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Here is the Roleplay Application.
You can be one of the K-ON! Characters!But if your wanted
position is taken,you cannot be in that position too! like this:
Mio Akiyama-0001,0002


♥You should be in a NOT taken position.
♥Yui's Position taken!!!
♥Please don't be mad if your wanted position is taken.


Yui Hirasawa-blossombubblesbuttercup
Ritsu Tainaka-
Mio Akiyama-
Tsumugi Kotobuki-su_amuletclover
Azusa Nakano-
Sawako Yamanaka-
Nodoka Manabe-
Ui Hirasawa-
Jun Suzuki-
Megumi Sogabe-

Start Applying Now!
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Can I be Tsumugi?
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