I need help Eidolan: BAHAMUT
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Posted 5/2/10 , edited 5/2/10
Character: SAHZ
Chapter: 08
Strategy: Start off by having the characters switch their Paradigm to Saboteur and Synergiest. Have either of the two cast Vigilance and Haste. If the HP runs low on either of the characters, change the Paradigm to War & Peace to have one of the characters use Cura or Cure. The main key to this battle is to chain up the Chain Gauge. Do it by always focusing on Dual Casting Paradigm to have both characters attack with magic (Ravager).

The thing is is that i followed what it says here. But i get close to it but the time on top of sazh's head keeps on timing out to fast. Can any one help me get that purple gauge go faster so i can beat him?

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Topic goes here;


And just adding, I suggest you go find help elsewhere like IGN, GameSpot or GameFaqs since these CR subsections aren't that much active and alive.


I'm still stuck on Chapter 4...
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