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Posted 5/2/10 , edited 5/2/10

Hi! This is Cutte558, and I was wondering if you would like to be moderator for Bleach RP World? If so then sign up! Here's the Bleach Form~

What Kind Of Bleach Moderator Do You Want To Be

Do you want to be a Bleach Creator Moderator?
Do you want to be a Bleach Profile Moderator?
Do you want to be a Bleach Forum Moderator?


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Posted 12/19/14 , edited 12/20/14
Salutations, role player or those whom are reading in particular!

Role Player Studio, a corporation that sponsors and creates organized massive role playing groups/communities based on a certain series/lore, is recruiting for there massive Bleach role playing community. "Bleach Role Players", being the name of said community, is one of the biggest Bleach role playing communities upon the internet and one of the most accurate. Implicated with several moderators to assist the group/community, many positions are possible of being vacant, despite how big the community is.
Why would I recruit the community on another site, if we have so many members? It isn't about how many members we have or how less we might have than other Bleach role playing groups. We strive to bring together all Bleach role players in a controled enviroment where they are capable of experiencing life as a character in the actual series of Bleach. Our main goals as a corporation is to strive to bring the role player closer to whatever series as possible.
Does Role Player Studio only have a famous Bleach role playing community? No, Role Player Studio has several different series of role playing communities. All of our role playing communities are original character role plays, commonly addressed as fanfictions.
Much more could be known about the communities Role Player Studio creates and sponsors, as well with Bleach Role Players, which we as a coporation encourage you to look into joining and role playing with us!

You can find Bleach Role Players, Role Player Studio, -and the "Animation"(a community that links all of Role Player Studio's role playing communities/groups together) upon the links below:
Bleach Role Players Link:
Animation Link:
Role Player Studio Link:

If recruitment isn't allowed here, which I hope not, you may remove/delete this document whenever you please. -I do not seek to steal members or cause trouble within your general community in any way. Sorry if any is caused, as well.
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