."
"Wha-- Declan? Need something?" Virtue rubbed his eyes.
"Cap'n wants you down where we're keeping the Satyr."
Virtue's eyes brightened. He turned towards Sere.
"Sere! I'm gonna go and meet the Satyr now!" He turned back to Declan.
"I'll be right there!"

Virtue left to the cellars as Declan left to get another crew member.
"Cap'n? You there? Is the Satyr there too? Oh boy, I'm getting too excited here." Virtue said as he was descending the stairs with Sere following.
"Oh yeah? You think? Then calm down!"
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F / in the clouds
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zoom zoom.

Dahlia was zooming around the ship, Isis and Aisling quickly following behind. They were dead busy, taking care of the ship and equipment, making sure everything was in good condition. They had docked earlier, and everybody was preparing different things. The ship was bustling with yells of orders and noises of excitement and confusion.

"Mir, check, check, check?!"

"Yes, Dahlia! Everything's good here! Jesus, how many times do you need to ask?"

But Dahlia was already gone, rushing away to check on someone else.

Isis and Aisling were used to this common routine, so they found themselves rather bored. They wondered where Rollo was, but decided not to look for him, just in case Dahlia needed their help.
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rivals are annoying...

Cap'n? You there? Is the Satyr there too?

Dianna stepped out of the shadows. “Oh, hey Virtue! Declan picked a good person.” She grinned pointing behind her at the Satyr who had curled up in a corner. “What you’re looking for is right there.” She said pushing open the cage. “And no, he doesn’t have a name.”

She looked down at the Satyr; a small feeling of remorse overcame her. Satyrs weren’t bad or evil by nature, just easily converted. Ignorance wasn’t always bliss. “You can name him if you want...” She paused, sighed deeply, and added, “Bring him up. We’re taking him with us.”

Dianna looked up startled at the sound of rushing steps. The door leading down to where she was opened, followed by hurried steps down the steps.

“Captain!” An urgent –sounding, slightly breathless Declan called. “You’ve got to see this!”

“Virtue, the Satyr is your responsibility!” She quickly ordered before hurrying off with Declan. Dianna felt her heart skip a beat as she rushed up the steps. Declan didn’t even have the decency to tell her what was going on. She would punish him later for that.

“Ohh, here comes my sweetheart! Did you have a good birthday?”

Dianna felt her whole body cringe. There was no fucking way. She instantly rounded on Declan.

“How could you let him on MY ship?” She yelled making the crew jump.

“It’s not my fault,” He groaned. This was hell. “You know what Jenkins is like.”

“That’s Captain Jenkins to you.” The unwanted corrected.

Dianna glared.

Jenkins grinned in return.

“Why are you here?” She finally spat out.

“The Queen called. We’re real close.” He answered; his icy blue eyes pierced through her glare.

Dianna gritted her teeth. “She called you?” She was amazed with how much control she had over herself.

“The world doesn’t revolve around you, Dianna” He retorted.

“Fuck you Hayden.”

“It’s Jenkins to you too.” He was still grinning. In his palm lay a small flashing blue device. Dianna felt her mouth open in shock. He brought his hand down on the device activating it. “See you fools later.” He winked, then a flash of blue and he was gone.

“Captain!” Declan was prodding her in obvious shock. “T-that’s instant teleportation.”

Captain Hayden Jenkins. A fucking pain in the ______.
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F / in the clouds
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oh gross.

As Dahlia was rushing around, she suddenly felt the ship cringe in disgust. Someone unwanted had boarded. She read further and groaned when she saw who it was. Jesus, why the fuck was he here? As she made way to the main part of the ship, she heard the Captain and the annoyance even before she saw them.

“Ohh, here comes my sweetheart! Did you have a good birthday?”


“Fuck you Hayden.”

“It’s Jenkins to you too.” He was still grinning. In his palm lay a small flashing blue device. Dianna felt her mouth open in shock. He brought his hand down on the device activating it. “See you fools later.” He winked, then a flash of blue and he was gone.

“Captain!” Declan was prodding her in obvious shock. “T-that’s instant teleportation.”

"Fucking pain," Dahlia spat in disgust, "Instant teleportation my ass, stupid Jenkins." Isis and Aisling made soothing noises as the fluttered around her, trying to calm her down. If there was one think Dahlia hated the most, was if someone unwanted boarded their ship and pranced around with tech things they didn't even properly appreciate.
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carriage rides make you feel special...

"Instant teleportation my ass, stupid Jenkins."

“Dahlia,” Dianna was trying to sound calm but her voice still shook. “How does he have that? I thought WE destroyed that.”

Why did Jenkins have to be such a scavenger? Technology was probably the first thing on his interest list. Combining technology and special abilities together was dangerous but not impossible. A few years back, the crew had caught wind of a scientist experimenting in that field and just managed to stop him from publishing his work. After that incident, Dianna was hell-bent on nobody except Dahlia working in that specific field. And that was only because of her ability.

She sighed. “Gosh. We’ve only been here an hour and I already feel exhausted.” Hayden Jenkins was one of three other children Dianna had grown up with in Port Royal. His father, like hers was a pirate Captain which triggered their rivalry. From when she first started out till now, Jenkins has always been there, pestering her and the crew. And for some strange reason, he always seemed to have the upper hand.

There wasn’t anything she could do at the present time. “Declan, get me the maps.” He headed to her room instantly. Dianna was speaking in her ‘captain’ voice. “Let’s put the Queen’s carriages to good use shall we?” There was a cheer amongst the crew making Dianna laugh.

“Okay, Okay, listen up. Crew staying behind, I need to guys to be a constant watch. If anything strange happens, send word via Nyx.” The crew nodded, replying with a ‘we’re on in Captain.’

“Right, people who are coming...Let’s speed it up!” Dianna took a quick look at what she was wearing. She didn’t not look like she was going to meet the Queen of Mist, and Dianna couldn’t care less. Declan returned maps in hand and to Dianna’s surprise a cut on his forehead. It didn’t take her long to figure that Nyx had pecked him.

“I’m okay,” He said before she could apologise for her pet’s behaviour. She nodded, taking the maps.

“Virtue!” She shouted, “Hurry up and bring the Satyr. We’re leaving.” The palace guard that had come with the carriage just informed her that the Queen expected them to be there for breakfast.
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