Star Ranked
Posted 5/3/10 , edited 5/3/10
okk here you must raise your star rank!!
*fist be in a team before raising your rank!! *

= 1 star
*member card and url on profile
*play our games

= 2 stars
*add this group to favs
*get ID card

= 3 stars
*upload 20 pictures
*invite 100 or more buddys

= 4 stars
*upload another 20 pictures
*be verry active in our group

= special star
*win contest
*upload 10 more pictures

do just like me!!

first you say your username and your team!!

then say your star rank now, and the one you're working for (like 1 star )

you cant go on 1 star to 3 star!! you must work step for step!!

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